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Netanyahu WINS in Israel…

Congratulations Mr Netanyahu for his victory over Obama’s election rigging. Congratulations civilized world for avoiding the disaster of a weak Israel. Bibi WINS And it wasn’t very close! People should understand that America can because of geography play some games … Continue reading

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Leadership in Israel.

Anyone notice the glaring difference between leaders? The leader of Israel loves his nation. The leader of America loathes the nation that elected him. Terrorist attack on American soil, Obama makes excuses for the act. “Workplace violence” Ft Hood. “Youtube video” … Continue reading

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Egypt on fire… Again

Well who could have envisioned Egypt, under control of the Muslim Brotherhood would explode into Chaos? Morsi opponents, backers clash in widest violence yet CAIRO – Supporters and opponents of President Mohammed Morsi clashed Friday in the worst violence since … Continue reading

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Hamas, Iran etc vs Israel.

Here we are again folks. Another day, another rocket or 100 from Gaza to Israel with love… What will Israel give to Hamas so they stop firing rockets? What we have here is an exercise in stupidity folks. This is … Continue reading

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Israelis Opposed to Striking Iran

Here’s a bit of “You don’t say” news. Polls show most Israelis oppose strike against Iran JERUSALEM – Israel’s tough talk of military action against Iran’s nuclear program has unleashed a strong backlash at home, with a growing number of … Continue reading

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Egypt sends Rocket to Israel.

Is it a warning or a friendly reminder? Rocket fired from Egypt hits Israeli city of Eilat A Grad rocket has landed in the southern Israeli city of Eilat, but has caused no damage or injuries, Israeli security officials said. … Continue reading

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Iran Moves toward war.

Iran has made it’s move. They will cut oil to Europe.  So Europe will buckle, the USA will cave and Iran will get a bomb. Then the Israeli’s will be forced to act and will then be labeled as the … Continue reading

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Obama’s play in Iran

How long before Obama uses “Iran” as the reason the economy is not responding to his “Stimulus”? State Media Says Iran Will Cut Oil to 6 European Nations Iran struck back against a European oil embargo by cutting supplies to … Continue reading

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