Elementary School Shooting in CT.

Elementary School Shooting in CT.

Like everyone else in the world, I heard about this in the news. I went through a wide rang of emotions and decided not to post anything about it until I had calmed down. It’s now about 10 hours after I heard the news and I’m sufficiently calm enough to post a few thoughts.

I see no need to link to story’s about this, everyone knows what happend. I will not mention the shooters name, nor post a picture of his worthless ass. I won’t be posting pictures of the victims, nor will I post names of the fallen.

What I will do is offer my prayers to those who lost loved ones this morning as well as those who had to respond to such a horrific scene. I can’t imagine the hell you all are going through right now. May GOD bless you in this time of need.

I would also like to offer my thoughts on the TYPICAL “Ban Guns” crowd that never misses an opportunity to use an incident like this to push for more regulation:

The shooter was 20 yrs old. He stole all the firearms he had on him, stealing is illegal, He had two 9mm pistols in his possession. That’s illegal, you have to be 21 to have a handgun in Ct. He killed his mother before he drove to the school. murder is also illegal. The shooter broke all of those laws before he even got to the school, why wasn’t he arrested? Why didn’t those laws stop him? What would more laws do to stop him? 

The Anti-Gun crowd including those libers from Hollywood who make movies in which guns are used, are coming unhinged. These are the same hollywood types that say “Violence in their movies doesn’t cause people to do stupid things” IF they had any convictions of their character they would refuse to do movies that had guns in them. But they wont. They would refuse to glorify violence in their movies but they wont. They will spout about you and I giving up our rights to bear arms because that’s easy.

The rest of the Brady campaigners and mayors like Bloomban in NY are screaming that the federal government needs to do something to stop gun violence. Yet they will not say we need to put religious teachings back in school. They will go after an inanimate object because it can’t speak for itself. WHY? Because to confront the real problem would hurt feelings. You would have to admit that the leftists controlling our school system are to blame for a society melt down. You would have to blame a PERSON or PEOPLE for the violence and that would cause you to actually acknowledge some very disturbing facts.

Facts like MOST murders in the USA are committed by GANG MEMBERS. Most Murders in the USA are committed by repeat felons. MOST MURDERS using the gun are committed by career criminals that WE REFUSE TO LOCK UP because of our “Feelings”

Here is the last bit of my rebuttal to any gun grabbing son of a bitch that is actively attempting to make ME a criminal because I OWN FIREARMS:

In California, a .50 caliber rifle is ILLEGAL, I can put my hands on one within a day. High capacity magazines are ILLEGAL, I can put my hands on several within minutes. Fully Auto/Machine guns are Illegal, I can put my hands on one within a week. Crack/Cocaine/Heroin are all illegal and I can get all of it within a day. Exactly what kind of law do you see that has the potential to stop someone from obtaining a firearm?

Fact is there are MILLIONS of firearms in our nation and MILLIONS of owners who have never fired one at a person. I hope cooler heads will prevail after the mourning period. I have my doubts but there’s always hope when like-minded individuals stick together. The first thing to do is STAND UP and say HELL NO to any gun regulation that may come because of this tragedy. Good laws are NEVER made in crisis. Only agenda driven laws are passed in crisis.

I would also like to know where the “Anti-Gun” crowd were when Eric Holder sent hundreds of high-powered guns into cartel hands? How many Mexican kids were killed by those firearms? Here’s another fact: 5 of the worst 12 massacres in the USA have been committed under Obama’s watch. Coincidence? Lets also ask this: Would this be considered a work place violence incident if the 20 yr old piss ant converted to Islam recently?

You want to politicize this event? I’m your huckleberry.

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8 Replies to “Elementary School Shooting in CT.”

  1. “Good laws are NEVER made in crisis. Only agenda driven laws are passed in crisis.”

    Precisely. But I’m thinking that there will be pushback from this; it’s Obama in office now and this conveniently fits his anti-gun/disarm America theme.


  2. The antigun crowd has become strongly organized and has started an antigun petition for the whitehouse demanding that the fellow ensconced therein to preform a miracle,STAT, and removed all the guns from the hands of American citizens so disasters like this wont happen again. It does not look good for the progun crowd…..

    1. So Arnold you felt the need to comment that stupid bullshit one liner? Do me a favor. Define “assault weapon” Would that be a car driven by a drunk illegal? A knife wielding nut job in a nursery? Doctors at Planned parenthood? Armed drones dropping bombs on Americans? Would you consider a ball bat an assault bat if someone attacked you with it?

      “Assault weapon” is ANY WEAPON USED IN OFFENSE AGAINST AN INNOCENT AND UNSUSPECTING PERSON. Handgun, shotgun, slingshot, bow/arrow, ROCKS, STICKS. Do you also support the Palestinians? How’s that ROCK working out for them? Dumbass.

  3. It looks like a struck a nerve with one very short comment. You will no doubt have heard more on the topic by more influential people like Bloomberg, Murdoch, Obama and others. Let’s hope Murdoch can spread the good word on his news channel. I don’t think you too much to fear, like you say, you can get your hands on an assault weapon any time you like.

    1. The stupidity of the one very short comment is what struck a nerve. You’re welcome to continue your argument because it helps show what Americans are up against. The idiocy of today’s Americans is astounding really.

  4. So Arnold, you are okay with the feds coming into my home and confiscating my AR? Or will they just wait until I leave my home and break down the door? Will they arrest me and put me in GITMO for not turning it in? How exactly will a ban work?

    And just to be clear, you’d be okay with a republican president signing an order against violent video games and movies too? Breaking down your door and confiscating your xbox games okay?

    My AR killed just as many people as your xbox did. Matter of fact far less. Would you be as cavalier about it if GWB decided in 04 that the ban on AR’s didn’t work so he’s confiscating them? Of coure not, you folks on the left think Obama will be POTUS forever. He won’t be and his actions now are setting one hell of a precedent for those who come after him.

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