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The GOP Committing Suicide…

Now that Senator Ted Cruz was vindicated for his stand against Obamacare. The GOP establishment has a new strategy. They are bashing the tea party and the tea party Senators/House reps. This is a great plan. I actually like that … Continue reading

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Tea Party Outreach…

Okay folks, this may be a bit of a tough topic to deal with but I’m ready to deal with it. Tea Party Plans to Launch its Own Latino Outreach The Tea Party group that sponsored a prime-time response last … Continue reading

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Tea Party: Role More Difficult if Romney wins

I’ve been saying this for a long time. If Romney wins and the tea party falls off the map, the tea party loses ALL credibility and should disband all together. Tea party leader: Movement’s role ‘more important and more difficult’ … Continue reading

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Where is the TEA PARTY?

This is hilarious Tea Party Quiet… Too Quiet But it does have a bit of truth to it. Where are the Tea Party? In some instances they are very visible. They are demonized daily by the democrat party. They have … Continue reading

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Big Fight Coming.

Well I and others have been saying this for a while. But Bill’s method of delivery is better: What struck me was the statement “When the conservatives have an issue with laws we write letters and send emails, when the … Continue reading

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