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The Super Bowl was a blow out of epic proportions. I felt pretty bad for the Bronco’s really, they were out played from the National Anthem to the Trophy presentation. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll for a NO DOUBTER win.

After the game, the biggest discussion was around the COKE commercial:

Did you find it offensive? It was designed to help the democrat party in their push to label everyone who doesn’t toe the line as racists and extremists. It worked to some degree.

Multiculturalism is the underlying issue. IF you don’t approve of other cultures you’re racist. This is a fallacy argument.

There’s another part to the Immigration/Multiculturalism debate. Its ASSIMILATION. That has been missing in America for many many years and the results are evident.

Let me give you my view and you can agree or disagree if you wish… Here goes:

Multiculturalism can be GREAT for countries OR it can be the catalyst for a country’s demise. When a country allows immigration of all cultures, without assimilation the power of the country’s policy makers is swayed by the largest numbers of the same immigrants. Think about this: IF the majority of immigrants to America were Japanese, instead of from South America, our politicians would be falling all over themselves to appease Japanese folks rather than Hispanics. The greatest number equals the greatest power.

IF assimilation was truly required and only one language was acceptable/used in public etc, then every immigrant would have to learn English. What we have done is made it possible and acceptable to speak your native language with out hardship. (Spanish for the most part because as I said, the greatest number) Then we allow them to fly their flag, demand we change our culture around theirs etc…

Multiculturalism is now ingrained in America, now its a fight to see which culture wins. If you watch the Coke ad, it shows plenty of cultures and most of them are compatible with American culture. American culture is a mesh of several cultures anyway, BUT… What we did was quit taking the BEST of other cultures and melting them in with ours, now we are taking the WORST of other cultures as well because if you object then you’re RACIST.

The multiculturalism experiment has been going on in Europe for a while now. The English are finding out, France is finding out and America will find out that unfettered immigration without assimilation is a disaster.

Assimilation is the answer to the multiculturalism. IF it were required that you learn english within 2 years of immigration, if we expected and received Americans, our nation would be united, we’d be moving mountains together instead of having a nation divided by the amount of immigrants who hold on to their own nationality above America.

Where we are headed is: America is being pushed into the nation that the greatest number of Immigrants left. We are losing our sovereignty because of political correctness and feel good policies. Our education system is a prime example of where we are headed. Look at California for the greatest example of where multiculturalism without assimilation takes us.

Its much too late to fix it now, it would take real leadership to right the ship. It would take Americans to wake up. It would take the IMMIGRANTS to wake up and say “hey, we left our nation to come to a better place, this place now looks like what we left” It will take Americans to quit being worried about being called Racist for wanting America to be the best nation on earth again.

I’m not optimistic.


The Record Speaks for Itself..

The Record Speaks for Itself..

After six years of Obama politics. Six years with a Senate controlled by the party of the President. Two years when Barack Obama had control of both houses of Congress… A partial list of his campaign promises and the results of his failed leadership:


Reduce the national debt: No
Close Guantanamo Bay: No
Get lobbying out of politics: No
Make government transparent: No
Reduce unemployment: No
Fix immigration mess: No
Balance a budget: NO
Unite the nation: NO
Help the Poor: NO
Make education affordable: NO

There’s many more NO’s but its a start.

Here are some YES’s…
Degrade our military: Yes
Use Government agency’s to stifle Opposition: Yes
Spy on American citizens: Yes
Kill American Citizens with drones: Yes
Unravel the best healthcare system in the world: Yes
Lie about Obamacare: Yes
Blame an embassy attack on a youtube video: Yes
Allow four Americans to be killed in Benghazi and go to Vegas to party: Yes
Pick and choose which laws the government will enforce: Yes
Instruct the Dept of Justice to look the other way at voter intimidation: Yes
Blame everyone under the sun for failures: Yes
Egypt in Chaos: Yes
Get punk’d by Vladimir Putin regarding Syria: Yes
Make a nuclear deal with Iran that allows them to get a nuclear bomb: Yes
Watch Iraq burn because you didn’t get a status of force agreement: Yes
Change the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan so our guys are handcuffed: Yes
Announce withdraw date and ignore the Military deaths climbing to 2/3 of total: Yes

There’s many more Yes’s just like this, but it’s a start.


