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Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?

Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?

Well, it didn’t take long for the super gun grabbers to “Move on” and go “Forward” with their agenda driven, knee jerk policy push did it?


We have a couple of options. “WE” being People who believe the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS is self evident and requires ZERO explanation as to its meaning. “WE” being people who will die defending those rights. (There will be blood, right unions?)

Option 1: Fight tooth and nail against every government action involving firearm regulation. 

Option 2: Allow SOME regulation to protect other facets of firearms.

What is about to happen is this. Mark this down because I’ll be alluding to it often in the coming days.

The NRA will capitulate to some regulation is needed it will involve some sort of magazine capacity or rifle style. The government will tout the NRA’s “Willingness” to move on the issue as progress. 

Now, IF this happens, I will renounce my NRA membership. I have seen the baby steps from start till now in California. Option ONE is the only option. WE FIGHT EVERYTHING out of the mouths of these hypocrites in suits regarding guns. NOTHING other than REMOVING gun regulations that have already been enacted need to be discussed.

Let me tell you where I am with this entire situation. The only discussion that needs to be had after the tragedy in Newtown is MENTAL HEALTH and CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. 


We can discuss what to do with the nutjobs, how we determine someone is a nutjob and the responsibility of the Fed/state/county/city to care for said nutjob. I have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT DISCUSSION.

We can discuss criminal punishment, we can discuss the fact that prisons are no longer feared as a punishment. We can make prison time HARD, rather than an institution of higher learning for criminals. We can discuss USING the death penalty for crimes involving guns. We can discuss all of this. What I will not discuss is losing MY RIGHT to own an AR-15 because some asshole did something disgusting.

There’s a lot of talk about the “Need” for an AR15. Let me put that to bed right now.

391815_472722662771586_1177515428_n (1)

Cops have AR15’s MP4’s and even some M16’s. They have some very heavy firepower at their disposal. Why do they need them? If you say to protect US, you’re too stupid to breathe. It’s to protect THEM. And let me say, they do NEED THEM. While your every day American doesn’t go out looking for the bad guy like cops do, your everyday American is always  LOOKED FOR BY CRIMINALS! 

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Tulsa Shooting. Uh Oh. Is it what it appears?

Tulsa Shooting. Uh Oh. Is it what it appears?

Something doesn’t smell right about this.

Tulsa’s black community unnerved by shootings

TULSA, Okla. – Residents of Tulsa’s predominantly black north side said Saturday they are afraid a shooter is still roaming their neighborhoods looking for victims after five people were shot — and three killed — a day earlier.
“We’re all nervous,” said Renaldo Works, 52, who was getting his hair cut at the crowded Charlie’s Angels Forever Hair Style Shop on Saturday morning. “I’ve got a 15-year-old, and I’m not going to let him out late. People are scared. We need facts.

They have a suspect “White guy in a pick up”. Now, there’s a couple things about this that bother me. It’s in a “black” community.  A white guy going hunting in the black community? WHY? Is it possible someone is trying to incite a race war? Who benefits?

Of course it could also be just some racist nut job who acted alone… OR not a white guy at all. People should NOT jump to conclusions about this.

Anything that benefits one party platform should be questioned. A race war doesn’t help Romney does it? A race war or the fear of one only helps ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE. The democrat party. And it’s a coincidence that the Democrats are the same party who are full of “Socialists” the very same “Socialist” beliefs that Hitler himself had.

Beware of what you think you know. I urge people to think outside the box they put you in. Wake up.


Southern CA Gas Prices…

Southern CA Gas Prices…

Good News, the rise of gas prices stopped today. Meaning it didn’t go up anymore today.

Streak of rising SoCal gas prices finally ends at 27 days

LOS ANGELES – A 27-day streak of increases in the average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles County ended today with a decrease of two-tenths of a cent, dropping the price to $4.375.

The average price rose 57.2 cents during the streak, reaching its highest amount since July 25, 2008, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.

Despite today’s slight decrease, the average price is still 5.2 cents more than one week ago, 56.9 cents higher than a month ago and 49.3 cents greater than a year ago.

