Debt Debate Deadline

Debt Debate Deadline

Does anyone see something developing today? I do, here’s what I see…

Politics above nation.
Harry Reid had a bill on his desk that would have stopped all of this discussion and allowed our nation to move forward with a BALANCE of our checkbook. Harry and Dem’s said NO. WHY? Well because it was a REPUBLICAN IDEA.. Can’t have that.

Now the deadline approaches and Harry is coming up with a plan to put fourth in an “Emergency” and if the Republicans in the house block it, OH MY GOD They want us to default…. Note to GOP leaders and Congress Critters. IF YOU SIGN, OKAY, AGREE, COMPROMISE, OR FOLD on anything you’ve fought for so far, YOU ARE DONE. You will not see a majority in any house of congress or the WH in the foreseeable future. You have the high ground America sees it. You cave YOU RESIGN. PERIOD.

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