Concealed Carry in Wisconsin?

Concealed Carry in Wisconsin?

Well all that’s left is for Governor Walker to sign it into law. Good for you Wisconsin. Good first step in regaining your rights. BUT.. You knew there would be a but didn’t ya?

Wisconsin much like California is a liberal bastion. Wisconsin is trying to move to the right. We’ve seen it in the streets of Madison. We are seeing the lengths and lies the left will go to, to Keep their freedom from being realized.

California is technically a concealed carry state with permission. Wisconsin is going to go about the same route. There are parameters placed on concealed carry much like many other states. California is a “May Issue” state. Texas is a “Shall Issue” state. That is a huge difference. Not sure where Wisconsin will fall in these categories.

By contrast AZ is a FREEDOM loving state. You can carry open or concealed, you can carry in most places. You do not need government approval to carry protection for your well being. This is where EVERY STATE should be. AZ is setting a good example for us all.

I congratulate Wisconsin on their move in the right direction but the fight is not over. We are in a war against lies. We are in a war against insanity. We are in a war between slavery and freedom. We are in a war between those that want control over us and us having control over ourselves. We the People have rights and one of those rights is the right to self preservation. You remove a woman’s right to carry a firearm, you have taken the choice from her and made her a potential victim of our failures as a society.

Think about that for a minute. We continue to let thugs out of prison, predators out of prison. We can’t punish bad behavior in society any more, we have seen nothing but increases in gang violence, robbery, murder, rape and assaults. Yet we continue to be denied our GOD given right to protect ourselves by our elected officials. Who have ARMED security guards by their side paid for by US… WOW… Gotta love the irony huh?

Fight to stupidity. Fight the ignorant anti-gun morons that want YOU to be a victim rather than stand up for what’s right. Fight the progressive agenda of capitulation and surrender. Fight for your FULL RIGHTS at all times.

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