The Orange County average price recorded its first daily decrease since Jan. 15 today, decreasing two-tenths of a cent to $4.36, 4.6 cents more than one week ago, 56.7 cents higher than a month ago and 49 cents greater than a year ago.

A 27-day streak of increases ended Saturday when the price was unchanged. The Orange County average price rose three-tenths of a cent Sunday.

Basically this is what’s going to happen in the coming months and remember YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

In june or so, the gas prices will be down to $3.80 a gal or less here. This will give rise too “Look, the gas prices are getting better keep us in office” Obama will use the NEW LOW gas prices as a “Sign” that his policies are making things better…However he never took blame for the gas prices…Funny huh? It’s his fault when gas prices fall, but not when they rise… Selective responsibility is par for the course….

Anyway, I paid 4.35 per gallon last night and I understand 2 things. One: CA’s gas prices are higher than everyone else because of the REGULATIONS imposed on the people who live here. Two: People who still have a job here are NOT supporting CA businesses too much anymore because gas prices are taking their budgeted fun money away. More CA businesses close and move, more jobs leave. Same stuff different day.



Marco Rubio’s Weekly Address:

Marco Rubio’s Weekly Address:

This guy has a bright future.
Found at The Other McCain

But the GOP’ers would find away to crucify him too. Already I’ve heard folks who claim to be “Republicans” say this: “Well, his parents had money, that’s how he got over here” And “He’s tied to Jeb Bush”… See what I mean.

Rubio and West should walk away from their seats and join up to run for POTUS/VPOTUS in 2016. That ticket would produce more head explosions than Janet Brewer’s finger pointing episode. But We may not be around to see it. You see, America is at the crossroads of history. We have a chance to save this nation or push it further into the abyss. We are failing to save it and I for one will not be the one to tell my grand-kids that I was silent when Obama got his second term.

I will hold my nose and vote for whoever is left standing opposing Obama in November. I did it in 08 to no avail but I think anyone with a clue knew Obama was going to win no matter what we did. And I THOUGHT a powerful message to the GOP was sent. Evidently not powerful enough. The GOP is willing to do 08 part 2 with Romney and I think the result is likely to be the same.

Marco Rubio on the ticket will help more than Sarah Palin helped McCain. I’m not sure it will be enough to get the win. But it’s worth a shot. An Allen West on that ticket could also help. But I’m wondering if Lisa Murkowski or Olympia Snowe is more aligned with Romney’s views… What bothers me is the GOP is this stupid.

This last 3 years what have we lost? We’ve lost 2 seats on the SCOTUS (Among other things) Think about that. Yeah they replaced Liberals so net even, BUT WE HAD A CHANCE TO SWING IT FULLY RIGHT FOR YEARS TO COME! A net loss. Are we willing to give up a third? Are you willing to see a black man/woman (Obama has appointed a “Wise Latina” and a “Lesbian cracker” the next in line is obvious) from Berkeley who is openly against guns and pro-abortion take on a Republican majority in the senate? Can you imagine the media’s hype over a republican inquisition of a black appointee to the SCOTUS who is more left than ANY in the history of our nation?…. How long do you think it will take the R’s to fold and approve the appointment?…

Are we willing to say that Romney’s pick would be worse than that?… I’m not. I’ll take my chances with the unknown vs the known. We KNOW what kind of SCOTUS Obama will appoint.

Iran is Sabre Rattling… Again.

Iran is Sabre Rattling… Again.

Now let’s get this straight. Iran who is only trying to get nukes to deter Israel and the US from attacking them (Ron Paul) has ventured out into the straight of Hormuz for “Exercises”… Um yeah, that’s good.

Iran to test-fire missiles in key oil waterway

Tehran said it will test-fire missiles in the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, a move likely to stoke tensions with Washington already running high over Iran’s threats to close the strategic oil waterway if sanctions are enforced.

“Shorter- and longer-range, ground-to-sea, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles will be tested on Saturday,” the ISNA news agency quoted Iran’s navy spokesman, Commodore Mahmoud Mousavi, as saying on Friday.

