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Ted Nugent is being RAILROADED!

Ted Nugent is being RAILROADED!

Just so you folks know how bad it is if you dare to take on “Chicago Jesus” and have a platform to do it:

Equal justice under the law? hardly. (Ted Nugent)
I clearly informed AK Asist US Attrny Jack Schmidt that he would violate his EJUTL oath when he publicly charged me in AK since no other hunter ever charged would end up as a feature story across the globe viciously attacked by the entrenched gang of political & media haters that were obviously on his side.

That aint equal shit any way ya cut it.
It was also agreed I would be under “unsupervised probation for 2yrs” (again, far far from equal in these cases) but VIOLA!! Now I am contacted by Fedzilla probation officers in TX and must in fact be “supervised” by them on a regular basis, including filling out questionnaire’s asking me if I share the booty from my crimes with family & friends, if my crimes are motivated by an anger towards society & many numerous other numbnut subhuman lowlife punkass recividistic maggot supervisionery tactics that couldn’t be more polar opposite of my 63 year life of exemplary behavior.

They even get to enter my land & home any damn time to see if there are drugs or other contraband on the premises. They demand to know how much cash I have. etc etc etc. and now I am denied a new firearm. Just so that you know how bad it really is out here, if you dare stand up against the freedom hating commies in charge.
I will keep u posted. I STAND!!

This stemmed from his ILLEGAL act during a bow hunt for bear in Alaska. He was hunting with his son and filming his “Spirit of the Wild” outdoors show. ON CAMERA, he took a shot and MISSED the bear. The video showed the bear running off, they found NO BLOOD, no trail and NO BEAR. So they went back the next day and Ted shot a bear. THIS was deemed ILLEGAL because in that part of AK there was a change to the law that said IF you shoot and can’t locate the target animal, your tag is NULL AND VOID. Ted took responsibility for NOT KNOWING about the change to the law. And plead guilty. IF he KNEW of this law do you think he’d have filmed it?

Anyway. NOW, the FEDS are involved in it? So do you think it’s time we stand with TED? Do you think it’s not that far fetched that Ted would be “DEAD OR IN JAIL IF OBAMA IS RE-ELECTED?”

I am Ted Nugent. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with him. And those in Texas who allow this “Bullying” by FEDZILLA without a whimper need to understand this could happen to ANY OF YOU.

Ted Nugent on CBS.. WOW

Ted Nugent on CBS.. WOW

Ted had the CBS morning crew out to his Texas Ranch for an interview… Hilarity ensues.

Now the headline of the story is “Nugent EXPLODES at the notion he’s not moderate” But the line of the interview in my opinion was “Conditions of the environment require a more intense activism” (Or to that effect)… AND HE’S 100% RIGHT.

Communist Broadcasting Network will tie this to Romney. That’s cool. Maybe it will wake folks up.

Did you hear any retort about the charity’s Ted involves himself in? Did you hear anything about it?… Nope.

And here’s another wonderfully “Unbiased” write-up by the New York Slimes…(Thanks Fred for the tip on this)

Bearing Arms and Cranking Up the Controversy

Ted Nugent On His Alaskan Charge

Ted Nugent On His Alaskan Charge

For those of you who are anti-hunter, you may as well skip this post.

Now I am a huge fan of Ted Nugent. Not just his music but his activism as well.

The facts in the case as far as Ted is concerned is irrefutable. He admits guilt to the LAW that NOBODY has even heard about. Even the judge didn’t know about it. So let me break it down if you don’t want to watch the video.

Ted Nugent was charged with breaking an obscure law regarding big game hunting that was applicable in ONE ZONE in Alaska. It’s a law that says if you shoot an arrow at a game animal and MISS, if there’s a HAIR on the arrow your TAG is NULL AND VOID. Meaning if you barely nick an animal with the shot your out of state tag is worthless. Now apply that to fishing. You fight a fish and it jumps off your hook. You have to count it?… WOW.

The fact is Ted DIDN’T know about the laws where he was hunting. HE FAILED his responsibilities in that regard. BUT Ted is the only one ever charged with this? And it happened in 09? And it only became an issue AFTER he endorsed Romney? And the STATE OF ALASKA isn’t charging him, it’s the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!… Sounds funny to me. Perhaps the Obama administration is practicing some Chicago Thuggary?


