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Obama Cares About Immigration…Cuba?

Obama Cares About Immigration…Cuba?

As the Obama administration comes to an end. (aka The era of the failed experiment of electing a leader based on his/her color/gender or sexual preference)  We are seeing the true colors of Liberalism.

For over a month now, we’ve seen the truth. Liberalism has been unmasked for the world to see and people with IQ’s over a jellyfish have taken notice. Here’s some highlights:

1 Stock market rises on news of Trump POTUS: Fed Raises Rates.(Rates should have been raised several times before now, but if it did and tanked, Obama would be blamed and he wasn’t allowing that to happen)

2. Russian Hacking claim leads to Expelling Russian diplomats. (China hacked pentagon, Russia actually took over another country and no action from Obama. But the mere mention of Russia meddling *UNSUBSTANTIATED* produced action)

3. Federal take over of vast ocean resources.

4. My favorite one: Ending of “Wet foot dry foot” program for Cubans. This is the one that I am most interested in:

So “Wet foot Dry Foot” is now dead because Obama killed it. Which means Cubans can no longer be granted citizenship if they reach Florida. Barack Obama hates BROWN PEOPLE!!

Why would Barack Obama the champion of illegal Immigrants want to stop immigration by Cubans? Why would conservatives be upset about it? Ah, this is the play.. I am against all forms of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION TO THE USA so on one hand I’m actually fine with Obama doing this.

On the other hand it’s a petulant child move. Cubans overwhelmingly voted for TRUMP in Florida and basically stole the election from Hillary. Cuban’s in Florida celebrated Fidel Castro’s death. Remember, Castro was a hero to Barack Obama… So what better way to punish them than to remove the possibility that their family may get here too. And there’s the added “Gotcha” of:  If Trump reinstates it, he then becomes Pro-Illegal Immigration and makes his wall a hypocritical/political wall not an American first wall..

Barack Obama basically put up a wall for Cuban Illegal Immigration, yet is okay with Mexican (And south of Mexico) Illegal Immigration? What about the children? Don’t they want better lives too? Why do you hate brown people Barack Obama? democrats why are you so racist?

Trump is a smart man, he’s playing chess while Obama is playing with his barbie doll. Trump will designate Cuban refugee’s for vetting the same way as “Syrian” and that will give the appearance of fairness. The wall gets built, the vetting process will actually be a good thing and the nation will be better for it.

8 days left guys, the worst POTUS ever will be GONE!!! REJOICE that we survived such an immature child king…..

Democrat Ideology is working as expected.

Democrat Ideology is working as expected.

Not only is America failing Americans, America is failing the world. The one place the oppressed could count on to help is gone. The one nation who has stood up for the little guy for years is now a shell of its former self. It took only 5 years to get to this point.


Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Benghazi, Ukraine etc… All of these foreign policy failures under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry, should be evident to all that democrats should never be in charge of foreign policy.


Obamacare, IRS targeting, Stimulus, Solyndra, Debt and more.. Should be evident to all that Democrats should never be allowed to be in charge of America.


But if you listen to America news media, AKA “democrat propaganda News Channels” like CNN,ABC,CBS.NBC you will hear words like “Bullying” “Disrespect” “Racism” “Extremists” etc as excuses for all the failures. The question that all of us Americans should be asking is “If these policies and ideologies are working and are so great, why do we need excuses, explanations and number manipulations?” but we’re not asking. Well, Some of us ARE. The media isn’t.


The fact is WE the PEOPLE are being systematically denied knowledge, denied answers and denied truth because of the ideology of democrats. The ideology is simple: Demonize questions, demonize opposition, marginalize anyone who doesn’t toe the line. Use labels, use buzz words, use emotional tugs. Make it hard to ask questions without appearing hateful and racist.

Journalists are the front lines. Journalists lost the credibility battle for ideological sake. The big 4 news networks decided in 2008 that they would toss their journalist cards in the trash and wear the Democrat Propaganda Badges instead. They felt it was for the good of the nation. Barack Obama was their Golden Child, he would save the nation from George Bush’s war for oil….


Now what we have is information/results vs Information/Spin. The results come in about economic growth and they are not good for democrats. So MSM spins the data for the party. People hang on to those SPIN numbers and the democrat party hangs on to the faithful. It works like that in everything. The latest one is the most telling one:

CNN story headline “Putin Bullying Obama” WOW.


Kennedy vs Khrushchev, Ford or Carter vs Brezhnev, Reagan vs Gorbachev, Bush vs Putin NEVER was the American POTUS “Bullied” Never was the American president viewed as this weak. Carter was about as close as it came… Now our POTUS is being “Bullied”

This is the democrat ideology in a nut shell. “Victimhood” We must view our President as a victim to elicit support. Think back to the time Obama wanted to bomb Syria. The MSM painted Obama as strong but he was being victimized by republicans who wouldn’t support his bombing campaign.


