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American “Lapdog” Media

I’ve been screaming from the roof tops since 2008 that the American Mainstream Media has forsaken their jobs. Their jobs are the “Watchers” and they have became the “Enablers.” MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAIL TO BREAK EVEN ONE OF FOUR OBAMA SCANDALS … Continue reading

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News Dump…

So “There will be no death panels, Sarah Palin is being political” Remember that quote? Remember the media outrage over the tea party’s assertion that obamacare would result in people sitting in judgement over peoples lives. Kathleen Sebelius at center … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Observations

A few thoughts on the news of the week: Suspected killer of British soldier was held in Kenya (“N”euters) – One of two men arrested over the murder of a British soldier in a London street was detained in Kenya … Continue reading

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