Ted Nugent: My NRA Party ROCKED!

Ted Nugent: My NRA Party ROCKED!

From Ted Nugent.. Please read this, share this and understand that EVERYTHING from start to finish is TRUTH!

My NRA Party Rocked. By Ted Nugent.

If all of America was just like the great families at the NRA 141st Annual Members meeting in St. Louis last weekend, our country would be flawless. Surrounded by my family, friends, patriots, law enforcement and military heroes, veterans who have sacrificed dearly for freedom and the US Constitution, the goodwill and positive energy in the air was cleansing to say the least. We set another attendance record for the NRA and for St. Louis. It was downright perfect.

I spent all three days doing fundraisers for children’s and military charities, fondling much hardware, meeting legions of good folks at the Ted Nugent Ammo exhibit, and shaking hands with great Americans, Canadians, Brits and freedom loving people from around the globe.

As always, I also conducted numerous media interviews providing unlimited self-evident truth and the inexhaustible evidence supporting the beauty of keeping and bearing arms for defense of self, family and liberty. Unarmed helplessness is for sheep and the French. Such an embarrassing, irresponsible, crime inducing condition is inexcusable.

On Sunday, April 15, my killer MotorCity soulbrother, Derek St. Holmes joined me onstage for an impromptu celebration of Motown classics and my firebreathing soundtrack of defiance and God given, constitutionally guaranteed individual rights. Much enthusiastic footstomping and dancing erupted like it was the 4th of July.

Introduced lovingly by the great Texas’ Attorney General Gregg Abbot, I took the stage, humbled yet proud that such a gathering of fine people would unite to hear the old guitar player raise hell for a better America.

My speech, just like every year at NRA, was about the unlimited greatness of this sacred experiment in self-government, thanking the heroes of the US Military and law enforcement for their incredible sacrifices waging war against the enemies of freedom wherever it may slither.

But beyond all that is good, the real duty of we the people is to watch out for and fight against the bad and the ugly brought about by people of power that historically have always abused it.

I named names. I called out Eric Holder for his fast and furious and other offenses. I railed against our president for his engineered dismantling of the once greatest economy in the world. I reminded everyone how Hillary Clinton sides with the evil criminals of the UN instead of her own great nation. I reminded good Americans that it isn’t the enemies fault for sneaking into the White House and abusing power, but rather we the people for bending over and allowing them to take corruption to a horrible new level.


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Ted Nugent met with the SS today…

Ted Nugent met with the SS today…

This is what transpired:

“Met with two fine, professional Secret Service agents in OK today. Good, solid, professional meeting concluding that I have never made any threats of violence towards anyone. Meeting could not have gone better. I thanked them for their service, we shook hands and went about our bussiness. Godbless the good federal agents wherever they may be.” Ted Nugent.

Awe shucks, you mean they didn’t arrest ol Ted for something? The left is upset about it, so what does that tell you? It tells me TED STRUCK A NERVE and he’s holding on to it with both hands.. Gotta love it.

Secret Service to Investigate Ted Nugent?

Secret Service to Investigate Ted Nugent?

The interwebs are all a buzz with this story. I posted on this yesterday and it caught fire later in the day.

Secret Service Investigates Ted Nugent Remarks on Obama

The U.S. Secret Service is looking into the incendiary and potentially threatening remarks made by rocker and Mitt Romney-backer Ted Nugent at the National Rifle Association convention over the weekend.
“We are aware of them and we are conducting the appropriate follow-up now,” Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie told ABC News.
Nugent told a crowd of convention goers that “if Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

You gotta love the ABC “Unbiased” reporting there huh? “Threatening Remarks” Where?

Nugent is 63-64 years old. He lives a very active lifestyle, he hunts he goes on tour and rocks until damn near exhaustion he carry’s his firearms every where he goes. So in light of all that is it out of the realm that he may be dead or in jail next year? Maybe he meant that he’d have a heart attack if Obama was re-elected?

The point is when you start trying to decipher what a person means you are often wrong. Here’s another question… Why is it when a CONSERVATIVE says something liberals can tell exactly what they mean, but when it’s a liberal it’s vague and we don’t exactly know?…Odd huh?

