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A Strategy Change is Needed.

A Strategy Change is Needed.

Best Article I’ve read in quite awhile.

A Strategy Change Needed From ‘Placate And Capitulate’ To ‘Force And Fear’

It is wise to keep this in mind as we peruse the deluge of reporting and Monday morning quarterbacking of the unfolding events following the demise of Osama Bin Laden.

The only truly wise thing I have heard from the typical news agencies and prognosticators in the past two weeks has come from an unlikely source. During Mike Huckabee’s show Sunday night, Ted Nugent was asked if he thought the removal of Osama Bin Laden from the roles of the living would have a significant affect on the war/unwar. His answer was definitive and without hesitation; No. Score one for common sense and understanding!

Now that’s the start of the article and it’s well worth the read. His final solutions for us against the “Islamic radicals” makes more sense than any I’ve heard in over 10 years.

People invariably ask what I would do then given my disgust for the current condition. Typically I haven’t answered the question because the answer is painfully obvious. But for those who can’t make the logical leap; here goes:

Take the two greatest weapons we have, out of the vault and place them back in the hands of the greatest military force this world has ever witnessed; Fear and Force!

Tell the “innocent” Afghan, the demonically inspired Taliban, the deranged Al Qaida operative, the corrupt government official, the Imam, the Cleric, the Tribal Elder, the “moderate” Muslim, the “Extremist”, the True Soldier of Allah, the coward, the patriot, the militant and any other name you have a fancy to call them and tell them we are there because we are through being their “mission field”. We are there to hold Al Qaida and all those who give them aid and comfort, accountable – we are going to find them and kill them regardless of where they hide. All those who choose to help may be spared; all those who choose another path, will leave children and women mourning over their carcasses.

This is war. It isn’t a war we started, and it sure isn’t something we can negotiate away. This is a holy war because the enemy has told us so. Just because our delicate western sensibilities can’t allow some within our ranks to wrap their heads around it doesn’t change that fact. So we can meet the enemy on a battle field of our choosing or we can wait for him to outlast us while we continue to fumble around trying to make nice with the devil.

One thing for sure, he is patient.

HELL YES SIR! We’ve been saying that for 10 years. We’ve been ready to do just that. However; in our increasing sensibilities we think killing millions over years and years is better than killing millions at one time and being done with it. You bloody their nose and they keep coming, you break their nose, they keep coming, you shoot them in the face they don’t come anymore. Simple stuff.

Here’s the really sad part. There’s only ONE person even mentioned in passing running for POTUS in 2012 that understands this “Strategy change” that is needed. His name is Allen West. And if he’s not on the ballot in 2012 It’s a lost cause.

Modern Warfare vs “Collateral Murder”

Modern Warfare vs “Collateral Murder”

Well the interwebs have been raging over the “Wikileaks” release of a supposed “Bad shoot” of some NEUTERS “Journalists”  in Iraq 2007.  I will not link any of the sites that are calling this action “Collateral Murder” there is even a site dedicated to it…

I will post the video and let you guys make up your own mind.

What I see is, a group of individuals in a “Battle zone” I don’t see anyone else on the streets but those clowns. I see an RPG, I see some AK-47’s and I see a guy peering around a corner as if he’s waiting for something or spotting. IF he were just “Innocent” and hanging out why crouch behind the corner? it also looks like he’s carrying an RPG. Keep in mind there is an element of US Armed forces coming into that area soon, that is why the Apache is up there in the first place…

What do you see?

I also see a couple of MORONS that drive into a battle zone, in an UNMARKED van (No red cross, no Ambulance markings) and brought their kids…

I’m not sure about firing on the van, but TRUTHFULLY I think it’s a smart move, the guy who was being moved an enemy combatant could be patched up and back on the field of battle (The pilot had no idea that was a NEUTERS embed.) Which brings to mind the biggest point of the whole story… WTF are they doing with the enemy? Sleep with dogs wake up with lead in your ass from the US MIL….

The World speaks or Terrorists strike again.

The World speaks or Terrorists strike again.

And the Terrorists cast their vote for President.

Bombs at Baghdad Mosques Kill 24, Injure 50

BAGHDAD  —  Homicide bombers targeted Shiite worshippers as they left morning prayers Thursday at two Baghdad mosques, killing 24 people and wounding more than 50 others, police said.

In a separate attack, gunmen fatally shot six Sunnis as they traveled in a minibus in the mainly Shiite town of Wajihiyah, a town 60 miles north of Baghdad.

The dead were heading to Baquoba to visit relatives. They included two children, three women and a man, police in Diyala province said. Another woman and her small child were injured.

