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Another Ft Hood Shooting

Another Ft Hood Shooting

Here we go again… First off: My sincere sympathy for the families of the fallen and hearty get well soon to those injured. This post might be a bit controversial…

What the F**K is going on in America when a military base can be victimized by an armed shooter twice in a short period of time? Seriously…

First, last week we hear “Jihad alert” for a “Ft Hood style shooting” But the first Ft Hood Shooting was “Workplace Violence” And now, we have a “Ft Hood Style Shooting” 14 injured, 3 dead.  (I don’t count the coward shooter)

So what do we say the reason for this Ft Hood shooting is? Will it be a “Youtube video” Will it be “Teabaggers?” will it be “Racists”? Well, those never pan out, so lets go with “Soldier on Soldier violence” REALLY? 14 injured, 3 DEAD is because soldiers had a beef?

Do you really think our leaders are in touch with reality? NO. They are clueless. This proves it. Why are our soldiers still unarmed on Bases after the first Ft Hood shooting? Because it was “Work Place Violence” if they actually called it what it was, a TERRORIST act, then Bill Clinton’s law of no firearms on bases might have been up for a review. But a workplace violence incident? Nope, Democrats couldn’t be seen reviewing the gun policy on Bases could they? Think about that for a minute…

If the Democrats were seen supporting a bill to remove the rule their POTUS put in place for guns on bases, what would that tell the nation? It would say “We want our soldiers to be able to protect themselves in their home turf as well as abroad” That wouldn’t sit well with the Democrat ideal that guns in the hands of good people won’t stop mass shootings. However DEMOCRATS HAD NO ISSUE REMOVING Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.. funny how that works huh?

So here we are AGAIN. for POLITICAL GAIN we have our soldiers injured and dead at HOME.

But don’t worry folks, President Obama is on the job. He said today “He’ll get to the bottom of what happened” then he headed out to a DNC fundraiser. If you read between the lines “I’ll find out what happened as long as it helps my party or my legacy, if not I’ll be spinning like I always do and these folks here with camera’s will help me”

We’ve had at least 3 Terrorist attacks on our soil since Obama took office. 2 of them occurred at the same location. That alone would sink any Republican POTUS. Not to mention the other lies he’s been found guilty of.. But hey, look over here…

Watch the other hand folks, the in play issue is going to be gun control. Ohio campus had a shooting today too. “Islamic Radicals” see the gun control issue as one they need to help Democrats win. Armed Americans aren’t good for America side Jihadi’s.. Just sayin.


Evil Which We Cannot Name

Evil Which We Cannot Name

I’ve been thinking about this “Thing called Benghazi” as Chris Mathews put it. And I’ve come to a revelation. The cover up is the biggest part of the story. But the reason for the cover up should shake every American to their core.


The facts of Benghazi are pretty clear. There was a cover up from top to bottom. But the reason they covered it up was two or three fold.


Fold #1: Obama’s base is far left, anti-Israel pro-Palestinian zealots. FACT. From Reverend Wright, to Farakan to Bill Ayers, to Code Pink and every major university from coast to coast fits that bill.

Now look at this:


These are the MUSLIM MURDERS committed on United States Soil since Obama took office. Now how many of these have you heard about nationally? I’ll tell you. TWO. And ONE was classified as a “Workplace violence Incident” 13 dead over 30 wounded in Ft Hood. The other was Boston. The rest? Yeah news huh?

Muslims can’t be accused of being still at war with America after Obama has apologized and all.

Benghazi screwed up the narrative that AQ was on the run. In order for Barack Obama to claim Muslims are peacefully trying to coexist and it was George Bush who provoked them. He was going to be different. Problem was Islam didn’t act different. IF that was the case then Obama had to show strength before the election. So he increased drone strikes on far away lands and announced them often. No verification other than the administrations statements about the target killed.


Fold #2: In order to cover something up this massive one entity or statement wouldn’t do it. It needed to be co-ordinated with media, interagency and congress lapdogs. It didn’t need to be a permanent cover up it just needed to be covered long enough to get Obama to a 2nd term. Hillary said she wasn’t going to run for POTUS remember? So Obama asking Hillary to follow the talking points wasn’t going to hurt her career if she’s retiring now.

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Bombing in Boston

Bombing in Boston

WOW. I could ASSUME who would do something like this but I’ll wait until the facts come out. What I will do is help stoke your confidence level:

Obama said he’s bringing the full weight of the federal governments justice department to bear. So you should have no worries that very soon we will know who did this. Just like there was no voter intimidation in Philadelphia or threats of death to “Whitey” by the black panthers. Ft Hood was a workplace violence incident and Benghazi was a spontaneous uprising over a video…

So rest assured the culprit will be brought to justice. Well, as long its a WHITE person who supports the NRA and doesn’t like Obama. If it’s an Islamic terrorist, well then it’s a tea partier. There will be a fall guy/gal who fits the democrat narrative. And to make you really assured, the press pool reporters have been summoned to the WHITE HOUSE to figure out how to spin this so it doesn’t affect dear leader…

Keep your head in the sand folks its dangerous in realityville.

