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Armed Teachers? My Thoughts.

There’s a lot of solutions to the shooting in Newtown tragedy being bantered about. All the gun grabbers are using it to go after all guns and ammo. All the Gun Nuts (Myself included) are defending the 2nd amendment rights … Continue reading

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Outlaw Platoon

The “Outlaw Platoon” WOW. Those of you that think you know what’s happening in Afghanistan will have your eyes opened. The book is a powerful walk through the lives of a platoon of bad ass’s as they traversed the Hindu … Continue reading

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Black History Month?… Yeah that’s “Unity”

So we have an entire month again devoted to one race. In a country where diversity is supposed to be celebrated. One of the most divisive POTUS’s ever to “Occupy” DC is Barack Obama. A half black, Half White, Half … Continue reading

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Just one HERO

What this woman did was nothing short of heroic. She was under fire by an officer, what had to be running through her mind at the time of the shootings at fort Hood is “Is this for real?” “Is this … Continue reading

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