Cops shot in Ferguson

Cops shot in Ferguson

Not that anyone could predict that after the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” LIE was proven to be a lie, the idiots invested in that lie would cause violence or anything….

After Eric Holder’s “Ferguson Report” or in reality speak the “Ferguson Eric Holder and Barack Obama jumped to conclusions about a racist cop in Ferguson so we had to find racism or Al, Jesse and all the rioters/looters would look stupid” report Would lead to violence against cops..

People told me that Eric Holder and Barack Obama mentioned the murders today, called the perpetrators punks or something. Not sure if Obama will offer them a job in his security detail yet but since ISIS just needs jobs, maybe its a possibility…

Al, Jesse, Holder, Obama all have blood on their hands again. The simple fact is, Charles Manson is serving life in prison for doing far less than these four assholes have done.

Pray for the Cops and their family.. Pray that the shooters get a bullet to the head ASAP..


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