Ex-LAPD Officer on a Rampage

Ex-LAPD Officer on a Rampage

We woke up this morning to some very bad news. A Riverside PD cruiser was ambushed and one Officer was killed, another is undergoing surgery fighting for his life.

Officer slain, another hurt; mammoth manhunt launched

One Riverside police officer is dead and another wounded after an ambush shooting Thursday, Feb. 7, that authorities have linked to a rogue former LAPD officer wanted in connection with two killings in Irvine.
The shooting has been connected to the LAPD former officer, identified as Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33.
Authorities also are in Corona investigating another shooting in which two LAPD officers from the department’s Newton station escaped injury. That assault is also linked to the Dorner case.

The cop killer released a very long “Manifesto” and I suggest everyone read it. There’s something really wrong.


The reason he states for his attacks on LEO’s is his wrongful termination from the LAPD. He cites numerous incidents where he felt a cover up had occurred.

There’s two full pages of his abilities (As stated by him, which may be stretched a bit) and if even half of that is true, this is a guy the cops don’t want to piss off.

There’s some serious issues from the killers side of things. I don’t agree with the way he is going about it. He feels wronged by an agency he gave his life to. His statement isn’t incoherent nor is it the writings of a madman. His statement is one of lost hope. He feels his life was taken from him by a corrupt organization while he was trying to do the right thing. IF that’s true then he is declaring war on injustice in his mind. As this goes on, until he is dead he will be the hero of south central LA. After that, he will be heralded as a savior.

If REPORTERS actually do their homework and investigate the claims of this man. Perhaps some truth will be told. EVENTUALLY.

Here in Riverside, we lost an officer today. Did this guy target the RPD officers? Were they on the list? IF not, then the guy is just another murdering slug who happens to be well trained. If the Riverside officers who were ambushed had dealings with the killer when he was at the LAPD station, why were they not offered some intel on the killer?

Lots of questions today about what is happening. My sincere condolences go out to the families of the slain officer in Riverside today.

UPDATE: I did my homework Check this out:

The COMPLETE Manifesto. 124380348-Chris-Dorner-Unredacted-Manifesto This has the names in the complaint. This one is the one that the media cut out the last 4 pages of. The last 4 pages contain his political views. The pages between 19 and 23 contain his unwavering support for gun control, Obama, and Piers Morgan, as well the main stream media. He loves CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS and MSNBC. He’s a full blown lefty yet no mention of this in the media?

When Gabby Giffords was shot in AZ, the first thing noted was the “Tone” and “Rhetoric” of the tea party. Sarah Palin was immediately blamed although NEITHER of them were ever mentioned in ANYTHING Laughtner ever wrote or posted.

Here we have a Murdering ex cop, who clearly subscribed to the “Leftist” agenda yet no mention of this political belief? No Bias at all huh?




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7 Replies to “Ex-LAPD Officer on a Rampage”

  1. His manifesto is a joke. I’ve read enough rebuttals to adverse fitness reports to know when I’m reading empty excuses. This is a guy that failed as a cop and blames the LAPD for all of his shortcomings.

  2. JJ, no doubt. But what I find interesting is his last pages… He clearly is an Obama supporter. Not just that but he’s a fan of Feinstein/Pelosi/Piers Morgan and all the anchors at CNN. He’s a walking moonbat yet the media fails to mention it? WHY? If he were a tea party member with an NRA membership, that would be the headline.

    1. Absolutely, Robert! The double standards and hypocrisy of the left are glaringly apparent, but their voters just plug their ears and shout, “Na na na na na na, I can’t hear you!”

  3. He IS a murdering slug who happens to be well-trained. He’s a narcissist, always ways, it’s “all about him.” Another Obama with power and NPD, only this time the guy doesn’t mind outright and immediate murder.


  4. Oh wow…tough math problems…..Bet ya they find his bod up there in the mountains after the snow melts. If he aint there look for him in South Beach,miami……

  5. You tea party queers need to stop the OBAMA/Black man penis envy.”THE SECESS WILL BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH,LIKE THE JEWS OF OLD”Frederick Douglass

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