I’m not sure this is a good thing for Obama. Especially since Obama was extending friendship with Iran (2008 campaign) Hows that working out? Also to put a little context into this entire situation. Here’s a map of the area:

You see Iraq up at the left corner, Kuwait next to it, Saudi Arabia… Now do you see a potential problem with it? I’m not spelling it out for you RON PAUL fans, but if this thing goes sideways, 2012 is going to be a disaster. Now also remember you are dealing with people you can threaten with “MAD” Mutual Assured Destruction. These people strap bombs to their kids and send them into cafe’s for Allah… Mutual Assured Destruction only works with CIVILIZED people.

Iran could close the straight at it’s narrowest point pretty easily. Fact is  Iran can sink a couple tankers at it’s narrowest point and it’s shut down for a very long time. Leaving the area as some would suggest would be a disaster equally or worse than us staying there. It’s a rock and hard place for sure, but this is the hand we’re dealt going into the 2012 election.

Who will handle this the best?

Ron Paul- It’s our fault, we need to leave them alone and get Israel out of there.

Bachmann– Bomb em

Huntsman– Negotiate

Newt– Negotiate then Bomb them

Romney– First we need to understand the problem then Bomb them

Santorum– Pray for them then bomb them

Obama- What’s the straight of Hormuz?  is it a state?  FORE!

We are so FU**ED

Fact is this has all been brought to you buy an extremely weak foreign policy. A policy that pisses on our friends and celebrates our enemy’s. Egypt was tossed under the bus and just wait that’s not over by a long shot.  Did anyone think for a minute that Iran would just march into Iraq as we were leaving? I didn’t think they’d do it like that. First you must secure the area. The straight of Hormuz is a good start. They have nothing but time. They are setting their chess pieces while we are engaged in picking leadership. Iran would LOVE a Ron Paul to be POTUS and there’s a chance it could happen and Iran is setting up for it.

Very rarely does a country go into another country without some serious strategic goals being met. This particular “Naval Exercise” and subsequent “Threats” are all part of the set up. Take it lightly or take it serious is the choice we must make. I side with those who take it serious and would stand against any movement Iran makes until they decide to move to the 21st century.

Hiding our heads in the sand is rapidly becoming a NON-OPTION.



Super Committee FAIL…

Super Committee FAIL…

Who could have foreseen this disaster… How about EVERY REAL CONSERVATIVE IN AMERICA for starters…

Boehner punted the ball to a “Super Committee” He allowed this 600 Billion in defense cuts to be on the table. He and his cohorts decided that we’ll let the bi-Partisan committee decide the fate of our nation… Good plan.

Now as the hour draws near, the trap set by Obama and his cronies in the senate seems to be ready to spring. The Republicans are already spinning the way to collapse and kneel to the democrats.

This is my take on what needs to be done at this time. Stand firm. Do not cave on any tax increases. IF you do you will be removed in 2012. You will lose ALL power in all 3 places and take us into a Greece Style collapse faster than a Mitt Romney flip flop.

Here’s the choice in a nut shell. Don’t cave on what you ran on or cave on what you ran on. Period. IF you do the latter you lose your job. IF you do the former you will have help in 2012. FACT.

Let the “Draconian” cuts to defense happen, let them start. That also means 600 billion get out of the liberals favorites.

By the time ANY actual cuts happen that make a difference in defense, there will be a new crew in leadership. At that point WE the people can reverse course and fix the problem. Let the democrats use their media wing to bash us, let them use the OWS logic and let the American people decide. Trust the American people.

Supper Committee failure is damn good thing IMO. It shows the true face of the Democratic party. Anything with John Kerry and Max Baucuss on it tells the American people compromise was not really on the table.

Speaker Boehner failed in this (As he did caving on other deals with the WH) instance. Right now he’s Chralie Brown and Obama is Lucy with the football. Keep trying Boehner I’m sure Obama will hold the ball for you… How many times do you have to fall on your ass before you learn?

Time to fight or quit fighting. The left’s agenda is out there. It’s evident in CA, Greece, Italy, Venezuela etc. But only a die hard leftist can look and say those places are utopia. How sad is that? How sad is it, that we’ve put people in place in 2010 that are supposed to be fighting the collapse and we are still falling?

We the people failed to gain the senate. That’s part of the problem. We the people failed to remove ALL politicians who were in office between 2006 and 2010.. WE the people failed. We got one more chance in 2012. We better not fail.



