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Resting and Relaxin

Resting and Relaxin

Today, unless something really news worthy pops up today, I’ll be a football watching redneck. There’s a few games I’m looking to see today.


Cleveland hasn’t played real well, Pitt’s QB is hurt.. Rivalry game, hard nosed smash mouth football! Should be good.

And this one:


Division game, Atlanta has been kickin ass and takin names all season. Tampa needs this and they’re at home. Should be a battle.

The New Orleans vs Frisco game this evening should be a good game, but San Fran’s defense should shut down that Drew Brees offense. We’ll see.

Have a great Sunday folks.

Lingerie Football League- out of OKC?

Lingerie Football League- out of OKC?

Sad day for OKC.

Oklahoma City says no to the LFL playing in OKC…

The Lingerie Football League was looking toward expanding to Oklahoma City.

The key word: Was.

Mayor Mick Cornett told media Thursday that he will not allow a team to play in Oklahoma City. The Lingerie League is made up of 10 teams that feature women playing tackle football in bras, panties and garters.

The LFL said it hoped to have an Oklahoma City franchise ready for the 2011 season, which would begin in August. However, the league did not have an ownership group in place for an OKC franchise.

Now I’m not a huge fan of the LFL, but I love football and I love to see hot chicks in lingerie, so I should be a HUGE fan of this product.
I’ve watched a few minutes of the games and these “Hotties” HIT! they are athletes in the truest sense of the word.

So what if they dress a little more stripper than NFL? Personally I’d rather watch a NFL game on Sunday and then watch a LFL game Sunday night…

If you want to see a few snaps of this league in action here’s some highlights from a game:

The real question is does the mayor of OKC hold the same “Moral Code” about strip bars and adult stores in OKC? is OKC so “Pure” that it has stopped selling alcohol and smokes?

Does the thought of an EXTREMELY attractive female running around the grid iron tackling other EXTREMELY attractive females while wearing provocative clothing and pads cause the degradation of the societal structure? Will a game played by the rules by consenting adults cause men to all of the sudden take up serial rape?

I contest that this is censorship in its truest form. IF there is a market for the product the product should be allowed to exist. To deprive the good folks of OKC the opportunity to see for themselves and make up their own minds about it is very CALIFORNIA of them.

I suggest the good folks of OKC get out the pitch forks and torches and demand the city give you the ability to purchase the product or to ignore it. It is A CHOICE you should have to make, not some suit in government.

We have a serious problem in this country and while the LFL is the least of them, I think it should be pointed out, another ban in the news lately. HAPPY MEALS.  (comparative PUN intended)

What I would like to suggest, all be it crazy as a hell, LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE if they want it, get the word out about it’s dangers or drawbacks, and then allow AMERICANS to decide. How crazy is that? My GAWD what has my country become.

And yes, I will now try and find time to watch some LFL games. I may even get away with it while my wife is in the room because it is FOOTBALL!

Enjoy your day Guys and keep your guns clean!