FBI- Pictures of Wanted Benghazi Raiders

FBI- Pictures of Wanted Benghazi Raiders

If you look at this image very closely you may see that the suspects lack proper “Spontaneous uprising over a video” paraphernalia.

FBI posts pictures of suspects in Benghazi raid.



Now, I know what you’re thinking.. “What difference does it make?” (Hillary Clinton) I mean “It happened a long time ago” (Baghdad Jay Carney Press secretary for dear leader)

What we have here folks is a search for a fall guy or group of guys. The fact is it’s too late for us to concern ourselves with WHO DID IT. We should be more concerned with WHY DIDN’T HILLARY/OBAMA act when they KNEW IN REAL TIME WHAT WAS HAPPENING?

I believe both Hillary and Obama had a chance to mount a rescue/counter attack in Benghazi. I also know that a drone or bombing attack wouldn’t have been enough. A drone/Bomb attack is “Politically safe” No potential for dead US Soldiers being sent into harms way BY OBAMA in a land where he said NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND.

The fact is, Obama lacked the courage to defend our soil on another country. He had the ability, he had the tools and he had the power to save the lives of our people. He chose NOT TO SAVE ANYONE. And that is the problem.

Sleep well you embassy staff in foreign lands, knowing that your CIC will sacrifice you if it’s not politically viable for him.



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One Reply to “FBI- Pictures of Wanted Benghazi Raiders”

  1. The attack on our Benghazi embassy was Obama’s payback to the Saudis for our taking out of Usama bin Laden. The bin Laden family is very close with the Saudi royal family, in fact both families were partying on the Bush ranch when 9/11 went down and the Bush’s quickly had them flown back to Saudi Arabia. I’m not making that up, it was in the news at the time and you should still be able to Google it.

    The Saudi Wahabbist Muslim Brotherhood that’s taking over the Middle East wanted us out of Libya, so wiping out our little embassy there, which was our only real foothold anyway, would remove our presence. All they had to do was blame it on Al Qaeda, which everyone has done.

    I posted on my blog at the time that we would never see a new embassy there until after the Muslim Brotherhood had firmly taken over, that our embassy would not be rebuilt nor would we re-establish any new presence there otherwise, and I’m proven right.

    Obama is a Sunni Muslim, as are the arabs of Saudi Arabia. No other sort of American President would have given a murderer of 3000 people on our soil an honorable and secret burial at sea with no proof offered to us that he was even dead. In fact, there is no certainty that he really is dead, since we have not one viable witness to his demise.

    Every time a Saudi gets connected to some act of terror here or abroad, he’s protected and hustled out of the picture, exactly as the young Saudi “student” that was arrested in connection with the Boston bombing, with suspicious burns on his hands that were never explained. He was deported, so the news says, as a “national security concern”. But not connected to the bombing even though he was tackled by a bystander for running from the point of an explosion BEFORE the bomb went off.

    Obama set up the Benghazi attack and knew it was coming, which is exactly why he and Hillary had all the available assistance stand down and had previously removed other security. They wanted to make it easy for the Brotherhood attackers to get in there quickly and get it done, and so they did.

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