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Weekly Rant: Chattanooga

Well, it happened again. But its really different this time, I mean it’s totally not connected to anything other than lack of gun control in America. That’s it, no other similarities to anything, we’re stumped. Beware, this post will contain … Continue reading

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1St Amendment Attacked

Here’s my take on the Texas Attack that took place in Garland Texas at a Pam Geller event called “Draw Muhammad Contest” or something… 1. Just like the 2nd Amendment, if you say you support it and then follow it … Continue reading

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Leadership in Israel.

Anyone notice the glaring difference between leaders? The leader of Israel loves his nation. The leader of America loathes the nation that elected him. Terrorist attack on American soil, Obama makes excuses for the act. “Workplace violence” Ft Hood. “Youtube video” … Continue reading

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Another Ft Hood Shooting

Here we go again… First off: My sincere sympathy for the families of the fallen and hearty get well soon to those injured. This post might be a bit controversial… What the F**K is going on in America when a … Continue reading

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Hispanic Muslims?

There’s been an uptick of mosques appearing in the land of Mexico recently. Most noticeable in Tijuana. A heavily traveled BORDER town that sits directly under the Illegal Immigrant safe haven state of CALIFORNIA. California, the state that allows illegals … Continue reading

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Evil Which We Cannot Name

I’ve been thinking about this “Thing called Benghazi” as Chris Mathews put it. And I’ve come to a revelation. The cover up is the biggest part of the story. But the reason for the cover up should shake every American … Continue reading

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An Iraqi Refugee Bombs AZ SS office.

Hey we better ban bombs.. Oh, wait they are already illegal. Never mind. IRAQI REFUGEE BOMBS AZ SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE, MAINSTREAM MEDIA REMAIN SILENT On Friday morning, an Iraqi refugee used an improvised explosive device (IED) to bomb a Social … Continue reading

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More on Benghazi…

The more we hear from the events surrounding the second terrorist attack on 9/11 this one on 9/11/2012 is marred in politics. The decision to send help is now at the forefront. From what I’ve read, there were plenty of … Continue reading

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