Egypt on Fire.. Deja Vu?

Egypt on Fire.. Deja Vu?

Carter was POTUS Iran blew up and has been a thorn in the worlds side ever since. Obama (Carter 2.0) is in office and Egypt goes nuts. Some think this is a pro-Democracy revolution. I’m not so sure.

I see a lot of Islamic radicals in the streets, I see a lot of HAPPY Islamic radicals across the world, and I don’t trust ANYTHING any MUSLIM says. PERIOD. I don’t trust them at first sight, I will need verification of ALL statements made by any Islamic cult follower. They have earned that over the years..

One thing is for sure, this is a calculated and timed event. The world sees a power vacuum in the United States. Obama is seen in the world as weak, apologetic and unable to make decisions. IF this is a “Pro-Democracy” event, then I feel sorry for the revolutionaries because they will be alone as far as the USA is concerned. IF it’s a pro-Islamic revolution then they couldn’t have picked a better time.

Pray for Israel because this will have a disastrous effect on their security. Egypt has been partners for the most part with Israel in keeping the idiots out of Gaza, this revolution could open the flood gates. I’m pretty sure there have been “Behind” the scenes actions that won’t be noticeable for a couple weeks.

How’s this for a possibility:
The world is focused on the riots in the streets, the terrorists could be using this as cover to do something else. Moving equipment into positions, smuggling people and weapons into Gaza? What if this is a calculated diversion for something bigger?

Time will tell.

I did notice one of the first thing done in Egypt was to kill internet capabilities. Um, isn’t there a push to give Obama the internet kill switch? WHY? The world’s Governments need it to make sure people in the USA can’t see what’s going on. IF the USA experienced this type of uprising WHO would we show it too? WHO would care? It’s not like we are the shining city on the hill anymore… Sigh.

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One Reply to “Egypt on Fire.. Deja Vu?”

  1. Here is what I see shaping up, Mubarak may step down, Egypt may gain a new government, possibly a dictatorship, possibly a democracy, or something somewhere in the middle…

    No matter what happens, if Iran and this *Muslim brotherhood* don’t like the outcome, there will be an immediate insurgency rise up in Cairo much like that seen in Baghdad…

    Freedom is NOT free, but if this truly IS a *Revolt for Democracy*, I wish the Egyptian people much luck, they WILL need it…

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