When faced with these FACTS, these RECORDS the Democrat voter, the Obama supporters will go to the standard. “Race Card” or the “But George Bush” argument. They tend to use the good things that Obama has done… Which I can’t think of ANY, they will point to his “Equality” work. His Gay Marriage/Gays in the military or the “DreamAct executive order” So, these things are what he’s going to hang his “Legacy” on? Gays and Dreamers?


Look, the fact is I can’t stand Barack Obama. And it’s got nothing to with his paint job. Its his record. Its also the fact that Barack Obama has been president for only less than half of the nation. He’s done NOTHING for the good of the nations economy, military, welfare, energy or the future for our kids. He’s only doing things that will gain voters to the democrat party by promising to provide for those less fortunate. He’s not offering HIS personal time or money to help them, he’s offering to take OTHERS money to help the less fortunate. That’s not “Noble” that’s THEFT.


Take a look at the record again at the top of this post. Ask yourself: IF a white democrat had that record would it be okay with you? What has Barack Obama done for the Black community? Record unemployment. What has he done for the latino community? Record unemployment. What has he done for the youth? record unemployment. You may ask: Why is it Barack Obama’s fault? The answer is simple, his policies have stifled business while helping the stock market. IF the fed wasn’t pumping in money into the economy (Quantitative easing) The stock market would be around 7 to 8 thousand. That’s it.


What Obama has done with his policies is enable him to continue his drive to socialism without upsetting the people. The people, have been demonized by charges of racism if they disagree with dear leader so they stay silent or put up false arguments to ease their conscience.


Barack Obama is running the nation like a mayor of a city. He’s demonized the rich in public while at the same time, made them richer. The “Evil 1%” has grown since Obama declared war on them. The tuitions of college students has gone up.. The very folks he used to get elected by promising them a fix are getting fixed now.

The Tea Party patriots have been vindicated by the results of 6 years of tyrannical leftist rule. And its going to get worse if in 2014 Conservatives don’t take over the senate.


The results I started this post with will grow. I’m betting in the near future Obama will try to gain back his socialist base by closing GITMO. Mark my words there will be a push to do two things in the near future: One Amnesty, Two Gitmo. Those are two issues that pit Conservatives against Republicans and Republicans against Libertarians.

Sorry for such a long post but I felt my blood boiling and I needed to release the pressure.


This is what Our Leaders say you can’t do…

This is what Our Leaders say you can’t do…

You are not allowed to defend yourself, you should be required to run away if you can, if you can’t, you must take the “ass whooping” so you don’t get called racist.

half cracker

This is what our illustrious leaders in government and the race pimps are saying.

You must not tell the police dispatcher the race when they ask for a description of the person you suspect of being “up to no good” Unless the person you’re suspecting is other than black.

You must not watch out for your neighbors.

You must allow the person you are observing to finish what they are doing before you call the cops. This way the person if they are black, can have a fair shot at getting away.

You must not arrest black people because to do so is racist. There’s too many black people in jail already so putting more in jail is racist.

Listen to the news today, every so-called news organization is showing the congressional black caucus/Al and Jesse and those white guilt slave masters like Bob Beckel, Chris Mathews and Piers Morgan talk about “Trayvon” Trayvon was just a kid coming home from the store bringing grandma some skittles.

According to these liberpuke fungus ridden parasites this is what occurred that night in Florida:

Saint Trayvon was wearing traditional religious attire and actually floating on a cloud of righteousness when Zimmerman, a 300 lb professional gun fighter and mixed martial arts expert who worshipped satan and killed kittens for fun, ran up on Trayvon. Trayvon asked politely “Sir, can I help you, I’m headed to the orphanage to bring skittles to white kids who asked for them” At this point, Mr Zimmerman put on his KKK robe and hat burned a cross and hung trayvon from the nearby tree. Trayvon at this point was getting pissed off and kicked at Zimmerman and broke his nose. This is when Mr Zimmerman shot Trayvon 82 times with an Assault Rifle .


This may sound ridiculous but its as close to the truth as what the race pimps are claiming. Fact is, Racism had nothing to do with Zimmerman/Trayvon incident. Everyone in the world knows it. This is why there hasn’t been and wont be any racial charges against Zimmerman. But listen carefully, the left didn’t get their way so what to do? Oh yeah, go after gun laws.


