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Progressive Outrage and Obama Supporters

Progressive Outrage and Obama Supporters

At some point someone has to call bullshit on the entire Democrat party.

Lets look at the “Black Community” first:

The black community is notoriously Anti-gay. A very religious group of folks regardless of denomination. There is VERY little support for gay marriage in the black community. BUT a “Black POTUS” came out in favor it. Such a conundrum. The black Community will overlook it in the end because Obama is black. Color trumps values in the end. But that’s not racist.

Sticking with the Black community for a second. Have you ever heard Gay folks protesting Black Churches? Black Owned businesses who DON’T support gay marriage? Nope. Many Black owned businesses donate to “focus on the family” and other PRO-AMERICAN Value causes. While they also donate to Democrats. The brainwashing took years to get Democrats to be a Black supported party even though Republicans have done more for the black race than the democrats have even thought about doing. But that’s a history lesson that will never be popular I guess.

Now here’s another one: Hispanics are notoriously ANTI-Abortion. As most Hispanics are Catholic this doesn’t wash with their beliefs. Hispanics are only SLIGHTLY more accepting of Gays than Blacks are. Yet they are welcomed with open arms as long as they support the democrat party and they do. Think about this: In 2009 CA voted on gay marriage. Gays were confident it would pass because it was written as a trap and because they felt the Hispanics were on board. it failed by a LARGE margin because MOST hispanics and Blacks voted it down. No protests of hispanic churches or Hispanic owned businesses. Gays blamed the Mormons and White churches…

Lets look at the Muslim Religion who FORBIDS Homosexuality, even MODERATE muslims don’t support it. And they vote Democrat almost 100% Yet In Islamic nations they hang/flog gays and there is NO DISCUSSION of gay marriage.

The goal of these groups is simple. They are all striving to be victims of the “Right wing religious zealots” who are stomping on their rights. And I have to tell you the brainwashing is complete.

I met a sophomore in our local college the other day and they are as clueless as the day is long. “Obama is the best ever” why? “Gay marriage” I asked about fast and furious, “What’s that” I asked about economy at 8.2 % for 3 years almost “That’s congress’s fault” I asked about many details and every answer had another to blame. I asked “When did the democrats take over congress” Didn’t know the answer but knew that Republicans were in charge of congress now. I informed them the House was under R control but D’s owned the senate. “Oh”… This is what we’re dealing with…

As Reagan said “It’s not that liberals are ignorant, they just know so much that isn’t true”


What is different now?

What is different now?

Well, in the old days when people were openly ignorant, we basically discounted them as morons and just hoped they didn’t reproduce. NOW they are running the nation.

WE allowed the school system to be indoctrination centers. We allowed the school system to brainwash our kids to be taught social issues rather than the basics. We allowed the schools to become recruiting centers for the democratic party. We failed. We and our parents failed. We can’t fix it now. It has to collapse.


It has to be proven a failure. It should be easy to prove, the evidence is already there. But the people who believe they have the power to alter the course of the entire planets weather pattern, also believe that Homeschooling and Charter schools are bad.

What we need to have is a TOTALLY Republican PUBLIC school. Just one. Put it in the middle of an inner city. Teach things like Personal responsibility along with the basics that will propel a kid to success in life. Teach things like survival skills, belief in GOD isn’t BAD, teach things that will actually be beneficial for the kid as he/she grows. Then monitor the kids for their “Change” vs the “Status Quo”… IF It’s proven to be a failure I’ll be a public school supporter. Why not try it?

Hire only conservative teachers and administration. Even the janitors must be conservatives. It would take about 20 minutes in the K-6 grades to get the parents of these kids in line. Conservative teachers would demand parental involvement in their kids education. There would be HONEST debate, there would be factual teachings and not agenda driven indoctrination that will only benefit tent makers and prison builders.

We need to take over the school system. And we’re starting just that. Tea party patriots are running for school boards across the nation. Get involved and find out WHO is sitting in judgement of your schools… Good start. But it’s a long road.