I wonder how often B. Hussein Obama and the Obamatrons will use the latest attack on CIVILLIANS to benefit thier cause? I would be willing to bet that Joe Biden tonight will make at least 2 references to the latest violence in Iraq as total chaos and reason we should leave. He has to appease the base of the Demorat party.

What if’s about 9-11

What if’s about 9-11

I was again searching the interwebs for some articles and opinions on various things and I came across this one, and it made my blood boil.

This was written by some nutbasket named Peter Dyer

What if we had never gone to war? What if, after the shocking crimes of September 11, 2001, the United States had pursued a different course?

What if all the blood which has been spilled in the name of justice still flowed in living veins; all the American, Iraqi and other lives shattered were still whole; all the homes destroyed or lost still standing, still occupied by families who never harmed us?

We have spent monumental treasure and energy on two wars. What if, instead, we had invested a fraction of that in a determined, unrelenting effort to bring Osama bin Laden to justice in a fair and transparent trial in a court of law?

Of course, we’ll never know.

When we were confronted with the most heinous series of terrorist acts in our history Americans overwhelmingly lined up behind President Bush’s call for a “Global War on Terror.”

We can only speculate on what might have been the result of a different course of action, guided by a fundamentally different vision.

For two reasons, though, such speculation would not be entirely baseless:

One week after the U.S. began bombing Afghanistan, the Taliban presented us with an opportunity to investigate the possibility of a peaceful, legal resolution to the crimes of 9/11.

On Oct. 14, 2001, Afghanistan’s deputy prime minister, Haji Abdul Kabir, announced that if the United States stopped the bombing and produced evidence of bin Laden’s guilt, “we would be ready to hand him over to a third country” for trial.

President Bush, determined to launch and pursue the “war on terror,” refused even to discuss, much less investigate this possibility.

* A different course

Exactly 30 months after 9/11 there was another catastrophic terrorist attack in another country: Spain. On March 11, 2004, 191 people in Madrid were killed and over 1,800 injured when 10 backpack bombs exploded on four morning rush-hour commuter trains.

As with 9/11, “11-M” was the most devastating series of terrorist acts in Spanish history.

But Spain chose the path the U.S. rejected.

The Spanish government addressed the crimes of 11-M with the tools, techniques and resources of law enforcement. There was an investigation, arrests, a trial, and appeals.

This process is today essentially complete.

Spain has demonstrated an effective alternative to war as a means of addressing and resolving the bloody horrors of terrorism.

The Spanish example can thus help us make an educated guess at how things might have gone had the Bush administration not immediately and contemptuously rejected Kabir’s offer of Oct. 14, 2001.

And while such an endeavor can’t undo the past seven years, perhaps it can help us make a better choice next time our leaders tell us it’s time for another war.

Here’s how Spain did it.

Two days after the bombings, the police made their first arrests.

After a 25-month investigation, 29 people – 15 Moroccans, nine Spaniards, two Syrians, one Egyptian, one Algerian and one Lebanese – were indicted on April 11, 2006. The Madrid bombing trial opened on Feb. 15, 2007, and ended on July 2.

Four months later, on Oct. 31, 2007, the three-judge tribunal delivered the verdicts.

Three men were convicted of murder, attempted murder and committing terrorist acts. They were sentenced to thousands of years in prison each, although under Spanish law, none will serve longer than 40 years. There is no capital punishment in Spain.

Eighteen were found guilty of lesser offenses. Seven were acquitted. During the trial all charges were dropped against one of the defendants.

0n July 18 of this year, four of the sentences were overturned on appeal to the Supreme Court. Thus, in the end, 17 out of the original 29 indicted have been convicted.

The Supreme Court also concluded that the real ringleaders of the crimes of 11-M were among seven suspects who, three weeks after the bombs exploded, blew themselves up in an apartment outside Madrid when a police assault began.

The U.S. experience and the Spanish experience are, of course, not identical. But there are arguably enough parallels to facilitate a comparison and enable some credible answers to the question: what if?

There is much more of this ridiculous comparison HERE

UNBELIEVABLE… Ok kiddies and folks with sensitivities to vulgarity you might want to bail now:

Still here? Ok last warning…….

Well Mr Dyer, you seem to be looking for some way to incite the Mulsim readers of that piece of shit rag al-jazeera. Let me help you out with a little history:
Beirut, USS Cole, Several airlines, and 2 US Embassies, WTC1 and WTC 2 9-11..
All of those crimes were committed by followers of Islam, based in ISLAMIC countries against the United States of America. Diplomacy yielded very little in the way of retribution for the atrocities, and there was no end in sight for the murder of innocents to stop. You say we should never have done anything but treat it as a crime? Are you fucking kidding me?
What Spain did was turn tail and run, rather than help to install some sort of “Other way” to the masses. I personally wish GWB would have nuked Mecca, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, on 9-12-01, I would have danced in the streets like YOUR READERS did on 9-11.

