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Obama ready on the spot…

Obama ready on the spot…

Another mass shooting where the gunman is stopped by a gun. Oregon Shooter was a mixed race, anti-“normie” scum who targeted Christians. As the facts are slowly coming out have shown. Obama jumped to action and to the podium to cry “Gun Control” is needed


So lets take a minute and ask a few questions:

  1. Barack Obama ran to the podium faster this time than he did for any other shooting (Far faster than when the marines were killed in Recruiting center) Anyone find it odd that he was so ready with his podium speech?
  2. The Christians were shot in the head, the others were wounded. If you changed the word Christian to Muslims do you think the media would be a flippant about mentioning the actions of the shooter?
  3. Obama is going after guns again because we don’t do enough background checks? All the guns in Oregon shooters possession were legally obtained, background checks passed, so what exactly is Obama’s end result?
  4. Is there something we can do to eliminate mass shooting?


#4 is very simple actually. YES, you confiscate all guns in society except from the people you want to have them. If you only want cops and military to have guns, then send them to take ours. But that seems counter to the anti-gun belief because the death toll will climb worse in that action than any million mass shootings. So what exactly does Obama want?

I contend Obama has no desire to go after guns or more gun laws. I contend Oregon provided a needed cover for Obama’s miserable economic results. I contend that Barack Obama saw a way to turn the public to the murder in Oregon and to use it for political gain while casting shade on his jobs record. He’s not going to get shit for gun control, but he’s going to push his liberal fucknozzles to make it front page every day, why? See then democrats can paint the repubs as supporters of mass killings and sheep will bahhhh.


Fact is: Gun control like Illegal Immigration will never be “Solved” because if it were, democrats would have to run on records rather than social issues and feel good policy bullshit.

Molon Labe You scum sucking prick.


Black Gay Obama Supporter Kills Whitey!

Black Gay Obama Supporter Kills Whitey!

A Black, Gay, Obama supporter KILLED TWO WHITE PEOPLE because he felt oppressed. He was oppressed because he was Black and Gay and demanded some special treatment and wasn’t getting it…

This is brutal, if you haven’t seen it.

And just like clockwork Barack Obama blamed Blacks and Gay’s for the senseless murders of two wonderful people… Just kidding, he went back to the well of GUN CONTROL!!!…



Lets play a game: White guy who felt “Oppressed” because Black folks are blaming him for everything because he’s white, snaps and kills two black Journalists live on camera.. We find out later he’s also against gay marriage and had a confederate battle flag in his home, oh and he killed the two black journalists because he was reprimanded for doing what the black journalists did and the boss’s never said anything to them… Same type response from Obama? He wouldn’t say anything about race or gay agenda or confederate flag would he? Yeah, He’d be in the rose garden singing show tunes in between podium sessions..

But it’s really okay, because Obama lost credibility about seven years ago and he’s never even tried to regain it.


Then on top of all that, the shooter, a black man did everything legally to obtain his firearm. Background checks, wait period, etc.. Really odd though. He wasn’t a member of the NRA. So of course we must blame the NRA.. sigh

Watching that video, I suspect the journalists in the field are going to demand some armed security shortly. Isn’t that ironic. Media is pushing the liberal agenda of gun control and now are going to be guarded by armed guards. LOL

Final thought as I said before: Charles Manson is serving LWOP for doing exactly what Sharpton, Obama and the entire leftwing nutbags have done this past 2 years. Let that sink in.

GOD Bless the USA, we’re in deep trouble here.


And Another Mass Shooting…

And Another Mass Shooting…

Congratulations are in order for the liberal/progressive collective. It appears they have their white whale.. After years and years of blaming Tea party, Racists, Obama haters for mass killings only to be proven wrong. It appears this one might actually be the guy they were waiting for…

What we know about the shooter in Lafayette is he had anti-government facebook posts and a few tweets. Although they were from 2 years ago, evidently he “Evolved” as the left likes to say…

There is a problem though, it seems the shooter had a large banner in his possession… That banner was a NAZI FLAG. This alone kind of shoots the tea party thing in the ass. But there’s more to come.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.23.29 PM

One of the shooter’s quotes:

Hitler is loved for the results of his pragmatism. There is no question of his being the most successful that ever lived. At this time the US is no more than a financially failing filth farm. Soon the phrase ‘ruling with an iron hand’ will be palatable anew.”

It appears he was mentally ill, he was denied a CCW, the theater was a gun free zone.. Several laws were broken by the shooter before he even pulled the trigger on his handgun.