Had Zimmerman NOT had a gun, he could have been killed that night. His life was in the hands of Trayvon. Anyone who says “Trayvon wouldn’t have killed him” is an idiot. Its the wrong question. The question is WHY DOES TRAYVON GET TO CHOOSE IF ZIMMERMAN LIVES OR DIES? He didn’t Zimmerman did.

I will carry my pistol no matter what the elected morons say. I will carry my firearm because its my right to protect myself from idiots like Trayvon. I will carry my firearm and if I should have to use it in an area that doesn’t have a stand your ground law and their is no witnesses, I’ll treat it like a criminal. A very smart criminal. No body, No gun, No suspect, No Problem.


What this is, is an assault on your right to defend yourself. What this does is make you hesitate. Hesitation will get you killed. You feel threatened? Act, seek cover, seek crowds, if not, attack to end the threat using whatever you have. If you’re unarmed and incapable of fighting of 200lb ex cons or football players you better have an equalizer or you are at their mercy.

This case is an example of controversy for pay. Al and Jesse race pimps making noise, blackmailing city’s into doing their bidding or they will stir up trouble. FACT.k51tmw



Gun Violence in Gun Ban Zone

Gun Violence in Gun Ban Zone

If the gun control freaks were HONEST they’d see the FACTS. But honesty isn’t a strong suit for the “Feel Good” legislative crowd.

Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours

Three killed Sunday after three were killed Saturday. One of the wounded includes an 11-year-old girl who will never walk again.

That headline is from NEW YORK. Yep, that New York, the Nanny State city Bloomburg ran sewer that is only comparable to LA or Frisco.

As a pro Gun advocate, I see incidents like these in a real world view. I see the totality of the incidents not just the “Gun” part. I see the WHO did the shooting and WHO was shot. The 11 yr old girl is the saddest part of the story and no gun around her was likely to save her. BUT and this where MY GUN FREEDOM MENTALITY KICKS IN. Had the shooters been concerned about the potential for ARMED RESPONSE from the public, maybe they wouldn’t have been shooting in the first place. MAYBE.


But what isn’t MAYBE is that Mayor Bloomburg’s gun control vision ISN’T WORKING nor will it ever work. Criminals get guns, Criminals don’t do background checks, Criminals don’t obey laws. Making MORE LAWS for them to break isn’t and has never worked. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. AZ did and the entire state is experiencing ALL TIME LOW homicide by gun stats. How about give what does work a try?

Obama gets a dose of Reality.

Obama gets a dose of Reality.

Well, I guess better late than never… Or Not.

Benghazi, IRS, AP are just the latest. Well, the latest that the media arm of the democrat party will admit. Forgive me if I don’t sympathize with the Associated Press reporters being investigated. Evidently, the reporters stepped out of line and went rogue. They must have questioned something that only FOX reporters or Bloggers can question.


Lets recap a little shall we: Since Obama has taken control of America, we the people have KNOWN there’s some underhanded power abuses happening. The executive orders based on ideology not facts. The Solyndra scandal and several others were pushed under the rug by the media elites.

Obamacare is another issue that WE the American people saw as a train wreck back when Pelosi was screaming that we must pass it to find out what’s in it. Now? IRS is going to administer that program. No problem huh?


Sequester was supposed to be the ruin of America instead its actually HELPED more than anything Obama has done.

If you remember the elite media buried all of Obama’s records including birth records. ANYONE who dared asked about them were put into an “Extremist/Racist” barrel by the very same media that is now asking questions…


I’m not a “Birther” but it begs for an answer that since everything we’ve said since 2008 is either being proven true now or its at least under scrutiny. Perhaps we should be investigating EVERYTHING…

And for the record, having the DOJ investigate the IRS for helping Obama is about as funny as having YOU investigate YOURSELF for any wrongdoing. I’m betting you won’t find anything.

Keep the pressure on Benghazi, IRS and everything to do with Obamacare.


Absurdity… Boston Response.

Absurdity… Boston Response.

I’ve seen a lot of folks around the net complaining about the response the DHS/FBI/BPD used when they were searching for the suspects.

LEO’s locked down an entire town. If you view it like this:



It does bring some questions into your mind. Military vehicles deployed in an American town used to be thought of as impossible. One one hand, I agree this is a severe breach of trust and protocol. But on the other hand, I have folks who I care about who wear the badge. I want them to have all the best firepower and gear they can get to keep them safe.

So the problem I have is balance.

I’m not angry that LEO’s felt they had to lock down a town and inspect houses to find suspects.

