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Two and Half Men Dust up..Again

I don’t usually weigh in on entertainment news but this has me a bit pissed off and kind of confused. On one hand, I admire the kids courage to stand up. On the other I find it very selfish and … Continue reading

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Homeland and Reality Meet

I’ve been watching the Showtime series called “Homeland” and I have to tell you it’s a great show. Now, it’s a showtime series so you know it’s got a lefty bend to it. But overall it’s worth watching. Quick story … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga… Courageous.

Yeah real courage huh? I think not. Real courage would be standing up to those of a certain religion that STONES her kind. The LBGT Group LOVES to bemoan the Catholic/Christian/Jewish religions, they will go out of their way to … Continue reading

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An American Carol, FINALLY- We get one.

The movie is coming out soon I can’t wait! Jenn of the Jungle Turned me on to this I hear some theaters are not going to show the film, I would venture to say MOST of those will be in … Continue reading

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Rosie at it again…

This dumb has been hag should get back on her meds. Her opinions are so far fetched that even her libtard freinds are abandoning her.. Her latest is classic: Found under Entertainment at Fox News Roseanne Barr slams Angelina Jolie … Continue reading

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