I honestly believe this: IF the Ukraine were a muslim nation, Obama would be much more of a hawk on stopping the Russian take over. He desires to be seen as “One of them” in the Muslim nations. I would be willing to bet at some point in high level discussions a comment was made regarding it. I bet someone said, “it’s too bad the Ukraine isn’t muslim” if nothing but an off the cuff remark.

Things are about to get real in the baltic areas. They are truly on their own. But that’s not the worst part. The world sees the last best place on earth being no better and no worse than any other place. This weakness can give life to other challenges that would otherwise never occur. That’s the scary part.

There’s another really sad part about the state of our nation: IF Russia invaded the USA now, a very large segment of our population would view it as a liberation. Never before has that even been thought.

Thanks Democrats, RINO’s, fence sitters and those of you who don’t pay attention yet still vote.

Texas vs Wendy Davis?

Texas vs Wendy Davis?

Evidently I am missing something. The Texas state legislature has voted to end abortion after 20 weeks. What is 20 weeks? 5 months. What is 5 months? Over HALF of the total pregnancy time. So Texas has said you must decide to kill your child before 20 weeks of your pregnancy and this is wrong?

I am PRO-LIFE the opposite of which is PRO-DEATH. I am anti abortion the opposite of that is PRO-ABORTION. This can be difficult to understand I guess. I believe women do have a right to choose what happens to their body. I believe if a women allows a man to do her, she made the first choice. If she chooses to allow that man to do it unprotected, she made another choice. If she chooses to not to take precautions on her own, she made that choice too.

A woman who becomes pregnant after the CHOICES she already made then she has another choice the very next morning. There’s evidently a pill for that… Good or bad, its not important for this exercise.  Then, if she chooses NOT to do the “Morning after pill” and waits a week or two, she has another choice- Abortion (Which I don’t agree with, but its currently an option) So up to week 19 in TEXAS women have a total of 6 CHOICES she could make. Actually SEVEN because if you choose to wait until 20 weeks you have made a CHOICE to do NOTHING! That is not the BABY’S FAULT!

Why is this even a topic? ANY NORMAL THINKING HUMAN BEING has got to be seeing this clearly. We have Wendy Davis (D-BabyKiller) and her minions rioting because they want another CHOICE? They want to kill a 21 week old child? They want the right to kill a child in the womb over HALF of its incubation time? WHY IS THIS EVEN A DISCUSSION?

I would say after 3 weeks, if you haven’t made up your mind, you should be locked up and cared for until baby is born, baby given up for adoption and you sent to an island in Siberia because YOU’RE TOO STUPID TO BREED!

The world we live in is upside down. We have a PRO-LIFE stance for everything from lizards to endangered plants. But PRO-DEATH of our kids is okay? WTF?

Fear Mongering, thy name is Democrat

Fear Mongering, thy name is Democrat

So the liberal narrative is failing before our eyes.  “Fear mongering” the term coined by those on the left who disagreed that our nation was in trouble. The term used to denounce anyone who felt Islam was a danger to us… Islam has continued to be a force of evil but that’s not the reason for this post…

The Keystone pipeline was to cause global climate change on a galactic scale… NOW? Well, the state department says no climate change will result from it… Ouch.


The sequester was to create chaos, teachers would be begging for food, police and fire departments would be idle and we would crash into the abyss.. Now? Well, it’s not going to be so bad… Ouch.

This is the liberal tactic that has been unmasked. Now I wish for Americans to awake and look at the current issue: GUNS. The liberal logic behind MORE GUN CONTROL is there’s going to be shootouts in the streets, kids will be massacred in schools if we don’t ban the AR-15 etc… Now? Will you allow the narrative to continue? Will you believe the emotional cries of chicken little or will you apply common sense? Please DEAR GOD, AMERICA MUST AWAKEN before our eyes are shut for good.

Liberalism Explained PERFECTLY

Liberalism Explained PERFECTLY

Spend a few minutes and watch this video. The first 2 minutes are absolutely PERFECT in regards to the Obama agenda. ARNOLD this one’s for you.

And make no mistake, Obama is Taking your sandwich at gun point. He’s taking that which YOU have worked for and giving it to those who don’t work.  IF you haven’t noticed your paycheck is smaller, you must be getting unemployment. IF you’re getting unemployment that means YOU DID WORK at some point, but Obama is paying you NOT TO WORK. He’s paying YOU with MY money. He’s not paying you with HIS.  Too bad his policies have made it more beneficial to stay unemployed than to find a job.


Illegal Immigrants Passing Through…

Illegal Immigrants Passing Through…

This is a good story to get out. Put it in the context of the Washington DC elites push on Gun Control.

Interceptions of immigrants stubbornly low Border security efforts have a long way to go


Despite massive increases in manpower, the U.S. Border Patrol is still intercepting only about 61 percent of would-be illegal immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to an audit that the investigative arm of Congress released Wednesday.

