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Obama Vs Boehner…

Got a chuckle out of this.. HT Nice Deb [youtube][/youtube] Yep, if it don’t go “Duh Won’s” way change the rules or the name… Typical. Think Dream act…

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Newsbusted Good one this week…

I’m a fan of Jodie Miller. She’s pretty and smart. [youtube][/youtube] Love that Pittsburgh line… :rotfl:

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Libya protests, Middle East in flames… Lovin It!

Well it’s time for a Bushwack original rant I guess. First lets examine the latest news from Libya: Libya: Tripoli residents say civilians being armed RIPOLI, Libya – The embattled regime of Moammar Gadhafi is arming civilian supporters to set … Continue reading

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Great video of a Modern Band with the Troops.

Found at Hookers and Booze Having spent time in ‘THE BOX”…I find it amazing bands still come and play for the troops. I do not think people understand the morale boost it is for those who spend years (yes… YEARS) … Continue reading

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Musicians: You’ll love this…

If you have a musician in your family or know one, you will appreciate this: HT to IOW :rotfl: Have a good day y’all.. Keep up the fight!

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Rush OWNS Obama…Again.

Some folks are Rush Limbaugh fans, some are not. Some folks regard him as a mouthpiece for the Republicans. Personally, I like listening to the man, he’s very entertaining, which is how he got to where he is. This particular … Continue reading

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Acorn’s Sister Org. Walnut.

Now you gotta see this, HOT Air’s Undercover camera’s capture the whole thing, OUR finest citizens on politics. I love that last part.. :rotflmao:

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My New Favorite Vlogger

Found At TexasFreds The power of COMMON SENSE!!! Truthfully I would vote for this guy before Obama. This guy has a clue and Oh yeah he appears to be black. I am sure he will be ridiculed in the “African … Continue reading

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