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Armed Teachers? My Thoughts.

Armed Teachers? My Thoughts.

There’s a lot of solutions to the shooting in Newtown tragedy being bantered about. All the gun grabbers are using it to go after all guns and ammo. All the Gun Nuts (Myself included) are defending the 2nd amendment rights and pushing the mental health/crime and punishment solutions. One potential solution is to arm teachers. At first I thought this was a good idea. I have some second thoughts. Not that I disagree with the thought totally.



Arming the teachers: So we decide that allowing teachers to carry arms in school is a way to prevent tragedy like Newtown. There’s NO DOUBT that if a couple of teachers were armed the body count would be less or it wouldn’t have happened at all.  Anyone who argues that fact is ignorant to the point of brain dead.

We decide to allow teachers to carry in school: We have thousands of teachers going to get a handgun, training, permits and background checks, that’s Great. We also have several teachers who refuse to do it. That’s great too. If we ALLOW teachers to carry, rather than MANDATE them to carry. I’m good with it. I also want to make sure that PARENTS KNOW their kids teacher is armed and give parents the right to opt out. We also need to protect that ARMED teacher from future law suits.

Think about this scenario:

An armed teacher standing in front of her class, sees a gunman enter her room and open fire on the kids, 3 kids are hit before she unholsters and unloads 4 rounds. 3 of those rounds hit the murderer. One of those rounds bounces off a wall and kill a kid. Our media today will not focus on the 3 kids the murderer killed, it will be the ONE KID the teacher hit on the front page. There won’t be any discussion about how many children that teacher saved, it will be about why that teacher killed a kid.


We don’t look at what didn’t happen. We can’t measure that. The kid the teacher killed is just as dead as if the murderer did it. Reasonable people would understand the teacher is a hero and saved many kids. Liberals/gun grabbers/media would hold that teacher as an accomplice to the murderer.


To protect the teachers, waivers of some sort will need to be written. Teachers are not cops, cops deal with this a lot.IF they fire and kill an innocent they are raked over the coals for it. Hell, even if the “Innocent” is firing a gun at them they are scrutinized. Do teachers want that responsibility? Is it really a good idea to expect them to take that on?

All that being said, I’d send my kids to school with armed teachers in OTHER STATES. States like Texas, AZ, hell, anywhere in AMERICA. In CA? Um, no. Stupid is at epidemic proportions out here.

Your thoughts on arming the teachers?

Outlaw Platoon

Outlaw Platoon

The “Outlaw Platoon” WOW. Those of you that think you know what’s happening in Afghanistan will have your eyes opened. The book is a powerful walk through the lives of a platoon of bad ass’s as they traversed the Hindu Kush/Border areas of Afghanistan. It’s a well written account of a true leader of men. A warrior of a man who would have been an unlikely candidate for the job in his youth. The book is well worth the time to read.

There’s a couple of particulars in this book that will have your eyes leaking and others that will fill you with rage. Those of you have seen combat in the sand box may not want to revisit it through this book. It’s a graphic account of life in the FOB and some of the politics that go on behind the wire is less than stellar.

Most of us realize that Pakistan is a worthless ally. Read this book and you will see why we have NO clue how accurate our realization is. We are correct in our assertion but the scale to which the Paki’s are stabbing us in the back is disgusting.

You will also find out that the picture a lot of us have of the enemy is wrong. We tend to picture goat herders with antiquated weapons and no skills. WRONG. We are fighting a very capable enemy on the battlefield as far as tactics and weaponry. Our edge is our grit, our weapons and our ability to communicate move and shoot. Afghanistan’s terrain sometimes makes communication obsolete.

The leader of this particular platoon is the definition of LEADER. The BOOK should be required reading for ANYONE in leadership. The way he describes his leadership duties can be transposed into all areas where leaders lead…

Get the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The book is well worth the price.

Black History Month?… Yeah that’s “Unity”

Black History Month?… Yeah that’s “Unity”

So we have an entire month again devoted to one race. In a country where diversity is supposed to be celebrated. One of the most divisive POTUS’s ever to “Occupy” DC is Barack Obama. A half black, Half White, Half Ass’d leftwing loon who has done more harm to our nation than ANY OTHER POTUS in the history of the office. Between HIM and his minions like Pelosi, Reid and their cheerleader Debbie Wassername Shitz.

Let me clue you guys in on a few simple facts. When you see NO color in a person only his/her actions and deeds, you are NOT racist. You are human and truly American. Until that point, you are a racist. You can be black/white/brown/yellow and be racist. The biggest con ever perpetrated on Americans is that only WHITE’S can be racist.

Why must we celebrate Black history month? Why wouldn’t a day or week be enough? Why not one month for every race? Lets see, December is Christmas time, time for reflections and celebrations of the birth of our lord and savior. The “Black Race” has seen fit to inject “Kwanza” into that month. Mmmm, kind of odd don’t ya think? Since Christ is not a race specific religion, Kwanza is.

Lets look at extreme racism at its finest:

Now think about this: Newt or Romney go to a neo-nazi camp and ask them to mobilize on their behalf to “Make change”…. now do you see the divisive nature of this “Black Month”… It’s no longer about “History” it’s about “Future” using history as a crutch.

Okay enough common sense. Let’s get to the meat of the issue. Black history month in my opinion is a farce of the truest order. So since I’m not being appreciated during February, me and my whiteness are going to offer some respect up to those in history who were true hero’s of the day. They stood up for the rights of their states, the rights of men to not be governed by tyrants without due process. They stood, fought and died on the battlefields of our nation. They lost the fight in the end, but to this day the fear that men would stand against too much government and die if needed to protect their rights is real. We will and we will be many.

Starting tomorrow each week day I’m posting civil war era remembrance. I’m going to start with Gen Robert E Lee. And I’ll be working down the line to include MANY including BLACK warriors of the time…

Remove the GAWD DAMN HYPHENS and be Americans or GTFO. Many died so you may “Live free” and that’s not just in the civil war, it’s throughout history and it’s not separated by race. ALL of us LIVE FREE because our forefathers stood. All races not just BLACK.

TexasFred has also weighed in on this topic and I’m sure BOTH of us will be called Racist for our views… Well, we’re white so I guess that’s it. sigh.

Just one HERO

Just one HERO

What this woman did was nothing short of heroic. She was under fire by an officer, what had to be running through her mind at the time of the shootings at fort Hood is “Is this for real?” “Is this a training exercise?” “He’s an officer, he must be doing something to prepare these kids”….Until a bullet hit her in her leg, she was wearing body armor so her extremities were targets for the shooting Muslim TERRORIST. She processed the information and returned fire stopping the Islamic prick in his tracks. THIS woman deserves our accolades, our admiration and our prayers for a quick recovery.

Thank You Kimberly Munley, you are true American hero.

Now I have to ask, How do you think the shooter would have been received in ALLAH Land if a WOMAN had killed him? What if she had used Silver Bullet Gun oil made from pig fat?….I suggest we got off our PC asses and start arming folks with the tools to fight ISLAMIC radicals…..