Obama “Spikes” gets “SPIKED!”

Obama “Spikes” gets “SPIKED!”

Barack Obama landed in Kabul yesterday to make a speech meet with the Afghan leader and campaign meet the troops. And it’s absolutely GREAT that he did that. I’ve always thought POTUS’s should visit the areas they send our best and brightest. BUT

After Obama spiked the football again (After he said he wouldn’t) and since the State Run Media of the alphabet networks bashed GWB for a 1 second image of 9-11’s attack. And since the media is executing executive order 1001 “Carry water for Obama at all costs” It’s up to US in the new media to bring TRUTH to that which must not be reported. I will do my best, but this ad does it for me. SHARE IT, POST IT, TWEET IT…

Now that’s gotta hurt.

Let’s also ask this question: IF Obama can take credit for KILLING Usama Bin Laden because he made a decision that was a no-brainer. Should he not be required to take the blame for the 30 Americans who were killed when a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan? He is the commander in chief and he’s obviously running every aspect of seal team 6, who had many members on that helicopter.

Now obviously that would be asking too much. For dear leader to lead and accept responsibility for anything that didn’t go well. So lets take an alternative look at the UBL raid. Let’s say seal team 6 wasn’t successful and all of them were killed in the raid. Lets say Pakistan’s military helped in killing Seal team 6. Who would get blamed for it? We already have conflicting stories on “WHO” ordered “WHO” to do what… So, does anyone doubt that Leon Pannetta would be the one who made the “Gutsy Call” if it went south?

Obama is a master at Chicago Politics. There was a way out of this if it didn’t go as planned. A “gutsy call” my ass. The only POLITICIAN in that situation room photo who I would have expected to make that call without thinking of the “Political ramifications” would have been Hillary Clinton. I honestly believe that with Hillary our nation would have been better off than it is now.

Think on that for a bit… Scary aint it?

Enemy’s of America… The Tea Party?

Enemy’s of America… The Tea Party?

Let’s see, I’ve been listening to the news and it seems a universal truth is now; The Tea Party is bad. The Tea party caused our financial mess, The Tea Party are terrorists, the Tea party got us downgraded. The tea party is a bunch of old angry white people, the Tea party is not a real viable grassroots movement, the tea party are racist, the tea party will never have any weight… I think that sums up most of the labels the left has given the Tea party over the last year.

Now I’d like to ask you to put it in perspective and look at WHO is calling WHO a “Terrorist”

1, Liberal elites like Ex Weather Underground members, Far left ruling class members, Code Pink who destroy Marine recruiters buildings. Loony Left folks that parade with signs against the troops, calls the POTUS Hitler, has many supporters and marches with such true Americans as ANSWER, La Raza, The Communist party of the USA, Socialists of America and many other far left groups. Almost exclusively vote Democrat (The only ones NOT voting democrat in those organizations DON’T VOTE at all or vote Green party)Their rally’s consist of communist flags, images of Hitler, Images of violence, many speeches given by known terrorists to America are common… There’s more but you get my point.


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Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Let me add a few more salient thoughts on the murder of 93+ people in Norway yesterday.

The anti-gun zealots seem to be latching on to this incident as a reason to add more stringent gun control measures in the USA.

This is not new, they’ve been using every murder by gun as a reason for advancing their agenda of disarming American Citizens.

What I have a real problem with is them telling me I can not protect myself from those who wish to do me or my family harm. We have seen it time and time again, the victim was unarmed the assailant was armed.

In a criminal action: Those with the gun make the rules. Those with the gun have the choice between mercy or violence, death and life. I prefer to have that choice myself. I prefer to have the ability to vote on the choice. IF you don’t feel the need to participate in that scenario its entirely up to you. IF you have such faith in your fellow man that you are willing to put your life in his hands, knock yourself out. I am all for your choice to do just that.

