Democrats Looking out for YOU!

Democrats Looking out for YOU!

So you folks think the Democrat party is the party of caring and nurturing? Ask yourself this question: IF the Democrats are truly only concerned with your well being, why are they releasing criminals at the same time they are disarming you?

As these criminals are released, crime rates will climb. VICTIMS will be silenced because the real reason will be “Those nasty Republicans wouldn’t raise taxes again”


Look folks, the fact is the democrat party NOW is NOT your fathers democrats. On the other hand, the Republican party is FIGHTING hard NOT to become your fathers Republicans. The Republican party is now JFK Democrats at best.

IF any gun legislation is passed and signed by this pretender in chief. The Republican party will go the way of California Republican party.. Look it up, check out the structure of California’s legislature now.

The only way Democrats can govern is with pulls of the heart strings. They can’t debate facts, cause and results. All the Democrat party can do is create fear and victims. IF you refuse to be a victim and see yourself as independent and self sustaining, you are the enemy to the democrat party. The democrat party absolutely needs absolute control of you. Think I’m lying? Ask yourself, how many times have you heard democrats talk about criminals actions, crime and punishment? NOPE, they are more concerned with removing YOUR RIGHT TO PROTECT YOURSELF, YOUR RIGHT TO OWN THE TOOLS THAT WOULD STOP YOU FROM BEING A VICTIM.


Fight this action with everything you have. If we lose this fight, we’re all felons the moment this asshat signs the bill into law. IF I must be a felon because of the liberal elite establishment, I’ll be the best damn felon ever. I have chosen the path of law abiding citizenry, I’ve raised my kids to be the same way, at the moment our leaders decide I have “Illegal firearms” I will make it my mission to arm up, stock up and make sure ALL people in my circle are VERY WELL ARMED.

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