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Why George Bush was Wrong

Why George Bush was Wrong

George Bush was 100% better at POTUS’ing that our current PRETENDER to the throne. The King, Dear Leader, the supreme being that is known as Barack Obama isn’t fit to carry George W Bush’s coat and that is about as nice as I can say it. But and this is the BUT that is the difference between George W Bush being a good president and a GREAT one. George Bush pushed AMNESTY without Border security too.

The Republicans, during George Bush’s last term successfully stopped the AMNESTY bill. That bill was sponsored by newly elected majority leader in the senate Harry Reid. Remember, in 2006 both the house/senate went majority Democrat. George Bush helped push the bill with Kennedy/Kyle and several other of the same RINO’s pushing the currentAmnesty. McRino (McCain) And GrAmnesty (Lindsey Graham) Were on board as usual. This bill failed and rightly so.

We the people stopped the AMNESTY bill in 2007. It essentially ended any chance of George Bush being thought of as a GREAT PRESIDENT on his own. NOW however in comparison George Bush looks almost Saint-Like.

Here we are now and our only hope of not seeing AMNESTY ruin a fragile nation is John Boehner. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you then you haven’t been paying attention to the house of representatives.

George Bush did a lot of great things, he wasted a great legacy on the 2007 AMNESTY push.  He gets the blame for the economic collapse by people that also claim the House Republicans are the reason we haven’t recovered. How can you have it both ways? In a liberals mind it’s easy I guess. So let me school you folks who keep blaming Bush for the economic collapse.

1. IF George Bush caused the economic collapse, then Obama must be blamed for making it worse for the middle class while making the rich richer.

2. IF the Republicans in the house are the reason Obama can’t fix the economy, then the reason for the economic collapse must be the fault of congress in 2008 it was majority DEMOCRAT.

Pretty simple stuff if your head isn’t up your ass.

John McCain; Where were you then?

John McCain; Where were you then?

I’m thinking John McCain would have had a much better shot at POTUS if he was truly THIS guy:

Instead of this guy:

Will the real John McCain please stand up? I mean RINO is an understatement at this point, but the facade he is putting on to remain in office is a damn shame. The people in Arizona have a chance to send shockwaves into DC, they have already done more than any other state on several fronts and I’m hoping they do the right thing in this election. VOTE HAYWORTH!

One thing that really bothers me, John McCain seems to be really fighting for his job, he’s flip floppin, he’s attacking his opponent, he’s bringing his A game in this fight….Where was that during the Presidential election?…Oh yeah, we shouldn’t be afraid of an Obama presidency….

Before YOU vote, ASK Yourself a couple of Questions.

Before YOU vote, ASK Yourself a couple of Questions.

A couple of things you should ask yourself before you vote for the President of the United States:

1. How much do you KNOW about John McCain? Do you know about his youth, his careers, his associates? Do you know about his mistakes? Do you know about his voting record? Do you know about his beliefs?

2. How much do you know about Barack Obama? Do you KNOW about his Youth, Careers, his associates? Do you know about his mistakes? Do you know about his voting record? Do you know about his beliefs?

The media has dissected John McCain, they have Inspected/dissected and invented things to stir Sarah Palin to anger and she didn’t budge.

The media has given powder puff questions to Barack Obama, they have basically been hands off when it comes to questions about his YOUTH, His Mistakes, and HIS Associates. There are MORE questions than answers and that is cause for concern. WHAT is HE HIDING?

The excuse the Obamatrons are using now is “They are behind and they are throwing up character issues to see if it sticks” basically saying that McCain needs to slam his character to win the race. Well McCain is not asking about it. I am. And so are a LOT of Americans right now on both sides of the aisle.

The questions can be answered, or at least they could have been a while ago, this late in the game it would sound hollow. McCain has run a campaign cleanly, trying to be the better man and it will more than likely cost him the election. AND I think McCain will be ok with that. I am NOT Ok with it.
Obama lied about his “Campaign funding” Obama has lied about more than he has told the truth.

Let me let you in on a little secret:

Obama is the best SPEAKER in the race, hell if I needed a lawyer I’d hire HIM, if I needed a used car and he was a salesmen, I would probably drive off the lot with a YUGO and think I bought a Camaro. BUT I don’t need either right now, I need a President I can trust. I can, and DO trust John McCain to put this country first. While we may disagree what that is exactly, I believe he would make this country STRONGER not weaker, and he would not be pushed around. I believe he is smarter than GWB, and I believe he will learn the lessons of GWB’s DIFFICULT Presidency.

I don’t really like McCain as a President, I am not happy with the selection the RNC gave me. I have a choice between Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and that is a REAL PROBLEM for MOST of us “RIGHT THINKING” individuals.

I look at who is voting for who. I look at WHO is sending money to WHO, I look at WHO the Media is PUSHING, and I look at WHO is hiding the most.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by who is supporting them, LOOK CLOSE. You can tell a lot about a candidate by the money flowing to them. Remember this: EVERY PENNY McCAIN GOT for his campaign is noted, and from where it came. Obama had a credit card error? You can tell a lot about a candidate by the Hollywood elite, the MSM, they have a vested interest in the moral compass dropping. Their business picks up when standards are lowered. And you can tell a lot about a candidate by how much YOU DON’T KNOW!

I picked who I will be voting for, based on what I don’t know in this election. I do not know Barack Hussein Obama, I do not TRUST Barack Hussein Obama.

I trust John McCain because his CHARACTER was tested in battle, it was tested in Congress, and it was tested in life. HE HAS PASSED the test, and if WE reward people because they DO things honorable, then John McCains should be 40 points ahead. IF we reward people for “Talking about what they will do” or telling people what is wrong with those people that ARE DOING things, then by all means vote Obama.