So of course here comes the anti-gunners demanding “Common sense” gun laws. Which common sense laws would have prevented ANY of these shootings? Which ONE LAW would have stopped it? Please tell me what an Unbreakable gun law looks like…I’ll wait.

In the meantime, prayers for the victims of this stupid son of a bitch and I hope the bastard burns in hell…



More Gun Control Needed… NOT

More Gun Control Needed… NOT

I’ve heard about all I can handle about the need for more “Gun Control”

After every shooting involving “White people” there’s a common chorus of elite liberals screaming about more gun control. We have the far left idiots who really want confiscation, to the “Gun Supporters” who think we should do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Here’s the problem with both ends of the argument folks, very simply put:

1. Confiscation- The 2nd amendment keeps that from happening. For now. If the only people with guns are the law and the government. The people are then subjects. This is bad and has been proven bad throughout history.

2. Gun Control- If we find people who are so dangerous that they shouldn’t be able to possess a gun legally, shouldn’t they be locked up immediately? Why would we let someone walk around freely who is identified as a threat if he/she got a gun? why are they freely walking the streets?  If you can determine that a person is dangerous, or could be dangerous in 10 years, why do we need judges, jury’s or DA’s? We can just shoot them before they do something right? NO.

Facts are miserable things. The one state in the nation that REVERSED its position on gun control and actually went to full 2nd amendment support is Arizona. They don’t require a permit to carry a firearm open or concealed. They don’t require registration either. You can pick up a gun like you do a pack of skittles for the most part. And the results since they’ve done that? CRIME IS DOWN throughout the state by a very large margin.

The laws that are in effect in CA are many: Registration, 10 day wait, Background Checks, Magazine Capacity limits, gun type bans and ammo stamping etc. Has that stopped gun crimes? Murders? Mass shootings? Nope, so the Cannibals (Those who say they support the 2nd amendment) say we can do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. The Liberals want confiscation…

There’s a lot of common sense arguments against any more gun control in these United States of America. The problem is, the anti-gun crowd lacks common sense. They fail to see the unintended consequences that are possible/probable.

Legal American citizens, Legal Driving American Citizens being killed by Illegal Drivers, Illegally in the country. That happens more than AR-15’s are used in crimes yet there’s no outrage over it.

Drivers of vehicles kill more people than guns do by a very wide margin. We’ve made several laws against drunk driving, people still drive drunk. We don’t limit the cars ability to go faster than 65MPH do we? Why do you need to go faster than that?

There’s so many ways we can protect life rather than focusing on the tool that is used to take life. Liberals/Progressive elites look at the American public as too stupid to be able to own guns, except for them of course. Truth be told, there’s plenty of folks who probably shouldn’t have guns and I DON’T WANT THEM DISARMED because I have a feeling they’re bad people. I just want the ability to defend myself and others from them should they truly be bad.

Wake up folks, no more baby steps to confiscation. Hold the line where it is or reverse course on the control issue.

Gun Control vs Voter ID…

Gun Control vs Voter ID…

The more I have to deal with California Laws, the more frustrated and downright angry I get. For example:

My wife suffers with sinus issues. The best medication for her is Claritin-D 24 hour. When she or I pick it up, we have to show ID and it’s tracked how many times we’ve purchased this medication. IF we’ve bought too much in a 30 day period, they will deny us the medication. And they know within minutes if we’ve hit our limit.

When I go buy a gun in California, I have to go through a background check that costs 30+ dollars. This is added to the price of the firearm. IF I fail the check, I don’t get the money back nor do I get the firearm. I also must wait 10 days, sign more paperwork than if I were buying a car before I can take possession of the firearm.

To vote for politicians and measures/propositions I must simply show up point out a name on a sheet say it’s me, or tell them a name and address. I don’t need to show them ID, fill out any paperwork, prove I know what or who I’m voting for…

So lets look at a potential way to get the Anti-Gun Democrats their dream of universal background checks (NOT REGISTRATION)

In my opinion: VOTING is more dangerous than the prior two. I contend that if they can tell me within minutes that I have purchased too many sinus medications, they can tell me if I’m a felon or illegal to posses a gun in the same time frame. I am in NO WAY in favor of background checks to get a firearm. I don’t like it at all. As an American I’m guarantee’d certain rights. MY RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IS NOT UP FOR NEGOTIATION! That being said, we’re in a different world…

We live in a world that is very gray now. It’s not as simple as it used to be and people are far more stupid than they’ve ever been. We can thank our education system and the political class for dumbing down our nation. BUT perhaps common ground is achievable if we did some basic things.