History being lost on Kids these days…

History being lost on Kids these days…

Well this pretty much explains everything.

Students Stumble Again on the Basics of History

Fewer than a quarter of American 12th-graders knew China was North Korea’s ally during the Korean War, and only 35% of fourth-graders knew the purpose of the Declaration of Independence, according to national history-test scores released Tuesday.

The results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed that U.S. schoolchildren have made little progress since 2006 in their understanding of key historical themes, including the basic principles of democracy and America’s role in the world.

Only 20% of U.S. fourth-graders and 17% of eighth-graders who took the 2010 history exam were “proficient” or “advanced,” unchanged since the test was last administered in 2006. Proficient means students have a solid understanding of the material.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

That’s the biggest reason we are in the position we are in as a nation. History has been forgotten OR RE-WRITTEN to fit an agenda.

Here’s a part of that story that should make you happy:

One bright spot in the data was the performance of African-American and Hispanic students in fourth and eighth grades. The average score of Hispanic fourth-graders jumped to 198 last year, versus 175 in 1994, which helped shrink the gap with their white counterparts. In eighth grade, black students improved to 250 points in 2010 from 238 in 1994. At the fourth-grade level, the gap between Hispanic and white students was 39 points in 1994 and 26 points in 2010. In eighth grade, the black-white gap narrowed to 23 points in 2010 from 28 in 1994.

I wonder why that is? I’m thinking it has to do with the “Rewriting” of history to make it more enjoyable to minorities. Whitey being the evil of the world tends to unify the so-called minorities.

History as it was taught in the days of people over 40 is not the same as it’s being taught now. History was taught in a truthful way, it was not watered down, it was not peppered with the “Agenda” of today’s world and it was in no way politically correct.

The Teachers Union isn’t totally responsible for this. A large part of this problem lays at the feet of special interest groups. Hispanics, Blacks, Gays, Indians, Martians.. hell EVERYONE with a victim mentality that gets an audience with the school board is responsible for our broken system.

IF a history book has offensive text within it. Some parent/group/legislator will ban it. History has been sanitized to the point of being mundane UNLESS it highlights “Minority” events. History is something we need to learn from rather than hide from. BUT THAT’S NO LONGER AMERICA.

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Tucson School Board Meeting: Excerpts from a Book.

Tucson School Board Meeting: Excerpts from a Book.

WOW… Yeah this is a book I want my kids to read in School.


Hear the school board member say: “I’m gonna ask that the language be not mentioned during public meetings. There are young people in this room. It’s inappropriate.”

Hello IDIOT, they are teaching that in CLASS…. Talk about clueless.

Homeschooling never looked so good. I used to think folks that home schooled their kids were over protective nanny’s. No longer do I feel that way. I think every American Parent should make other arrangements for their kids education. Especially in cities of the south west.


Raising Kids Right, Tiger Mom et al.

Raising Kids Right, Tiger Mom et al.

I came across an article about a book called “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” From what I gather since I haven’t read the book (Nor do I plan too because my kids are grown)It’s a book about raising kids the RIGHT way. Staying involved, demanding success and being there to help with the learning process.

I have read some reviews of this book and it struck me as the typical “Lower the bar” mentality. Reviewers have criticized the “Tiger Mother” for being abusive, controlling and overbearing. (I’m betting NOT one conservative is among those criticizing her)

Her daughter, the one she wrote the book about has now created her own blog on the web to defend her family. I ask WHY in the hell does she need to “Defend” anything?

To me this girl is the product of a loving mother, a mother who by all accounts drove her daughter to be independent, self motivating, driven and intelligent. Yeah you better stop that right now!

