Democrats War Plan in Effect…

Democrats War Plan in Effect…

For anyone who is paying attention, the Democrats have laid out their “war” strategy. First strike was the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) traveling around the country to the inner cities and blaming the tea party for everything. At the same time painting the tea party to racism. This part of the plan is exactly like 2008, except they are separating the “Tea Party” from “Republicans” (Sort of)

The second strike was the “Dream act” end around congress to appease the Hispanic vote. (Notice that happened shortly after Obama spoke in front of La Raza)

The third strike is happening now. Unions from top to bottom are being tasked to “Take the Sons a bitches out” It started in Wisconsin, but NOW it’s going nation wide. They must paint businesses as the bad guys and get all union members to toe the line for the Obama administration.

These are but a few of the tactics in this “WAR” we find ourselves in. The election season has barely started and the liberal loons have shown their cards. Not that it was a big surprise to anyone with a clue.

So to recap the democrat strategy in simple terms.

It’s the same as in 2008 except now Obama can’t runt on the “Hope and Change” he has to run on his record. His record is terrible at best. Anyone who votes for Obama in 2012 in effect is saying “I hate everything America stands for”

While I am some what hopeful that Obama is just stupid and an ideologue, rather than intentionally trying to wreck our nation. I can’t believe anyone that stupid would make it through Harvard. (Even though there’s very few records of his attendance)

I have a message for the 95%ers

You should really consider who you are supporting. The “First Black President” has been worse for your “People” than most before him. Those that are getting paid to keep you in chains thank you for your patronage. We the people don’t see color. We the people are for individual liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all. We believe YOU hold the keys NOT the Government. You who are Americans first will find success. You who hold your “Race” above your nation will be perpetually complaining from the welfare line.

The choice is yours. Break the chains, free yourselves and you will find the best assistance. The assistance of yourself and those who help with hands up not hands out. We the People can do better than the government but you must remove yourself from the tit.

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2 Replies to “Democrats War Plan in Effect…”

  1. If the TEA Party had ANY balls at all, they would have to beg, buy or borrow them..

    Send a tea bag? Yeah, that’ll do it, Hoffa is hiding in fear over that one…

    1. Who is sending tea bags? that’s funny but not very effective. Unless they are full of something that goes boom… Not suggesting that anyone do that at all just sayin it would be more effective than a fkn tea bag. We obviously didn’t learn our lesson from 9-11. War was declared on us long before the jets hit the towers. We waited then, I guess we’ll wait now. Sigh.

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