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Dec 7th 1941…

Pearl Harbor was attacked. It was basically flattened by the Japanese. This is the day to remember those who lost their lives and those who witnessed it first hand. We still have a few of them left, but they are … Continue reading

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Country Boy Music… Well DONE

Found at Gotta Get Drunk First I always liked “Stained’s” Original sound, kind of a dirty band.. Me likey this tune, hope you all do to. How bout the cameo’s by George and Charlie? Well done!

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Happy Birthday Robert E Lee

An Honorable man was born on this day in American History. January 19, 1807 (1807-01-19) – October 12, 1870 (1870-10-13) (aged 63) I’m sure the “elitist” in our midst will have a problem with me showing respect for Robert E … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Man..WOW.

Great, Awesome, Fantastic, Inspiring, Talented, Patriotic, and probably a few other adjectives…. H/T Chicks on the Right.

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Rush Nails it Again.

I’ve made my feelings known in no uncertain terms about the Ground Zero Mosque. But this little exchange between Rush and a liberpuke caller pretty much sums up my feeling on the issue: :rotfl:

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The Ground Zero Mosque..Distraction?

There’s been a lot of discussion across the globe over the proposed Mosque near Ground Zero of the 9-11-2001 attacks. My feeling on it are extremely well known, and can best be summed up in three words. “Kill em ALL.” … Continue reading

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Recovering from the MAYHEM of the NUGE!

Well, the wife and I spent last evening in Anaheim. The night started at a place called Tortilla Jo’s for a tribute to fallen soldiers: Rick Centanni and Robert J. Cottle Rick was killed in action March 24, 2010 when … Continue reading

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Democrats END GAME?

I found this very interesting. I suggest ALL Americans spend the 10 minutes and watch this. A former KGB Official spells it out pretty well. This was recorded 25 years ago. Ask yourself where are we now? Where is the … Continue reading

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