I would give in on the background checks IF:

Universal Background checks done within 30 minutes and with an APPEAL PROCESS headed up by an entity of ELECTED not APPOINTED judges to oversee complaints by COUNTY not STATE with the power to over ride the Denial of rights in a SPEEDY fashion. From denial to Appeal to Judgement within 30 days. And once you have passed the background check, you are then able to get a concealed carry permit, IF you can pass the TEXAS style CCW tests. This has to be done at federal level so CA and NY can’t deny Americans their rights any more.

Democrats give on the VOTER ID:

2. VOTER ID. Must provide a VALID ID before voting. PERIOD. IF you aren’t smart enough to get an ID, you can’t be trusted to vote for someone who has the power to reduce or infringe on my rights.

The Democrat party loves to talk compromise, this is a compromise. It’s also one that would never fly with the Al Sharpton/MSNBC fans. And I don’t think the NRA would be happy with the Background checks.

Look, I’d rather be able to walk into a gun store and buy an AR like I buy a box of sinus medication. Matter of fact I’d like to be able to walk into a gun store and buy a gun like I buy a pepsi, but that’s not realistic these days.

Ive floated this idea before and many pro-gunners felt it was giving too much. I agree. But I also know that a background check is quick and easy. I offer NO Compromise on the registration of firearms, No limits on magazine sizes nor caliber. If you pass a background check, you should be afforded the right to own a defensive weapon of your choice (ICBM’s and F-22 raptors not included)

Voter ID needs to be implemented ASAP and if there’s a way we can get it with compromising universal background checks I say LETS DO IT ON OUR TERMS.


Just some late night thinking agree, disagree I don’t care. I just know that our nation has gone off the rails and someone needs to put it back on the track. Some variation of common sense needs to take hold.

Another Shooting… In Washington DC

Another Shooting… In Washington DC

You will notice the time stamp on this post, I waited until FACTS came out to opine. Something I wish a lot of new media would do. By new media I mean bloggers and internet news reporters. A lot of us are doing exactly what the MAINSTREAM MEDIA does all the time. We grab a quick headline that meets our “Conservative” narrative and then RUN WILD! Truth be damned…

A couple of points about this shooting that the facts are showing now:

1. The biggest LIE/Stretch of truth was that the shooter used an AR-15. He may have eventually but he didn’t bring it in nor did he buy it legally.

2. Bill Clinton authorized unarmed military bases. Yes and NO the first BUSH President did, Clinton just didn’t over turn it.

3. “The shooter was a muslim” not a fact yet. However; It was just 3 days prior to the shooting that the AQ leader urged “Lone wolf attacks inside the USA” As of right now nobody is talking about it. And another “However” is if he is a MUSLIM CONVERT or Terrorist, the Obama admin will not be letting that FACT out any time soon. We will have to wait for that FACT.

4. The shooter broke several laws prior to pulling the trigger and dropping his first victim. One more law wasn’t going to stop him… FACT.

5. After the recent shootings,(Aurora, Newtown) the only conversation on national media was GUN CONTROL there was very little discussion over changing laws regarding mental health. FACT.

I pray for the victims families. I hope they know that MOST Americans grieve with them.

What I am seeing is this and you guys in your own media area can back this up or dispute it:

The more the facts about this shooting come out, the less the MSM is covering it. As the shooter doesn’t fit their narrative anymore and is proving damaging to their agenda, you can expect a quick PIVOT to something else.


Gun Violence in Gun Ban Zone

Gun Violence in Gun Ban Zone

If the gun control freaks were HONEST they’d see the FACTS. But honesty isn’t a strong suit for the “Feel Good” legislative crowd.

Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours

Three killed Sunday after three were killed Saturday. One of the wounded includes an 11-year-old girl who will never walk again.

That headline is from NEW YORK. Yep, that New York, the Nanny State city Bloomburg ran sewer that is only comparable to LA or Frisco.

As a pro Gun advocate, I see incidents like these in a real world view. I see the totality of the incidents not just the “Gun” part. I see the WHO did the shooting and WHO was shot. The 11 yr old girl is the saddest part of the story and no gun around her was likely to save her. BUT and this where MY GUN FREEDOM MENTALITY KICKS IN. Had the shooters been concerned about the potential for ARMED RESPONSE from the public, maybe they wouldn’t have been shooting in the first place. MAYBE.


But what isn’t MAYBE is that Mayor Bloomburg’s gun control vision ISN’T WORKING nor will it ever work. Criminals get guns, Criminals don’t do background checks, Criminals don’t obey laws. Making MORE LAWS for them to break isn’t and has never worked. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. AZ did and the entire state is experiencing ALL TIME LOW homicide by gun stats. How about give what does work a try?