The more interaction one has with the liberal mentality, the more “Equality” becomes an issue. After one such encounter, I had an epiphany…



If you are white, you are born racist. You can’t help it, it’s a birth defect. From the first breath you draw, you hate black people, you hate Latino’s, you hate Asian’s. You are also Homophobic. It’s like a cocktail of flaws that you are born with. You hate anything that doesn’t look like you. You also have a fear of Islam evidently. All of this happens the minute you clear the birth canal. When the doctor smacks your ass, you’ve already oppressed millions of black people… But there’s a medical cure for this problem that you’re born with.




Its called COLLEGE EDUCATION VACCINATION or C.E.V. But you must sign up for the treatment. You must agree to suspend facts, deny the truth and base all your actions on what “Feelings” you have been told are acceptable. This treatment will take 4 to 10 years and it will require you to watch endless amounts of the mainstream media to learn what you did before you started the program.


About halfway through this vaccination you will most likely want to kill yourself because of all the stuff you did while being a white racist from birth.

And this brings me to the next logical extension of the liberal causes conglomerate. If Racists are born racist, its not their “Choice” so there needs to be EQUALITY for racists. We should not discriminate against racists because they were born that way. To attempt to “Change” them is WRONG because its natural. We should allow for Racist Marriage, Racist Judges, Racist POTUS’s we need RACIST teachers, RACIST Scout leaders, Racist Business owners etc.


There is a bunch of sarcasm here. It’s also based on the democrat/liberal/progressive debate answers. Its based on any debate/discussion between a white person who doesn’t support Obama and anyone who supports him.

A RACIST is a white person who is against Amnesty. A  Racist is a white person who doesn’t think Obama is the best president ever in the history of the USA.. IF you fall into this category you must get vaccinated. You can atone for your racism by using your whiteness to spout talking points from the DNC and saying “ONE OF US, ONE OF US” at democrat meetings on college campus’s.

I hope this helps you folks in your next discussion. Get vaccinated or stand up for what’s right. Its a choice.

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