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Anti-Gun Zealots Beware. Woman with a Gun

I’m thinking this should shatter the weak knee’d liberals heads perfectly. Please watch this woman absolutely obliterate every GUN CONTROL idea and look damn good doing it.

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Gun Control vs Voter ID…

The more I have to deal with California Laws, the more frustrated and downright angry I get. For example: My wife suffers with sinus issues. The best medication for her is Claritin-D 24 hour. When she or I pick it … Continue reading

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Another Shooting… In Washington DC

You will notice the time stamp on this post, I waited until FACTS came out to opine. Something I wish a lot of new media would do. By new media I mean bloggers and internet news reporters. A lot of … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Guilty or Not?

In the old days, this case would never make it to trial. George Zimmerman would have been given a medal for protecting his neighborhood. If the only evidence is what the prosecution showed it is a no brainer. Zimmerman acted … Continue reading

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Gun Violence in Gun Ban Zone

If the gun control freaks were HONEST they’d see the FACTS. But honesty isn’t a strong suit for the “Feel Good” legislative crowd. Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours Three killed Sunday after three were killed … Continue reading

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