Colorado Shooting Thoughts.

Colorado Shooting Thoughts.

Okay, I gave it a day or two to let the media led political driven hyperventilation drop off a bit before I opined on the situation. You will notice I’m not offering prayers or mourning for the victims of the shooter on this post. I’ve done that elsewhere and between me and J.C.

First a word of warning: IF you are offended by common sense click off now.

#1. The shooter: A psycho and a very proficient one. He did what he set out to do. He deserves to be placed in a hole, covered with honey and left in the desert to rot.

#2. A guy with this much hatred in his heart was not going to be stopped before he inflicted death on innocent people Someone was going to die in that theater. He may have been stalled and allowed some innocents to get out. He wouldn’t in fact, have killed so many people. But he wouldn’t have been stopped totally.

#3.  Anyone who thinks “If I were there with my GLOCK I’d have ___” (Fill in the blank) is a MORON. The guy had tactical advantage, he’d prepared the area, he had surprise on his side and he had the armament to isolate/eliminate threats. Unless you carry a gas mask with your glock and expected this scenario you’d have likely been gasping for breath and/or shooting randomly which would have made you a priority target for the shooter. But, if the Shooter had to dodge incoming fire, he wouldn’t have been able to kill 6yr old kids and fathers/Mothers/Grandparents at point blank range…. He wouldn’t have had a free fire zone, he’d have had to move/cover/shoot. HE was not a military trained individual. His shots wouldn’t have been near as accurate.

#4.  This is the most important part. People are FREE in the USA. Meaning the shooter was FREE to go about collecting the things he wanted to make this operation such a success in his mind.

This is FREEDOM and WE Americans need to understand that the SHOOTER WAS FREE TO DO WHAT HE DID! The victims were FREE too, they were FREE to DIE UNARMED! They were DENIED THIER RIGHTS TO POSSESS THE TOOLS THEY COULD HAVE USED TO STOP THE SHOOTER FROM KILLING THEM! Denied by the very people we elected to office to protect our rights.

The Shooter bought his guns legally, he bought all the supplies he needed legally. The minute he took those tools into public, HE BROKE THE LAW. Those victims in the theater were DENIED the chance to exercise their RIGHTS TO DEFEND THEIR FREEDOM, by elected officials who believe GUNS KILL PEOPLE.  Law abiding citizens are dead, the criminal is in jail. The criminals parents will be able to visit him. He will be able to talk to friends. Victims? Yeah just dead.

This shooting should wake people up, but unfortunately, it seems Americans are just going back to sleep. The 2nd Amendment is YOUR RIGHT TO NOT BE KILLED COWERING IN A CORNER BY THOSE WHO WISH TO KILL YOU! Be it, Government or some asshole in a trenchcoat or body armor and a firearm.

A lot of folks are wondering if there’s a connection to the UN small arms treaty vote coming up. Sad thing about that is, we trust our government so little that it’s a very possible cause of this tragedy. It’s extremely possible that politics/agenda is behind this act and the bad part is we’ll never know for sure. Think about it folks. Our government has become so UNTRUSTWORTHY because of their actions in the past. Wake up people we need to take our nation back ASAP while there’s still something to take back.

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7 Replies to “Colorado Shooting Thoughts.”

  1. It appears to me that any and everyone in the theater that night has grounds for a good law suit and I suspect that there were very few,if any, concealed weapons in that place. What if our boy had used military grade explosives instead guns……the antigun nuts would be heartbroken

  2. #3. Anyone who thinks “If I were there with my GLOCK I’d have ___” (Fill in the blank) is a MORON. The guy had tactical advantage

    And THAT my friend is why you were never a Marine…

    Tactical advantage? Chesty Puller said it best “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time”
    – Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC

    Tactical advantage you say? Death smiles at all individuals, Marines smile back!

    1. Yeah Fred that’s a great quote and I’m all for gung ho attack all the time. But the fact is Marine or not. This was a very well orchestrated attack by a lunatic. Kids/women/elderly in a dark theater, gas inserted, shooter body armor. The only advantage a patron would have had is their eyes would have been adjusted to the darkened theater by the time the attack started. A person aware of their surroundings may have noticed the exit doors and the quickest way out. That’s all they really had a chance to do.

      This was a carefully planned meticulously carried out murder. This guy’s plan would have been very difficult to deal with for a well trained tactical expert much less a weekend warrior like myself. I freely admit that even if I had a firearm in that theater I’d have likely been killed. However my firearm would be empty and that time he spent killing me would have resulted in others being saved. Incoming fire has a way of taking the focus off of the easy targets.

      And yeah if I was there I sure as hell wouldn’t have had a glock! LMAO

      1. Some say it was tear gas, some said smoke, I don’t know.. Tear gar, the old crap, never affected me, smoke blurs the scene, but, it blurs it for the shooter too..

        Tactical advantage? You learn to improvise, adapt and overcome… NEVER tell me the odds, NEVER tell me how many, just tell me where…

        He was a college nerd, he wasn’t a trained gunfighter or warrior… Just like that dickwad at Virginia Tech a while back, “Oh he was WELL ARMED”… No he wasn’t, he had 2 Glocks if I am not mistaken… And this dip-shit in Aurora had a JAM, and didn’t know how to clear and tap… It’s a good thing he wasn’t a trained gunfighter, a lot more people would be dead…

        1. Thing is Fred, he had a gas mask so the gas wasn’t affecting him. The fact is he didn’t have to evade and shoot. So even a moderately trained CCW carrier would have at least drew fire. At best, I think this geek coward would have been hit and realized even with a vest the impact of a round hurts. And human nature is to avoid pain. So evading incoming fire would be his or anyone else’s first response. (Unless VERY TRAINED) As you said this guy was a nerd not a trained gun fighter. And I sure as hell am not suggesting that it wouldn’t have mattered if there were a CCW holder in there either. I’m saying these blow hards who spend an hour a day shooting at paper in a well lit range have no fucking idea what they would have done.

          1. I’m saying these blow hards who spend an hour a day shooting at paper in a well lit range have no fucking idea what they would have done.

            BINGO! That has been MY biggest gripe with CHL holders as a group and the schools that convince them that they are NOW well trained GUN FIGHTERS… It’s all bullshit, paper ain’t shooting back!

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