Common Ground on Gun Control…

Common Ground on Gun Control…

Now I am NO FAN at all of bargaining for my rights. But here lately I’ve been swamped with people who don’t see a problem with “Universal Background checks”… So let it begin.


Universal background checks are the dream of the ruling elite. The feeling is, if we force ALL Americans to go through a federal background check before purchasing a firearm, every crime where a gun is used can be traced back to an owner. There are MANY problems with this logic but I’ll just hit the top two.

Problem 1. Criminals, those who KNOW they won’t pass a background check won’t be trying to purchase guns from dealers. They will obtain them through other means. Robbery/smuggling/buying from smugglers etc.

Problem 2. Once your name is ran through a database, YOUR history is now in control of our government. You don’t have to be a Alex Jones type conspiracy nut to understand this is a bad idea. For example, you and your wife have some trouble and decide to seek counseling to save your marriage. Are you good with your counselor telling the feds your attitude was aggressive? Or your wife seemed to be a bit unstable? Think if it this way.. Some of the biggest proponents of gun control are hollywood elites. Lets say, Alex Baldwin decided he wanted to buy a gun, but his outburst at a paparazzi shows him to be a bit angry and there’s no way he should have a gun… Can’t happen right?… 

Okay, lets get to the meat of the issue. Compromising on the background checks. I’m really getting sick of hearing “We need to compromise” when is it the gun grabbers turn to “Compromise?”


I’ve come up with a framework for a compromise. I doubt it will please everyone, I doubt any politician has the balls to put it in the bill up for debate. But here it is:

Federal Universal Background check = Right to OPEN carry anywhere in the United States the minute you pass the universal background check. Right to CONCEAL CARRY with completion of the same types of requirement that Texas requires.

I’ve heard NO from several liberal gun grabbers, but they can’t tell me why not with any logic. The logic works simply. IF Universal Background checks are going to keep guns out of the hands of mass murderers and criminals, then passing that check should clear you as NOT A MASS MURDERER or CRIMINAL and it should grant you ALL THE FREEDOMS of the 2nd amendment.

That’s the ONLY COMPROMISE I’d support with the universal background checks. As far as ammunition magazine limits- NO COMPROMISE ON THAT AT ALL!

NOTE: This is not a post to debate the “Open/Concealed” issue. I submit that any MOVEMENT getting our RIGHTS BACK is a step in the right direction. ANYONE worth their salt who passed a background check AND KNEW all they had to do was get the training to be able to carry concealed, 90% would do so ASAP.


Right now, ONLY in America proper (AZ/TEX/AK/WY/MONT Etc) do you have actual rights to bear arms. IF a FEDERAL LAW is to INFRINGE on those rights, I submit that an equal benefit be given to LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS.

My thoughts. Feel free to drop yours in the comment section.

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  1. The problem with universal background checks is that only LEGAL gun owners are going to play… Screw em ALL, they run a background check, a check for criminal record any time you buy a gun, if that isn’t enough, too damned bad…

    Open carry all over the USA? OH HELL YES!

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