Economy is failing…

Economy is failing…

Just a quick post today. There’s not exactly a drought of things to post about. The democrat party, their media and their dear leader have effectively killed a once great nation. Too bad, I’ll miss her.

Economy Adds Another 157,000 Jobs; Rate Up to 7.9%

The new year started off with an old story: Employment grew again in January but not at a pace able to lower the jobless rate.

Nonfarm payrolls rose 157,000 for the first month of 2013 while the unemployment rate edged higher to 7.9 percent, news unlikely to alter the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy or instill confidence that the recovery is gaining steam.

Of course the headline on the state run media is: “mostly encouraging”

Seriously. The jobless rate is closer to 11% than 8% but since the media and the democrat party run the “News” Americans don’t know. Well, at least those who still have a job don’t know.

The fact is we have 90 million people out of work or under employed and that number is going up. The numbers, which will be revised upward again, show the facts. The stagnant job market is the result of policies that dear leader has pushed. He has almost accomplished his goal of total destruction of the United states. The goal is within his reach. The amnesty program, the gun grab, are all part of his plan. Sheep keep following.

America, was never conquered by a foreign enemy. We fell to apathy, corruption and a lack of common sense. We have officially become a third world nation. It’s unclear when the bottom will be seen by the masses but it will happen soon.

Prepare for the worst folks and pray for the best.

You think its funny that the unemployment numbers are starting to go back up now that “Dear leader” has been re-elected? Just hilarious huh?


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