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Brian Williams and the Lies…

Well, another democrat.. Ooops I mean “unbiased journalist” was caught in a lie… Shocking I know. But wait, there’s more. Well there’s a lot more. Brian Williams is just another in a long line of lies over the last 8yrs … Continue reading

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What if….

Here’s a little “Outside the box” thinking for you… Prior to November 2012, the prevailing thought was the election would be very close. The odds of Barack Obama losing were put at 50/50 at best… Most of the scandals were … Continue reading

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American “Lapdog” Media

I’ve been screaming from the roof tops since 2008 that the American Mainstream Media has forsaken their jobs. Their jobs are the “Watchers” and they have became the “Enablers.” MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAIL TO BREAK EVEN ONE OF FOUR OBAMA SCANDALS … Continue reading

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Benghazi a Job Well Done.

First off, lets give credit where it’s due. NEW MEDIA held on like a pit bull to this FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP story. Thank GOD for the internet, Fox News and Bloggers across the world. Well done. Now lets talk about … Continue reading

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Media Bias? The Hell you say!

I hope everyone is paying attention to the news these days. Not my favorite folks who read my rants, the sheeple who listen to daily/nightly news. For those of you that may say, “There’s no media bias in the Boston … Continue reading

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After Action Report-Boston

Well, I’ve let the events play out without posting any of the conclusions I came to over the last five days or so. Time to say what’s on my mind… I do NOT hold a grudge against the MUSLIM terrorists. … Continue reading

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New York Paper Publishes Permitted Firearms owners Addresses

Isn’t that special? For years we’ve been saying that firearm registration was very bad idea. We’ve argued that in the wrong hands that information could place people in danger. We THOUGHT it would be the government first to use this … Continue reading

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Hurricane Romney vs Juan Williams

I’ve heard a lot of the progressive Communists on the MSM talk about how it’s “Insensitive for the Republicans to be having a party when a natural disaster is happening” Okay.. Um… WOW. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Niki … Continue reading

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