Extremist, that’s the new label for anyone who opposes the liberal agenda of Obama. Anyone who opposes tax hikes anyone who refuses to compromise with the “Accepted” norm of the liberal progressives in congress.

The media is happy about the congressional approval rating. When polled people hate what congress has/has not done. I have a different take:

We in 2008 wanted to stop the train of runaway spending. We partially succeeded. The spending level is still high but can you imagine the level it would have been had we not done anything? Think about that. Where would we have been under another 2 years of Majority House rule by democrats?

Yeah scary thought.

Extremism: New Definition= Anyone who has been compromising for many years, then all of the sudden says “wait this makes no sense”

California is a terrific example of the new definition.

California was in good financial shape not too terribly long ago. And then, we went on a give away streak, we added laws, regulations, more government workers, more teachers, more and more… Then the economic situation started to wane. No action to correct it, we added more. We compromised. Then the economy continued to wane. We continued to add more government, compromising our values and looking the other way.. NOW, people are saying STOP, and the media/unions/liberal pundits are using the “extremist” label to paint the people who could save them as the enemy.

That’s why the OWS crowd is making headlines. They are not looking at the REAL PROBLEM, they are looking at the symptoms of the problem and that’s PERFECT for liberals.

I’m an extremist. I see the train heading off the cliff and I’m trying to pull the brake lever. Are you along for the ride or you going to help pull the brake lever?

This election cycle is important. I’m very concerned about our 2nd amendment rights. I’m concerned about the economy. I’m concerned about our future as a nation. 4 MORE YEARS of Obama. What will we see?

I honestly believe this is Obama’s plan. He has nibbled around the edges of destroying our nations traditions and our way of life. 4 more years and no hope for re-election, he’ll open up the throttle. He will go on the full offensive against guns. He’ll appoint one more SCOTUS for sure and Kagen/Sotomeyor will be starch conservatives comparatively speaking… UNLESS we unite and take the senate/House and WH.

We better get involved or it’s over.


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4 Replies to “Extremism..”

  1. I’ll tell you this: if people think it’s something of a “given” that Mr Obama couldn’t possibly acquire a second term, I’d say they’d be dead wrong. The electorate IS that stupid, naive and uninformed.


  2. There is only ONE person running as a GOP candidate that I would NOT vote for in an attempt to oust Obama, and that is Ron Fucking Moonbat Paul…

    Frying pan to the fire…

    I would hate it, but I’d vote for Romney, Newt or Bachmann over Obama, I still prefer Perry over all of them and even HE is not the best this nation has to offer, but a blind, one legged midget would be better than 4 more from Obama, unless that blind, one legged midget is Ron Fucking Moonbat Paul!

    1. Yep Fred that’s a good point. It comes down to what’s worse. I’d muster enough enthusiasm to vote because of the senate/house elections. I think if we unite behind someone who has a good chance of beating Obama, we’ll be better off in 2013. IF Paul gets the nomination I can’t see that happening. I also can’t see Romney as someone that will unite the base and give us hope. Newt well maybe. IF only because he skewers the enemy of conservatives. The MSM. IF we can overlook some of his past mistakes, Newt could be the guy. Paul well, he’d get 1-5% enthusiastic support like he has every election.

      Paul has an uncanny ability to tell you what’s wrong and who’s fault it is after it’s done… He loves to say I told you so. But he’s yet to have to make a decision when the ground facts are unpleasant. Decide NOT to help a “Friendly” nation when they are suffering something because our constitution doesn’t allow it. Decline aid to “Insert place here” when images are coming across TV of butchered women and see how long you last. We are a generous nation. Sometimes misguided, sometimes wrong, sometimes arrogant, but people still want to come here because of our generosity.

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