Amy Chua is a Chinese Immigrant, a LEGAL Immigrant I might add. She raised her kids as Americans. She recognized the opportunities of this land, and demanded the best from her kids. Her method is not unlike the Chinese, Japanese, Korean method which is pretty much summed up as “Set the bar HIGH and drive to move it HIGHER” In America, evidently we have gone the other way. We have kids who don’t strive for greatness anymore. We have kids striving to be mediocre and if that’s too tough we lower the bar for that. We have developed the dreaded “We deserve it” mentality and it’s 75% the parents fault. Deal with that for a minute.

Amy Chua has done NOTHING special if we were talking about the late 50’s but here in the 2000’s she’s a monster or a genius.

We raised two great sons. We were strict on demanding they do well in school, We were very strict about what was acceptable (We didn’t demand A’s, they were rewarded but our demands were No Less than B’s) Both Graduated High school, Neither has seen the inside of a jail cell, nor a courtroom. Both are living on their own now. We considered our child raising endeavor a success. As I read Amy Chua’s experience I realize we didn’t fail, but we didn’t succeed. We merely got by. I can deal with it.

Why is there so much “Hate” for this “Tiger Mom”? I have an opinion that it’s more than just her success. It’s probably because she’s HOT too…

Parents in California (I know many of them) have ceased to become PARENTS and instead decided to be “Best Friends” with their offspring. This is NOT how you raise successful kids. The Hispanic culture around here is a prime example. (Not all) Some seem more intent on making their kids ready for gang life, rather than American Life.

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Latino’s now Majority in Cali Schools.

Latino’s now Majority in Cali Schools.

Something that those of us who raised kids in California already knew.

Latino kids now majority in state’s public schools

Latinos now make up a majority of California’s public school students, cracking the 50 percent barrier for the first time in the state’s history, according to data released Friday by the state Department of Education.

Almost 50.4 percent of the state’s students in the 2009-10 school year identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino, up 1.36 percent from the previous year.

In comparison, 27 percent of California’s 6.2 million students identified themselves as white, 9 percent as Asian and 7 percent as black. Students calling themselves Filipino, Pacific Islander, Native American or other total almost 7 percent.

While the result was no surprise to educators, experts say the shift underscores the huge impact Latinos already have on California’s politics, economy and school system.

We’ve known this for a long time. This is the biggest reason our schools are failing. Our schools are pretty much prisons. The public school system in California is broken and it was broken by the politically correctness that is a cancer to our nation. We made concessions to illegals, we started teaching the classes in Spanish so it was easier for immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere in South America. We called it “Cultural differences” when they brought their crime and mayhem into our schools. We appeased them and didn’t expect them to assimilate.

So now we have a disaster that can not be fixed without violence. Any government solution to this mess will cause riots in the streets. It’s not just the school system in California, that’s the measurement that is the most noticeable. But you can look at the prison system for the next marker. Latino’s also make up the majority of inmates here.

California is broke, it is hanging on by a thread and without Federal help this state will become worse than Mexico at some point. The reason it will be WORSE than Mexico is because Mexico never coddled their population. Once you have given everything to your population and then try and take it away it creates a violent situation. Something our idiots in Government don’t understand.

If you really want to see the dire situation California is in Check this out It lays out the reasons this state may never again be the “Golden State” The migration pattern is headed away in HUGE numbers for the first time in our nations history. There is a reason.

Why is California so messed up?

Why is California so messed up?

This is hard to watch but it’s a fact. You could go into just about any high school in this state and get the same type answers.


Caution a few bad words are uttered during this debacle.

We spend more money than any other industrialized nation on education, why are our kids so stupid? Here’s a thought, the education system is run by elitist liberal DEMOCRATS, so how do you keep DEMOCRATS in power? You keep the voting public stupid.

Do you honestly believe a company can be successful with employees like these? We blame the politicians and companies for jobs going over seas, how would a company compete with these idiots on their payroll?

The fact is our youth are being fed B.S daily in our schools, and when they get out they are even more idiotic than they were when they went in. And LORD help them if they go to college…The “liberalism” is a disease that has affected this state. It’s too late for California but you of other states can save yourselves…Beware the liberal mental disorder…