Cop Killer Presumed DEAD.

Cop Killer Presumed DEAD.

Anyone who lives in Southern CA knew that Chris Dorner wasn’t going to last too long. You don’t kill cops and their families and simply walk away.

Christopher Dorner, the epitome of liberal thought was (Presumably) brought to justice yesterday near Big Bear yesterday. The entire thing played out for over 5 hours on local TV. This was about the most interesting part of it.

IF you listen carefully, you can hear the reporter crapping his pants… The Sheriff’s on scene appear to be fairly calm. If you look real carefully, you can see another deputy near the cabin throwing what looks like a grenade (Flash bang? Smoke?) This video does tell you what the cops were up against.

So ladies and Gentlemen, what have we learned from this?

1. Background checks don’t work.

2. Banning high powered rifles/large magazines if done need to be done across the board. INCLUDING POLICE. IF you have no problem taking my right to protect myself because I don’t NEED an AR15, you should have no problem limiting Police’s firepower also.

3. No matter WHAT you hear about the budgets and money in LA or CALIFORNIA as a whole, they were able to protect 50 of their own, put hundreds of cops on that hill to eliminate a threat to THEM. Don’t expect that kind of response unless YOU have connections to LEO’s… That’s a fact, not a cop bash.

4. ONE MAN with some minor training and a LOT of motivation brought several cities to their knees. How do you think it would go if MILLIONS of pissed off patriots decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH regarding policies of our government? Perhaps that’s why EPA/DHS is buying up so many rounds of ammo…

5. When one man threatens LEO’s there is immediate action. BUT they only reacted after that man killed an officer’s family member and after they saw the manifesto. When you feel your life is threatened by some deranged idiot, what is your recourse? You must get a restraining order… That piece of paper aint bullet proof..just sayin.

6. When a man kills cops, he gets a following these days. There were many supporting Dorner and that’s sick. But it doesn’t shock me. The division Obama and his minions have brought to our nation is culminating in bloodshed. There was a time when this Dorner guy would have been vilified by everyone, now? Idiots support anyone who kills cops. But those very same idiots will be the first to call cops for help. Assholes.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Chris Dorner. As far as Chris Dorner goes, rot in hell…

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    1. Yeah RHC, and to make matters worse, the “Good guys” he got weren’t even on his list. This is why I say typical liberal. Have a problem, go after the wrong thing.

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