Fiscal Cliff You Say?

Fiscal Cliff You Say?

Now that the Speaker of the house has pretty much given away any leverage we had regarding spending ourselves into the abyss. IS it time to remove the speaker from power? I say YES. I’m done.


Welcome Nancy Pelosi back as speaker of the House in 2014.  Might I also suggest Speaker Boehner before he’s done, give Obama everything he wants. Give him ALL of the requests he desires. Matter of fact Speaker, if he asks for a trillion in debt ceiling increase, make it 1.5 trillion for good measure. IF Obama wants a gun ban legislation, don’t fight it. Agree to it and throw in ball bat bans too. Lets quit pretending you guys are on different teams for a while and see how it works for the nation… Hell, I’m open minded maybe it will get better….  🙄

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