Hows this for a WHAT IF”

What if the Redneck Mafia decided to DESTROY MECCA during the pilgrimage? Would it be a crime, should it be handled by strictly law enforcement? I think your readers would agree that it would be an act of war… but that would be wrong huh?
I find it hilarious that you would assume that the Taliban would turn over UBL, or that they would help in the hunt for UBL… UBL is not the only problem, Islam is. Your readers are, and idiots like you are.

I suppose the recent bombing in Pakistan is of no concern to you based on your logic, we should not treat that as an attack but just a law enforcement issue? We are at war and personally I think every fucking dead Muslim is one less problem the world has to deal with. I think that entire religion should be wiped off the map I think the US Armed forces are doing a tremendous job of sending Muslim radical fuckheads to meet that pedophile fucknozzle Muhammad.

You might get your wish too Peter Dyer, if Barrack Hussein Obama takes the reins in America, you will see a “Spain like” response, I imagine we will surrender faster than you drop to your knees 5 times a day. (Maybe 6 depending on which Sheik you are blowing)

I would like to remind my readers and friends that I spoke about where things were going when McCain pulled even with the “Chosen one”. Like I said, it is going to get worse… Al-Qaeda wants Obama to win, Al-Jazeera readers want Obama to win, France, Russia, China, North Korea, Mexico, Venezuela ALL want Obama to win this election for a reason. It is not economic. IT is their best chance at getting a surrender at all cost leader in charge, and in Al-Qaeda’s case the ONLY chance of claiming victory.

All Muslims should have to drive Volkswagons…. :rotflmao:

Obama Provides Hope to the Enemy.

Obama Provides Hope to the Enemy.

Obama Meets With Iraqi President; Talks Timeline for U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and the Iraqi government found agreement in Baghdad on Monday for a 2010 withdrawal of U.S. combat forces, a timeline that has faced withering criticism from Republican Sen. John McCain.

As Obama laid eyes on the Iraq war for the first time in more than two years, he emerged from a meeting with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, calling it “very constructive.”

The trip follows Republican attempts to diminish Obama’s foreign policy experience and a challenge from McCain, who complained that Obama was wrong to plan for troop withdrawal without having visited since January 2006. McCain has visited Iraq eight times since the war began. The Arizona senator has said Obama’s foreign policy plans are naive and that he is untested.

After Obama sat down with al-Maliki in Baghdad’s heavily protect Green Zone, government spokesman Ali al-Dabagh, who is very close to the Iraqi leader and sat in on the meeting, said Baghdad was not interested in troop withdrawal plans that arise out of the American presidential campaign but “in a real timetable the Iraqis have set.”

When asked for a date, al-Dabagh said, “up to 2010.”

That would match Obama’s pledge to remove U.S. combat troops within 16 months of taking office and reinforces al-Maliki’s reported support for that timetable in an interview published last week in Der Spiegel, a German magazine.

Here is the Demorat plan at the forefront. In war time you tell everything you know, no matter who it hurts. Al-Maliki said a 2010 time-line is acceptable… Do you honestly believe that same “Time-line” has not been discussed with the current CIC? The difference?

A person in charge of prosecuting a war does not give the enemy a time when all will be over in a public statement. The issue may be discussed and even agreed to behind closed doors and the only folks knowing the REAL time-line are those in charge of making decisions. OBAMA is not making ANY decisions yet, and for the Iraqi PM to give Obama this type of ammunition for his idiot followers is irresponsible.

The Iraqi PM has pretty much decided that Barrak Hussein Obama is going to be running things here. He might be, and when (or IF) we hold to a timetable, and Al-Qaeda comes back and Iran comes in and a lot of his countrymen die… WE can look back on this time and say “IRAQ is responsible for IRAQ” The responsibility is squarely on Al Maliki now.
No time table EVER IMO, but since the leadership of Iraq feels like negotiating a retreat already…
Fuck it leave NOW, The Iraqi PM has put his cards on the table, no need for us to be there now, he is negotiating with a person (Liberal anti-Iraq war after things started to go bad) who has caused more death than any Marines rifle or bombing run, OBAMA and his ilk have been supplying the enemy’s of Iraq and America with the very thing they need… HOPE, and KNOWLEDGE. The HOPE we would surrender followed by the KNOWLEDGE that if they held out long enough WE WOULD!

Regardless of how you see IRAQ, why, what, where, or who.. THE ISSUE IS NOW! The issue is do we provide ammunition to those we have stopped, or at least have on the run, and let them know “HEY guys look, all we have to do is hang out in Afghanistan or Pakistan till 2010, then we come back and finish this thing.”

Good move there Barak Hussien Obama.

Obama in full garb