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McDonalds Wage Protests!!!

Problem solving 1o1. Detect problem, find solution, Enact fix. The first one is the hardest for folks. Here’s a test. McDonalds (Used most) is just one of the places folks want to pay labor more. So for this discussion lets … Continue reading

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Economy is failing…

Just a quick post today. There’s not exactly a drought of things to post about. The democrat party, their media and their dear leader have effectively killed a once great nation. Too bad, I’ll miss her. Economy Adds Another 157,000 … Continue reading

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California Taxes Causing a Massive Exodus

As free thinking people in this state thought would happen, it is happening. Prop 30 will force the golden goose’s ass to pucker up tight. New tax increases in California stir debate about adding to exodus A vote last month … Continue reading

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Obama vs Charities

Who could have foreseen this problem, well EVERYONE with an IQ over 10. White House, nonprofit groups battle over charitable deductions The White House and the nation’s most prominent charities are embroiled in a tense, behind-the-scenes debate over President Obama’s … Continue reading

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No New Taxes!

Remember those words? Now we have the Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge that MANY republicans signed to prove they were of the right mind. Well, now we have a few of them signaling they’re willing to break that pledge…. sigh. You … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Black Friday

Lots of folks have been making fun of Black Friday shoppers. It varies between sarcasm and down right anger at the companies/stores for offering sales… The violence during the sales aside, places like walmart and target are competitors. If one … Continue reading

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Goodbye Twinkies… NOOOoooo

Well, the bakers union decided to play a pair of deuces against Hostess’s full house. Bad play boys. Twinkies Maker Hostess Going Out of Business Hostess, the makers of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, is going out of business … Continue reading

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Job Picture worsens…

Who could have predicted such a disaster? Well, pretty much every Conservative on Planet earth. The fact is, the results of the very policies which Obama and Co. push are visible in places like Greece, Spain, France and closer to … Continue reading

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