In the incident in Norway, a lone gunman for whatever reason took 93+ lives because HE COULD. IF you dispute that simple truth you are an idiot. Had there been some basic security in place and followed HE wouldn’t have killed anyone or very few. Another truth that is indisputable. Now comes the fun part…

The attacker came upon the camp dressed as a cop. A police officer in uniform is immediately deemed non-threatening. Therefor, it’s understandable to some degree that he was able to kill many. IF an armed cop, gave commands to a captive obedient audience, telling them to get into a perfect range and alignment for “Head count.”  It would be the perfect kill position. I can buy that scenario. I can even understand them obeying the commands because they are not going to QUESTION AUTHORITY right off. Even though there should have been questions. “Why was a cop there, we didn’t call one” But then again there was the truck bomb. So the cop saying something like “There’s been an attack in Oslo and I need to count heads” could diffuse any “Questions”

Truth be told this scenario would probably play out better in a CONSERVATIVE gathering than a liberal gathering here in the states. WHY? Because by ideology alone we view cops as the good guys. Yes there is a libertarian streak that doesn’t like some of the cops duties or actions. But as a whole Conservatives are LAW ABIDING. You don’t see conservative rally’s where the cops are called and we’re throwing rocks. You don’t hear of Rightwing Anarchist rallies. You don’t see it here in the states YET.

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Norway Massacre: Gun Control…

Norway Massacre: Gun Control…

First off let me offer my condolences to the families of the victims of this horrendous crime.

Second let me make it perfectly clear where I stand.

As the death toll continues to rise in Norway’s apparently related bombing and shooting attacks, a few truths are once again revealed for any who would see:

  • Unarmed victims are defenseless and easy prey for any evil lunatic bent on slaughtering them at will. The adults at the youth camp were utterly unprepared to protect themselves, let alone their charges.
  • People instinctively don’t question an armed man if he appears to be a police officer. Many of the same people react with horror at the sight of an armed citizen.
  • The best defense against an active shooter is others with guns—it was not the unarmed who took the suspect into custody.
  • Once more, “gun control” has proven useless. Many reports, if accurate, say the gunman used “automatic weapons,” which, except for some tightly regulated collector exemptions, are banned from civilian ownership in Norway.
  • Once more, the race is on to tar an entire demographic for the actions of a deranged and monstrous individual, and to conflate “conservatives” with violent extremists.

And once more, expect to hear renewed calls for more citizen disarmament, that is, an expansion of the potential victim pool for those who count on such measures to make their diabolical tasks all the more easily executed.

The fact is if you disarm the public, you must protect that public or slaughter the public. This is what happens time and time again and the same people come out screaming about the gun he used, rather than the laws that prevented OTHER guns to be a deterrent.

People in America we have a choice. We can fight to KEEP our 2nd Amendment rights and actually USE THAT RIGHT. Or we can continue to allow them to be weakened, then wait for something like this and cry about it. We could mourn the deaths of few or the deaths of MANY. We cannot keep guns out of the hands of those intent on these types of acts, but we can take them out of the hands of those who will prevent it.

The current Administration will be using this incident as reason to restrict our gun rights even further. You must fight that with every fiber of your being. You must engage the anti’s at all times with facts and common sense. DO NOT allow them to paint guns as the culprit.

Al Qaeda Playbook Found?

Al Qaeda Playbook Found?

If this is what comes out of that raid then it was a good call using the SEAL Team rather than a MOAB.

Osama Bin Laden Raid: Al Qaeda ‘Playbook’ Revealed

U.S. intelligence is now in possession of a veritable “playbook” of al Qaeda operations — from potential terror attack targets to information on international safe houses and top commanders — thanks to the Navy SEAL raid that took down Osama bin Laden Sunday, officials told ABC News today.

The cache of electronic and handwritten materials obtained by the SEALs includes numerous hallmark al Qaeda plots including attacks on infrastructure targets such as water supply and transportation including rail and air, in what one official described as a “strategic guide for how to attack the U.S.” In the past, al Qaeda planned for attacks on water supplies have included an interest in mining dams and in poisoning water supply. Intelligence experts have also have found what appears to be information about safe houses around the world and about al Qaeda leadership.

Again something doesn’t sit right with this. The most wanted terrorist in the world had a treasure trove of detailed operational files around him in his “Lair” How much was UBL even involved in the day to day operations of AQ? I’m betting not much, if people were running in and out of that place it would have sent a red flag up. All UBL did was perpetrate a myth. He was the figure head. He may have penned some things he wished he could do to us, but since he had everyone looking for him he couldn’t do crap.

So here we go again, because of some “Intel” our liberties here in the states are going to get trampled on. But it’s okay with the left because “Duh Won” is in charge. I just wonder how much street rage would be going on if GW was in the house when UBL was killed? We’ll never know. But what I do know is I trusted GWB WAY more than I do this administration… Okay maybe not WAY more, but more.

Here’s another thing that doesn’t sit right with me and it shouldn’t sit right with anyone in America:

Barack Obama said “We don’t want to spike the football” as if this was a game. Although he goes to Ft Campbell KY and does a victory lap with the boys, he does everything but dance a jig. Then to top it all off, if you look back to one of his FIRST executive orders:

US lifts ban on photographing soldiers’

So I guess it’s okay for Obama and his cronies to spike the other teams football? Sad sad day for America when this sort of leadership is what we have. I hope you’re happy liberals, they will kill you last I guess….