Ted is helping right now, he’s helping the regime to move the discussion away from the scandals its embroiled in right now. Lets take a look at just a few of them:

Solyndra/Fisker laying off thousands and bonuses paid to execs with our cash. Vacationing elites while the country burns, high gas prices, inflation, unemployment numbers, Secret service in hooker heaven, failed push for Buffet rule, taxes, war in Afghanistan that’s not going real well, Romney’s poll numbers up, Black Panthers, Trayvon Martin shooting looking like a good shoot etc etc…

I stand with Ted Nugent.
Texas Fred opined on this as well, give it a read

You have the right to Remain STUPID!

You have the right to Remain STUPID!

I post this with no commentary. It says it all. Read it and plaster it everywhere.

by Ted Nugent

You have the right to remain stupid, and what you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion is expanding into a stupid is as stupid does joke. And they have a president and gang of thieves in the United States government to represent them.

So goes the sheeping of America. Welcome to Euro II.

With the level of dishonesty, fraud, abuse of power, corruption, rampant irresponsible and downright criminal behavior and their vehement refusal to be accountable, our government has clearly lost its collective mind, and its soul.

The braindead, zombie like nonsenses blurting out of democrats’ pie holes is mind boggling as they feebly attempt to rationalize raising the debt ceiling, scrambling mindlessly to explain how increased runaway, criminal spending on gluttonous, wasteful, superfluous crap is a good thing.

“Honey, we’re in debt up to our ass, let’s go shopping and increase our gluttonous indulgences. Yeah, that’s the stuff.”

Is there a Dr. Phil or an Oprah to counsel psychotic bureaucrats? Somebody has to put a halt to this insanity as quickly as possible. We the people of the Tea Party are trying with all our might, but there must be somebody in government that can stop this. Somebody?

The separation of Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government have turned into one big gang of complicit goons, scratching each other’s backs and scheming to increase their own dishonest teaming up on we the people. Oh how they have forgotten their oath to the US Constitution. Oh woe are they.

A nasty unclean gaggle of Americans read the nonstop reports of mass graves in Mexico, the mountains of dead bodies, the unending exhuming of slaughtered innocents and decapitated citizens and public officials at the hands of evil drug cartels, then nonchalantly purchase another load of the mind and life destroying dope that these subhuman heathens pedal. You have to be on dope in order to fail to admit how your illegal or “medical marijuana” consumption creates wanton death and mayhem in your own communities and country. Thanks for nothing idiots.

Freddie and Fanny and their complicit gang of America hating snake oil salesmen represent the most clear and present economic raping and pillaging in our country’s history, and instead of ending the tragedy, the perpetrators are given bonuses and hired by our already criminal infested government. And they call it “creating jobs”. Mao and Al Capone would be proud.

In the American West where actual inhabitants have been raising hell for twenty plus years how grizzly bears pose a serious and constant threat to people’s lives and livelihood, inept, ignorant bureaucrats force dangerous policy by calling these overpopulated bears an endangered species. A hiker gets killed by a grizzly again and these geniuses’ response is to remind people to whistle and bang on pots and pans.

In the middle of a war on terror, invaders invade our southern border with impunity, and instead of living up to their oath to protect America, soulless Fedzillacrats erect signs on American soil, not warning the invaders to leave, but rather warning American citizens to stay out of the invaded territory. Meanwhile, the feds sue Arizona for enforcing American laws.

Charlie Rangle, Tim Guitner, Tom Daschle and God knows how many other criminal tax cheats get caught red handed and none of them are brought to anything resembling justice. Are you kidding me?

Chicago Mayor Daley and now Rhom Emanual, along with NYC mayor Bloomberg, forbid their subjects to protect themselves, but charge their subjects increased taxes for their own heavily armed security detail.

Texas rightly decide to execute a convicted murderer rapist of an innocent little girl, and the president and secretary of state sides with the murderous, rotten to the core UN goons instead of with their own country. Are you kidding me?

I end up in a state of the art emergency room at a Canadian hospital with a serious blood gushing dog bite and wait six and a half hours to see a doctor. In Waco, Texas, I wait less than a minute. Our fearless community organizer in chief wants to fundamentally transform American healthcare into Canadian healthcare. Unless of course you qualify for a crony, payoff waiver of this diabolical scam otherwise shoved down the throats of we the people. Are you kidding me?