I’m angry we the people have had our rights eroded to the point that LEO’s have no choice but to lock a town down to find a suspect.

I’m angry that in a FREE town the LEO’s would only have to stay on the outer limits and wait for a call telling them where to pick up the body. I’m angry that people in America have elected so many idiots to power that the 2nd amendment is now debatable rather than a STAND ALONE RIGHT! I’m angry that we the people don’t have the ability to possess the same gear/firepower that LEO’s possess in order to enforce laws that the IDIOTS we have elected dreamed up.

To be angry at LEO’s for being as ready for battle as possible is wasted anger. Instead I’d rather be angry that the good people of that town weren’t allowed to be as ready for battle.

The good old days I guess. When an alert would go out in a community and the folks of that community would arm up and hog tie a suspect rather than the community being held hostage and treated like the suspect.

Lets put the effort into repealing these draconian gun laws that keep us from being prepared. Lets get these asshats like Obama/Biden/Feinstein/Pelosi and the rest out of the law making business.

Senate Poised to INFRINGE

Senate Poised to INFRINGE

“Shall not be Infringed” is more of a suggestion than a law I guess…

Senate committee poised to approve assault weapons ban

WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats are poised to pass a renewed and strengthened assault-weapons ban out of committee Thursday as part of a package of measures advancing to the floor, but are appealing to President Obama to help battle opposition from Republicans and gun-rights supporters.

So, we had John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, John Brennan confirmed for leadership positions. We had about the same make up of the senate and got Keagan and Sotomayor confirmed to the SCOTUS. Um, tell me again how the senate is not going to ban my rifles?

Dianne Feinstein and crew are about to make MILLIONS of us felons with the stroke of a pen. I’d expect a couple thousand of us are stupid enough to capitulate to this new law… THE VAST MAJORITY of us will NOT.

I live in CA, surprisingly its the same state that Feinstein was re-elected to the senate, shocking I know… Funny thing about that is, NOW some of the very folks who don’t know who Elizabeth Emkin is voted for Feinstein and now are pissed because “Banstein” is taking their rights… Awe aint that cute.

We, the brand new “felons” of America by act of pen rather than act of self will not turn in our guns. We the “Felons by Pen” rather than our own actions will be the best “felons” ever. Just wait to see what kind of business opportunities open up the minute the king signs this law.

If you the elected officials can make me a felon by the stroke of your pen, I’ll do my best to be the best felon I can be. Freedom from tyranny is not breaking the law, tyranny by law is breaking the oath of office. Treason is a word that has lost its bite. Treason is what is happening from Washington DC. NO LESS.

Democrats Looking out for YOU!

Democrats Looking out for YOU!

So you folks think the Democrat party is the party of caring and nurturing? Ask yourself this question: IF the Democrats are truly only concerned with your well being, why are they releasing criminals at the same time they are disarming you?

As these criminals are released, crime rates will climb. VICTIMS will be silenced because the real reason will be “Those nasty Republicans wouldn’t raise taxes again”


Look folks, the fact is the democrat party NOW is NOT your fathers democrats. On the other hand, the Republican party is FIGHTING hard NOT to become your fathers Republicans. The Republican party is now JFK Democrats at best.

IF any gun legislation is passed and signed by this pretender in chief. The Republican party will go the way of California Republican party.. Look it up, check out the structure of California’s legislature now.

The only way Democrats can govern is with pulls of the heart strings. They can’t debate facts, cause and results. All the Democrat party can do is create fear and victims. IF you refuse to be a victim and see yourself as independent and self sustaining, you are the enemy to the democrat party. The democrat party absolutely needs absolute control of you. Think I’m lying? Ask yourself, how many times have you heard democrats talk about criminals actions, crime and punishment? NOPE, they are more concerned with removing YOUR RIGHT TO PROTECT YOURSELF, YOUR RIGHT TO OWN THE TOOLS THAT WOULD STOP YOU FROM BEING A VICTIM.


Fight this action with everything you have. If we lose this fight, we’re all felons the moment this asshat signs the bill into law. IF I must be a felon because of the liberal elite establishment, I’ll be the best damn felon ever. I have chosen the path of law abiding citizenry, I’ve raised my kids to be the same way, at the moment our leaders decide I have “Illegal firearms” I will make it my mission to arm up, stock up and make sure ALL people in my circle are VERY WELL ARMED.