The findings, which for the first time show a broad estimate of how many illegal immigrants the Border Patrol fails to catch each year, emerge as pressure builds on Congress to move past border security and begin to grant legal status to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S

For the context, think about this: We don’t know WHO is coming in the nation through our southern borders. We KNOW there’s a lot of drug cartel activity, we THINK there’s some terrorist potential, we ASSUME there are people from the south running from the law in their lands. AND WE KNOW our prisons are full of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR OFFSPRING… At the same time, our elected officials are attempting to disarm LEGAL CITIZENS of America.


You will also notice in the very near future that prisons are cutting down the time criminals serve to reduce the over crowding problem.

The GUN CONTROL debate in context: Our elected officials believe that LEGAL gun owners should be limited in their ability to protect themselves because of the action of ILLEGAL GUN USERS. This is a severely FLAWED argument that only works with people who LOVE MORE GOVERNMENT.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into this Illegal Immigration issue:

Our wonderful Democrats have determined that MOST illegal immigrants are just looking for a better life and we shouldn’t punish them for the actions of the criminals that come across. However, in a Democrats mind: MOST legal gun owners are just looking to have the ability to protect themselves and WE SHOULD punish them for the actions of criminals who use guns…Think about that for a minute.

The MOMENT any new gun law comes down from mount Olympus, we need to prepare for a lot of law suits. ANY murder committed by an Illegal Immigrant on an American citizen should result in a law suit against the United States Government for conspiracy to commit murder. They have disarmed you and therefore assumed responsibility for your safety. They failed in their duty due to negligence and it should clog the courts up.


Molon Labe. Deo Vindice.



Hollywood Should Walk the Talk

Hollywood Should Walk the Talk

You got to love the Hollywood Moonbat parade who knee jerked their way into our hearts with this wonderful garbage:

Now lets look at some of the stars of the above “Do as I say, not as I do” propaganda piece.

Just as liberals love to do, they tell YOU what do as long as it doesn’t affect them. In other words. “I’ll earn my riches by using violence and guns, but tell you that you are evil if you own guns”…. LOL Can you imagine if congress was to put forth a bill that regulated their films beyond the ratings?

The hypocrisy is laughable for most free thinkers. For the  boot lickers, its heartfelt and emotional. Every worthless piece of shit who put their face in the original hit piece will never get a dime of my money in a theater/concert or a rental of their work.

Folks better do all they can to stop our elected officials from ATTEMPTING to enact a Feinstein gun bill. IF they don’t listen our nation will plunge into a darkness. FACT.


New York Paper Publishes Permitted Firearms owners Addresses

New York Paper Publishes Permitted Firearms owners Addresses

Isn’t that special? For years we’ve been saying that firearm registration was very bad idea. We’ve argued that in the wrong hands that information could place people in danger. We THOUGHT it would be the government first to use this info against us. Turns out it’s just local thugs first…

New York newspaper faces backlash after publishing map of gun permit holders

A local New York newspaper is drawing the ire of its readers after publishing an interactive map that shows the names and addresses of thousands of residents who have handgun permits.
The online map was published by The Journal News along with an article under the headline: “The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood.”

The paper felt it was in the interest of the common good to put these names out there and they can because of freedom of information… How many of those are cops? FBI? DHS? Did we break the information out to PRIVATE citizens only? NOPE, these reporters put the entire list out. So without further ado.

Journal News President: Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534 (914) 694-5204

Editors: Cyndee Royle, 1133 Westchester Ave., Suite N110, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-694-9300 AND Nancy Cutler 9 Woodwind Ln, Spring Valley, NY. (845) 354-3485

Parent company of The Journal News Gannett CEO Gracia C Martore 728 Springvale Rd Great Falls, VA 22066 (703) 759-5954
The reporter on the story is Dwight R Worley 23006 139 Ave Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 (718) 527-0832

How low is this? Well, could you imagine the outcry if the NRA published names and addresses of those who are NOT REGISTERED to own a firearm? Now would be a great time for a news paper to publish a federal list? This was okay right? Why not do the entire country like this?

This is the world we live in now.  You follow the law, you do as required by law to protect yourself and family. Then some assholes who can’t ask simple questions about Benghazi, Fast and furious, college records etc put you and your family at risk. How many COPS were among that list? Don’t you think that info is valuable to someone with a grudge? Dumb bastards.

Our illustrious media on display. I think its time to see if these so-called “Reporters” have kids who engage is unprotected sex or illicit drugs or maybe drive drunk.. Lets check into the background of them and every family member of these “Reporters” lets find out if any of them have a firearm, ever used one. Lets get details about their medications, their online activity… The hunt has started, who will be the first to post these and other questions regarding the reporters actions for the common good… Not that I would ever do that or anything….

This does bring into play a 1st amendment defense. These reporters have a RIGHT to say whatever they want, UNLESS it puts people in danger. As it is right now, we have a guy in jail who made a video about Muhammad and is blamed for numerous deaths. There is NO 1st amendment protection for him, so I would suggest an armed riot by legal gun owners in that area might get action. Short of that, nothing will be done without US getting involved.