Food stamp pigs increase their fraud and criminal abuse of an already proven failed welfare slavery system, and our numbnut politicians let Obama increase it four fold. Are you kidding me?

Cloward and Piven write the ultimate America hating guideline on how to bring down the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind, and the Obama administration puts their ideas on the fast track in broad daylight, yet no one stops him. Are you kidding me?

Four so called Supreme Court Justices declare American citizens have no fundamental right to self-defense, and nobody makes a peep. Are you kidding me?

Unions continue to demand more compensation for less productivity or quality control. The list of jobs Americans are not willing to do gets longer by the day as soilent green foreigners continue to kick our ass because they don’t allow such a list. Are you kidding me?

With another glaring smoke and mirrors defiance of their pledge to government transparency, the number one cop in America, aided and abetted by the vehemently anti-gun president, knowingly break the law and their oath to the US Constitution by running illegally begotten guns to Mexican murderers, then try to blame legitimate American gun dealers. Nothing like a good backfire to spotlight the cockroaches.

I could go on, but I’m getting sick to my stomach. As are an increasing number of American citizens sickened by the flagrant criminality of our government. I would like to go on record, that the US Government is now more offensive and in violation of self-evident truths and God given individual rights and liberties than the British government was in 1775. Make note bureaucrats- we have had enough, are completely fed up with the insanity, and we officially put you on notice; you’re fired. When we go to the polls in 2012, we are committed to give most of you a good dose of what unemployment feels like. And from now on, you will have to create your own jobs, because governments, especially a bloated, criminally abusive government like we have in the USA today, is unforgivable, unsustainable and will not be tolerated any longer.

I would highly recommend you all seek treatment for your allergies to logic, truth, goodwill, decency, accountability and The American Way. Because if you don’t get help soon, God only knows what will become of you.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Ted Nugent “I still Believe”

Ted Nugent “I still Believe”

One of my favorite folks in this world is Mr Nugent. He doesn’t say “Sorry” for his statements. He says what he means and means what he says. He doesn’t mince his words to appease ANYONE. And he walks the talk.

He’s 62 years old, slamming another tour across the nation that NONE of the current bands could match. He’s playing every damn day almost until Sept 5th. And let me tell you this, when they play, it’s NON-FKN STOP from start to finish. No breaks! Continuous rock and roll with a soulful flare.

He penned this little work of art between gigs.


Ted Nugent

My indefatigable I STILL BELIEVE 2011 tour is full on sheer delirium, triple live ultragonzo, and going great guns, with a special emphasis on great guns.

From eating BBQ with America’s sheriff, Joe Arpaio, in Phoenix to meeting with American military warriors, to blowing the heads clean off of musical fungluttons with my incredible band of Nigerian Rebels and snarling, slobbering guitars, I am one lucky guy. God has blessed me. No one should have this much fun. I can hardly get next to myself.

My tour is aptly titled “I Still Believe” because we do.

I still believe America is the last best place. Though America may stumble and suck at times, America sucks a whole lot less than the rest of the world. Believe it.

Though the economy is still lethargic from the intentional deathwish of soulless liberals, and way too many Americans are unemployed or underemployed and or just refusing to work, I still believe that American ingenuity, risk taking entrepreneurialism, lower taxes and much less of Fedzilla’s berserk overspending and crushing regulations is the path to prosperity. Following this simple formula will once again cause America to flex its unstoppable economic muscle.

Approaching my 6,300 concert, I adamantly still believe that relentless perseverance, a Herculean work ethic, pure animal dedication to one’s craft, a tandem gravel truck full of passion, and a never say die attitude will enable you to scale personal and professional mountaintops with aplomb everytime. But you must bust your ass every day and put your heart and soul into it. Laziness is the dope of dependency.


From generals to privates, from SEALS to mess hall cooks, from front line grunts and leathernecks to those who run silent and deep in our submarines, from those who fly our fighters and bombers to those who care for our wounded, I still believe these American warriors are the tip of freedom’s spear and the best America has to offer. May God bless each of them and their families everyday. It humbles me to my core to be around these incredible, patriotic Americans who provide with much sacrifice the freedom only by which the American Dream is available. Godspeed the US Warriors all.

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