Eric Holder finally Admits…

Eric Holder finally Admits…

After a Year plus of lies, deflection and false testimony, Eric “bag” Holder finally states what we all knew:

Holder tells Congress the Obama administration wants to ban guns

Last Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to answer questions about his role in the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal. However, instead of answers, Congress got more defiance, more arrogance, and more wasted time with an attorney general who clearly feels no sense of obligation to the American people or our rule of law.

But for all the stonewalling, there was at least one telling moment at this hearing, and it should concern law-abiding gun owners and all Americans who expect accountability from our government.

In a rash attempt to deflect attention away from himself and his own irresponsibility, Holder let Congress know that the Obama administration is still working toward the day when it can reinstate former President Bill Clinton’s so-called “assault weapons” ban. According to Holder:

Okay so why would any GUN OWNER vote for Barack Hussein Obama? You think that one shotgun you have in the safe is enough? You believe that our government would never go so far as to restrict guns from the people? You don’t believe Obama and his crew want people unarmed? What is it? In America there’s over 80 million gun owners in America WELL over that now I believe. We only have 4 Million NRA members… WHY?

Let me ask you something and let me ask it as nice as I can. Are you “Fixing” the people around you? Are you hammering into peoples heads the importance of their vote? Are you questioning people around you about the right to bear arms? Are you actively pushing folks to join the NRA? Are you part of the sheep or a leader and a fighter? We need to fight these clowns at every turn. Holder is the TOP cop against guns but he has no problem with giving them to criminals…. How’s that make you feel? You feel safe knowing that AR’s and high powered rifles/hand guns are in the hands of known criminals via our corrupt government and yet they are doing everything they can to keep them from YOU?

Sad aint it? But not as bad as the APATHY we’ve fell victim too. Wake the hell up and get engaged in the fight for your rights or the next fight you will be under prepared.

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  1. Before the One took office average gun sales were 2.5 million a year nation wide. The first year he was in office gun sales jumped to 14 million. Wow, who knew what when?

  2. Does history repeat itself ? Is this not the same thing Hitler did in WWII ? An unarmed people are a defenseless people.

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