Election 2016 update…

Election 2016 update…

There’s a couple things that are truly bothering me about this election.

  1. Just like every election since I can remember, the republican electorate is eating its own.
  2. When we get a chance to elect proven conservatives, we ignore what we praised during their time in office. We turn away from them because of whatever reason we’ve decided is the right reason. “They’re not electable” “They’re not conservatives” “They are the establishment” “They lie” “They bought their way in””They don’t debate well” whatever it is.
  3. We refuse to see the big picture, the potential for greatness based on speeches. We can’t unite behind one guy/gal because of one or two differences.

But hey, Trump is the man right now, leading by lots of votes. So as I stated several times, I’ll vote for him if he’s the one standing at the end. But I don’t think it will matter much because..AS I SAID EARLY IN THIS ELECTION, THE FIRST DAY IT KICKED OFF, We will alienate each other and divide the electorate which will give the democrat the win.

I’ve said we should unite behind the staunchest PROVEN supporter of the 2nd amendment because this election is truly the difference between right to bear arms, and right to ask the state if you can own one. The constitution is only as strong as the Supreme court’s views of it.

Obama said, he wasn’t going after our guns before both of his elections. He said “Needs to be common sense legislation” which is code word for going after guns. Hillary hasn’t been that smart, she’s actually said she’s going after them.

Now if EVERY NRA MEMBER adopted the #NEVERHillary mentality we might have a chance, however; Many in the NRA are just as #NeverTrump as they are Never Hillary. It will be interesting to see that play out.

I would rather have Cruz running this nation, my personal opinion. He’s much smarter than any POTUS we’ve had in recent memory. My gut tells me that Trump is going to piss US off way more than Cruz will. What bothers me about Trump is his “Deal” Everything is a negotiation, in order to have a negotiation you must give something and we have been giving for 10 years now and getting NOTHING. Even a “Good deal” means we’re giving up something. We need to be GETTING BACK and my gut says we’ll be disappointed.

One thing is for sure. Either Trump or Cruz will be running against Hillary. If not, then no need to have a general election. Just crown Hillary POTUS.

Good luck to whoever your guy is but beware the alienation of the others.

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