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GOP Record time for Betrayal

The world record for betraying your party faithful has been set. Gold medal awarded to the GOP… Take a bow John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. For the uninformed voter here’s a quick fact list. The DHS funding bill that stripped … Continue reading

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Why George Bush was Wrong

George Bush was 100% better at POTUS’ing that our current PRETENDER to the throne. The King, Dear Leader, the supreme being that is known as Barack Obama isn’t fit to carry George W Bush’s coat and that is about as … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff You Say?

Now that the Speaker of the house has pretty much given away any leverage we had regarding spending ourselves into the abyss. IS it time to remove the speaker from power? I say YES. I’m done. Welcome Nancy Pelosi back … Continue reading

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Super Committee FAIL…

Who could have foreseen this disaster… How about EVERY REAL CONSERVATIVE IN AMERICA for starters… Boehner punted the ball to a “Super Committee” He allowed this 600 Billion in defense cuts to be on the table. He and his cohorts … Continue reading

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How do you like the “New Tone?”

Remember when Congresswoman Gifford was wounded and Six others were killed in the shooting in Tucson by a deranged right wing, tea party loving Sarah Palin fan loser? The immediate response from the liberal group think was “We need to … Continue reading

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