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Hey folks.. Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Been a real ass kicker around the casa… For you conspiracy folks: I have not been “Sequestered” nor have I been “Droned” DHS didn’t “Scoop me up” and I’m not being … Continue reading

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A few Questions and Observations.

Just a few random thoughts and questions this morning: 1. In Syria, who is the opposition leader? Is there a guy like Nelson Mandela, Che, George Washington who is leading the opposition to Assad? Or is the opposition like OWS? … Continue reading

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Skin Crawl Time…

Hows this for a fat P.O.S (Warning your skin will crawl if you have a favorable view of veterans and a shred of moral fiber) Found at Everyday no days off gun blog: Now if this P.O.S happens to be … Continue reading

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Picture Contest at IOW.

One of my favorite daily reads is IOW. They are having a photoshop contest. This picture set it off: Folks at “The People’s Cube” decided to play around with the Picture and IOW created this contest to keep up with … Continue reading

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How many States have you visited?

Found this meme at “A Trainwreck In Maxwell” and decided to play… visited 30 states (60%)Create your own visited map of The United States Then I decided to make one for Obama, Pelosi and Reid… visited 17 states (34%)Create your … Continue reading

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