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A Strategy Change is Needed.

Best Article I’ve read in quite awhile. A Strategy Change Needed From ‘Placate And Capitulate’ To ‘Force And Fear’ It is wise to keep this in mind as we peruse the deluge of reporting and Monday morning quarterbacking of the … Continue reading

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Modern Warfare vs “Collateral Murder”

Well the interwebs have been raging over the “Wikileaks” release of a supposed “Bad shoot” of some NEUTERS “Journalists”  in Iraq 2007.  I will not link any of the sites that are calling this action “Collateral Murder” there is even … Continue reading

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The World speaks or Terrorists strike again.

And the Terrorists cast their vote for President. Bombs at Baghdad Mosques Kill 24, Injure 50 BAGHDAD  —  Homicide bombers targeted Shiite worshippers as they left morning prayers Thursday at two Baghdad mosques, killing 24 people and wounding more than … Continue reading

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What if’s about 9-11

I was again searching the interwebs for some articles and opinions on various things and I came across this one, and it made my blood boil. This was written by some nutbasket named Peter Dyer What if we had never … Continue reading

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Obama Provides Hope to the Enemy.

Obama Meets With Iraqi President; Talks Timeline for U.S. Troop Withdrawal Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and the Iraqi government found agreement in Baghdad on Monday for a 2010 withdrawal of U.S. combat forces, a timeline that has faced withering … Continue reading

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