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Debt Debate Reality…

Debt Debate Reality…

Here goes another attempt to make people listen to reason. Last shot.. (For now)

In 2009, we had a fully Democratic congress and White House. They had been spending money like crazy, they had forced Obamacare down our throats. They had over regulated and over taxed America and we’re seeing the results of those 4 years of DEMOCRAT CONGRESSIONAL CONTROL. In 2010 we said Enough (For the most part) And sent the largest shift in Congress in decades on one message. STOP IT! Stop it all, Stop this destruction….

We have 1/3 of Government (Idiots in Nev. CA and a couple other states didn’t think the senate was that big of deal) So where we are is STOP IT. SHUT IT DOWN is all we have left. IF we stop it, IF we shut it down there will be pain. There will be tough times. But taking the bandage off quickly is always better than slowly.

Those members that are STOPPING the Boehner bill deserve HUGE KUDOS.. There’s talk on both sides of this issue but ONLY THOSE GOING AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT ARE DOING AS THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO! The Freshmen and the seniors that are against the next compromise are RIGHT. Stay the course and take this down.

I stand to lose a lot, I will drop my retirement nest egg to anemic levels if the shit hits the fan. OKAY FINE. DO IT. You must stand your ground you must hold OUR OWN accountable in the same manor you hole the DEMS accountable. Look at it like this:

We sent CONSERVATIVES to the house on their word that they would STICK TO CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES. They are. So what you are saying if you abandon them is, We want you to lie to us from now on. We don’t want to know the truth, feel the pain of actually fixing this nation or helping in that goal. We just want to bitch about it and if it becomes hard we’ll leave you. Who in the hell would ever want to run for office again if they can’t count on support when they are doing exactly what they said they’d do… Think about it as you’re bitching about the 23 CONSERVATIVES that are standing.

The Senate is a the problem in America.

The Senate is a the problem in America.

Since 2008, the Senate passed 855 bills. they passed 94% without a vote or debate. Since then the lame duck session ushered in the end of DADT and a few other idiotic bills that the Republicans went along with. Which is showing what? They gave in to pressure of the Democrats who had a huge majority and they got exactly what? NOTHING the Senate has done nothing since 2010. The house has passed bills and it has died in the senate.

To me it appears that the Senate Democrats have decided to take their ball, go home and sit in the corner and pout. That’s exactly what their doing. Except the patriot act. The patriot act just passed the senate meaning: Democrats are perfectly fine with restricting the rights of our people, spending money and entitlement give away. BUT fixing anything that is going to collapse our nation, nothing. No plan. Well except Obama’s plan budget that failed 0-97. Paul Ryan’s plan fared better but everyone knew that was dead in the senate.

Again I say. The senate is worthless as tits on a bull. Anyone that votes for ANY DEMOCRAT or RINO in America YOU are the problem with America. YOU are at fault for this utter failure of our nation. YOU should take a bow.

Wake up Republicans..

Wake up Republicans..

A message to the MAJORITY in the US House of Representatives:

We sent you there to do a job. Your job was NOT compromise, nor was it only to pass bills that will pass the senate. We sent YOU to start the process. We sent YOU to get to work saving our nation. We didn’t expect it to be easy. We expected it to require courage of your stated convictions. You have so far disappointed many. It’s early in the game and you have a chance to make a comeback. Don’t let us down.

Here’s a start, a few DONT’s that will be a momentum swinger:

DON’T RAISE THE DEBT CEILING. Stand your ground, demand the cuts that are needed. Explain them without defending the Democrats charges. MOST Americans see the Democrat’s use of “Scare tactics” as just that.

DON’T believe the poll numbers, don’t worry about your jobs.

DON’T be more concerned about your job than the well being of the nation.

DON’T tell us you are getting all you can get passed by the Senate, that’s not your job. The American people will hold those senators accountable for THEIR Votes.

Now let’s talk about what you should DO.

Do stand up and fight for what America stands for. Fiscal responsibility, the rule of law and the facts. Show the facts often. The facts DO most of the work.

Do challenge the alternative message. DO it with vigor and get in their face with FACTS.

Do remember the people that put you in office are the same people that will see you removed.

Do realize that cutting peoples “GIMME’S” will result in SOME people getting face time in front of camera’s. You won’t see the MAJORITY in front of camera’s. Realize you will have to defend your solutions and realize if you can’t defend them, they are probably BAD solutions.

DO realize you didn’t create this mess. Realize you were sent in after the fact to clean up a mess that took YEARS to make. Realize most FREE thinking people understand that fact. Courage will be rewarded, cowardice and compromise against your values will be punished at the polls.

DO realize seniors are the most level headed voting block. Seniors are the most likely to vote. Seniors will see modest cuts in funding resulting in pin prick type pain now is much better than butcher knife pain later. Seniors will not abandon you over some minor cuts as long as cuts to the BIGGEST area’s of our deficit result in a viewed fairness.

I hope this helps a little. Now get to work Boehner and GOP.

A little more help:

See California for a look at the future if you fail. We have been under “Democrat” control for a very long time. We have the one of the worst education systems in the nation, although we spend the most money on it. We have one of the highest prison populations. We have one of the highest UNEMPLOYMENT percentages in the nation. We have one of the highest energy costs in the nation. We have one of the largest deficits in the nation. We have one of the worst crime rates in the nation…

Do you want to mirror that for the nation?

Finally! Today we get a voice!

Finally! Today we get a voice!

Vote today damn it. And Vote smart!

I pray that today is violence free, I pray that the American people vote smart, I pray that there will be a WAVE of victories for the Republicans across the nation, I pray that the newly elected Republicans have learned their lessons and will stick to the values of the American people. I pray that Boxer and Brown are defeated in California.

Prayer works!

Finally, Blacks get schooled on the truth…

Finally, Blacks get schooled on the truth…

Get off the plantation ya’ll!

Sure would be nice if 94% of blacks watched this video. You know; the 94% NOT RACIST that vote for democrats because Obama is BLACK and is a democrat… But that’s not racist Noooo Way!

You know what’s funny?

The Latino’s have felt like they are the blacks of old. The oppressed ones, the modern slaves. They have felt that way since the 80’s. Who gave them amnesty? Yep a Republican. Where have they voted ever since? Yep the largest majority have voted Democrat. And have there been any changes to their plight? Nope.

Democrats have been in charge for 4 years they had Clinton for 8 years Nothing…. Bush tried to do something (WRONG but it was something) What has Obama and Co. done other than talk? But lemmings keep following Democrats off the cliff…Keep on jumping idiots.

Voting in California… Sigh.

Voting in California… Sigh.

Since I live in California my attitude about voting is less than confident. Less than happy, less than patriotic, less than optimistic and far less than excited. Here’s why:

In California, propositions or measures that the voters pass by huge majorities, get taken to court and overturned by activist judges. The people of this state vote for candidates based on what they promise to give them, not what they will do to improve their possibilities.

I happen to live in a fairly red area of California, we are surrounded by liberal leaning sections of the county and you can sure tell the difference. Nuff said.

With my attitude about voting here aside. I’ll be voting. One of my favorite people in this nation is Ted Nugent and he has a saying that is perfect right now. “Do Good ANYWAY” Voting is the most important thing you do as an American. IF you are a true American you know who and what you are voting for. You don’t vote for a person based on the color of ones skin. You vote for the candidate that most aligns with your views. Well, you shouldn’t. And I sure as hell don’t. I’m voting straight R because the alternative is so bad.

I’ll be voting holding my nose for: Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. Voting in California is a lot like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end. No matter how you do it, it stinks.

I hope the rest of the nation goes better than the State of California is going to go.