Congratulations Democrats You Win….

Congratulations Democrats You Win….

Which is really sad on it’s own. Why do I say they win? Very simple…

The democrats have succeeded in taking the entire discussion away from the real issues. Which is something Democrats do regularly. They have put all the talk on radio and TV about the Debt. The debate is over spending and who did what to whom and why… Is anyone paying attention to our JOBS data? Our economic disaster that the Democrats have brought on us?

Nope we’re worried about this arbitrary debt limit, this “Ceiling” that has been raised 70 times, this “Oh MY GOD We’re all gonna die” crisis that is entirely the Democrats meme… But whatever happens in 6 days, our unemployment rate will continue to be over 9% and it very likely will go UP in the near future. There is NO discussion as to WHY we are at 9% unemployment. No plans on getting Government OUT OF THE WAY so our jobs can start materializing…Lets spend every waking moment talking about debt limits and who spend who into this mess. Lets use vitriol to demonize the opposition. Lets not do the obvious thing. Which is this:

The house past a bill in bi-partisan fashion that would raise the ceiling. Crisis solved. Harry Reid blocked it. No Vote. The house should go into other business until that CC&B bill gets a vote. PERIOD.

The house should be working on repealing Obamacare, that would help in job creation almost immediately. OBAMACARE must be repealed and replaced with something workable for all…


Wake the hell up America. This debt limit debate is a diversion. PERIOD. The House of Reps. has passed a plan. That’s it move on. If the senate doesn’t pass it, then they need to work to get one. Start the repeal of healthcare and leave this crap alone. IF we go off a cliff so be it. IF the debt crisis takes the economy in the tank again (As if it ever has came back) so be it.

The fact is America has become soft, nothing toughens you up better than hardship. I’m prepared for hardship. I’d rather deal with it now than leave this world knowing my kids have to make the sacrifice. WE NEED TO DEAL WITH IT NOW.

Repeal Obamacare in the HOUSE and keep doing it until the senate passes it, defund everything Obama wants until he does it. Remove it replace it and get this country back on track. Jobs will not come back until Obamacare is repealed. Until Regulation is removed or at least diminished from our employers.

But alas we’ve got Dancing with the Stars to watch or something so during the election idiots will elect idiots and we will continue down the path. Look into your kids eyes and tell them you’re sorry for what you’re doing to them. Tell them you didn’t do shit to make things easier and better for them because American Idol was on and I had a smart phone…

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  1. If the Republicans cave, Hussein may get re-elected, because we will get a third party which God knows, we need, but maybe it will wash out,depending on how well the third one performs. We shall see, as my mother was fond of saying.

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