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Veteran’s Day.

Well, today is the day we are allowed to thank veterans. The other 364 days are for worshipping “Dear leader” and Thanking Al Gore for creating the internet I guess. Fact is today is just another day for folks like … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

A heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving from all of us behind enemy lines in California! Prepare well, Eat well, Rest up, Enjoy the football games. But don’t forget to give thanks for the men and women in harms way who are NOT … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving All..

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. What am I thankful for? In No particular order: GOD, My Family, My Friends, The United states Serviceman/Woman, The Law enforcement officers across this land, My job, my wife’s job and I’m thankful that … Continue reading

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Americans Celebrate Independence Day

Americans, TRUE Americans know why we are celebrating. For those that may stumble on to my site looking for the truth, I give you the full text of the declaration of Independence. And I ask you to compare this declaration … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers day

To all the GREAT Mothers that I have come to know over the years, Kate, Sue, Angel, WSM, AOW, Kat, The MIA Sugar Cat, Jo, LittleOleLady, Malinda, and all the wives/mothers of my Friends….HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ALL, have a great … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas To ALL

My Favorite Jeff Dunham Christmas song. MERRY Christmas to all of my friends. Texas Fred Gunz (I know you are still around somewhere) Basti Mr and Mrs Ol’Broad Sue Gunny John Jo Ick and all of the Corner clan including … Continue reading

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Santa is alive and well

I am really not in the Christmas spirit this year, Our country is in turmoil mostly because of fake ass Conservatives, We have a socialist Gun Grabbing Liberal taking control in a couple of weeks, Localy in California we are … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving ALL

Have a great Thanksgiving… Where did that turkey go?

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