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September 11th 2001.

Was the day our nation changed. It was actually long over due. We in America didn’t pay attention to the signs. Our elected officials decided to tip toe around the threats and bury their heads in the sand. We paid … Continue reading

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9-11-2001 Remembered.

On 9-11, I Remember. I remember 9-11-2001, I had just gotten off work. I remember getting home and hugging the wife good morning. I remember petting my dogs. I remember eating breakfast. I remember crawling into bed since I had … Continue reading

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6 American Charity Workers Killed

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the liberal animosity toward a group of RELIGIOUS fanatics that would kill those there to help? 6 Americans among 10 Killed in Afghanistan KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Six Americans and two other foreigners on a medical … Continue reading

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September 11th

Over the past seven years I have done elaborate memorial posts, I have went on verbal rampages against the Muslims that caused the catastrophe. Continue reading

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