Ron Paul vs Ron Paul Supporters…

Ron Paul vs Ron Paul Supporters…

After 2008. The election of Barack Obama was the headline. Before 2008 the headlines were mostly McCain, Racism, RINO’s and Ron Paul… Ron Paul never got a fair shake in the media then and to this day still really doesn’t. But who’s fault is that?

Ron Paul has a speaking voice that cracks glass. His foreign policy views make MOST Americans cringe. His rampant “Constitutionalism” is a hard pill to swallow for most folks. Ron Paul is an absolutionist. Meaning it’s either ALL the way or NO WAY. So social issues and anything that is not expressly allowed in the constitution would get the veto. And some RIGHTLY SHOULD.

I have a real problem with Paul’s foreign policy but his domestic policy I could seriously get behind. The problem I have is NOT with Paul so much as it is his supporters.

The “Supporters” of Lord Paul are about as rabid in their support as the Islamic worshipers are of Allah..

IF ANY candidate’s support staff acts the way these Ron Paul supporters they can write me off as a potential vote for their cause. I’m sick of the “IF you don’t follow Paul, you’re not conservative” B.S. You Ron Paulbots have a worship style that borders on insane and I can say without a doubt Ron Paul will never be POTUS. His son Rand has a better shot at it. See if you can’t ruin his chances too…

Harry Reid finally puts up a plan…

Harry Reid finally puts up a plan…

Funny how it took this long isn’t it?


Rough notes from FNC producer Trish Turner about the Senator Harry Reid proposal:

•$1.2t – discretionary cuts – defense and non-defense. *Notes Boehner agreed to $1.2t before broke off talks w/ WH.

•$100b mandatory savings. Negotiated by Biden grp. Won’t impact Medicare, Medicaid, or SS benefits.

*Breaking this down-

*$40b in waste, fraud, abuse

*$30b in Fannie/Freddie reforms

*$15b in spectrum sales and Universal Service Fund Reforms

*$10-15b in agriculture reforms

*Higher education prog reform whose savings go to sustain the Pell Grant Program. (No dollar on this)

•$1t in savings from winding down the wars in Afgh and Iraq.

•$400b in interest savings.

Establishes 12-member joint Congressional Cmte to find future savings. To find additional savings.

Cmte’s recommendations will be guaranteed up/down vote in Senate, without amendment, by the end of 2011.

(Emphasis mine)

Let’s start with “40B in waste fraud and abuse” where have we heard that before? Oh yeah the health care debates, and the budget debates and the every debate regarding money since the 80’s. There shouldn’t be too much left in the pot should it?

Then lets talk about the “1t in savings from winding down the wars in Afgh and Iraq” Okay, this has already been done too right? I mean we have left Iraq according to the libbers, there’s no more fighting going on there so how does that contribute? Well our guys are still dying there but I guess that doesn’t count. And the Afghan war “Winding down?” is it really? Obama is pulling some troops out prior to election but is it really winding down? What happens if Afghanistan all of the sudden erupts into chaos (More than now) and you have to act on a”humanitarian” basis? That savings is cut down too… Or Iraq for that matter?… Where does 1 TRILLION dollars come from? Oh and lets not forget about the NOT war we’re in with Libya…

And the last really good typical Democrat ploy “Establishes 12-member joint Congressional Cmte to find future savings. To find additional saving” There ya have it folks, create a “COMMITTEE” and it solves everything… Well if you actually listen to the committee and if your committee isn’t full of idiots it might help… but never in the history of this administrations seat fillers has it been true. This is a typical “Don’t worry guys, we have people working on it” that’s enough to get us to the next election… DON’T FALL FOR THIS SHIT!

The last thing I want to bring up is this: We’ve been doing the debt dance for a month now. The Republicans have put fourth a couple plans. One plan, the CC&B plan has overwhelming support in America it was blocked in the senate. BY HARRY REID. Now, in a “CRISIS” we must pass HARRY’S plan… Um. NO. This is the typical Democrat tactic of “You can get stupid shit through the congress if the people believe it will be MORE stupid NOT TO.” This has got to stop. Boehner if you fold to this obvious bluff then you will lose your gavel in 2012.