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This is what Our Leaders say you can’t do…

You are not allowed to defend yourself, you should be required to run away if you can, if you can’t, you must take the “ass whooping” so you don’t get called racist. This is what our illustrious leaders in government … Continue reading

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Zimmerman is INNOCENT…

So the case of the century, the trial of our time has concluded. (Seriously this is what some say) This was a circus that should have never been brought before a judge, but it was and the outcome is PERFECT. … Continue reading

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Hire Felons? Lowering the Bar…

I heard today that the federal government is going to screen job applicants to make sure there’s NO DISCRIMINATION in regards to felons… WOW. This is the problem with America under liberal control. The Lowering of expectations, the “Fairness” above … Continue reading

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Tea Party Outreach…

Okay folks, this may be a bit of a tough topic to deal with but I’m ready to deal with it. Tea Party Plans to Launch its Own Latino Outreach The Tea Party group that sponsored a prime-time response last … Continue reading

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The Rich pay 4x More than Middle

And we still need to take more from them right? I’m thinking I could use a few more bucks from  Uncle Iris. I’ll try to figure out exactly how much of that “Rich Tax” money I’m going to get. It … Continue reading

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