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This is what Our Leaders say you can’t do…

This is what Our Leaders say you can’t do…

You are not allowed to defend yourself, you should be required to run away if you can, if you can’t, you must take the “ass whooping” so you don’t get called racist.

half cracker

This is what our illustrious leaders in government and the race pimps are saying.

You must not tell the police dispatcher the race when they ask for a description of the person you suspect of being “up to no good” Unless the person you’re suspecting is other than black.

You must not watch out for your neighbors.

You must allow the person you are observing to finish what they are doing before you call the cops. This way the person if they are black, can have a fair shot at getting away.

You must not arrest black people because to do so is racist. There’s too many black people in jail already so putting more in jail is racist.

Listen to the news today, every so-called news organization is showing the congressional black caucus/Al and Jesse and those white guilt slave masters like Bob Beckel, Chris Mathews and Piers Morgan talk about “Trayvon” Trayvon was just a kid coming home from the store bringing grandma some skittles.

According to these liberpuke fungus ridden parasites this is what occurred that night in Florida:

Saint Trayvon was wearing traditional religious attire and actually floating on a cloud of righteousness when Zimmerman, a 300 lb professional gun fighter and mixed martial arts expert who worshipped satan and killed kittens for fun, ran up on Trayvon. Trayvon asked politely “Sir, can I help you, I’m headed to the orphanage to bring skittles to white kids who asked for them” At this point, Mr Zimmerman put on his KKK robe and hat burned a cross and hung trayvon from the nearby tree. Trayvon at this point was getting pissed off and kicked at Zimmerman and broke his nose. This is when Mr Zimmerman shot Trayvon 82 times with an Assault Rifle .


This may sound ridiculous but its as close to the truth as what the race pimps are claiming. Fact is, Racism had nothing to do with Zimmerman/Trayvon incident. Everyone in the world knows it. This is why there hasn’t been and wont be any racial charges against Zimmerman. But listen carefully, the left didn’t get their way so what to do? Oh yeah, go after gun laws.


Had Zimmerman NOT had a gun, he could have been killed that night. His life was in the hands of Trayvon. Anyone who says “Trayvon wouldn’t have killed him” is an idiot. Its the wrong question. The question is WHY DOES TRAYVON GET TO CHOOSE IF ZIMMERMAN LIVES OR DIES? He didn’t Zimmerman did.

I will carry my pistol no matter what the elected morons say. I will carry my firearm because its my right to protect myself from idiots like Trayvon. I will carry my firearm and if I should have to use it in an area that doesn’t have a stand your ground law and their is no witnesses, I’ll treat it like a criminal. A very smart criminal. No body, No gun, No suspect, No Problem.


What this is, is an assault on your right to defend yourself. What this does is make you hesitate. Hesitation will get you killed. You feel threatened? Act, seek cover, seek crowds, if not, attack to end the threat using whatever you have. If you’re unarmed and incapable of fighting of 200lb ex cons or football players you better have an equalizer or you are at their mercy.

This case is an example of controversy for pay. Al and Jesse race pimps making noise, blackmailing city’s into doing their bidding or they will stir up trouble. FACT.k51tmw



Zimmerman is INNOCENT…

Zimmerman is INNOCENT…

So the case of the century, the trial of our time has concluded. (Seriously this is what some say) This was a circus that should have never been brought before a judge, but it was and the outcome is PERFECT.

So here we go with the protests and cry’s of “RACISM” from hoodrats and useful idiots in colleges across the nation.

What we have here is the Al Sadr of America Al Sharpton. He has convinced the minions that we still live in the 60’s. If there’s anyway a racial spin can be put on an issue, it’s RACIST. Just like Al Sadr of Iraq, if it can be spun in his favor, MINIONS RIOT…

The outcry of “Justice” for Trayvon from hoodrats in LA/Oak/NY isn’t so much about Trayvon being killed. Its not even about the verdict in this case. It’s about FUTURE actions. They want to make sure anyone who sees a black man commit a crime or act “Suspicious” that GOOD PEOPLE like George Zimmerman hesitate. They want good folks to not call the cops, to not pursue or confront criminals who are black. They want an easy target. This trial didn’t give them that “freedom” so PROTEST and RIOT so everyone sees the pain it causes to stop a criminal if he’s black from his work…

This entire episode was an exercise in our nations well being and we failed. We failed because of media’s desire to stoke passions regardless of truth. We failed because our leaders speak before they know facts. We failed because the left has made honor, dignity and rule of law BAD WORDS and thug culture okay.

Zimmerman could have turned his truck around and not called the cops. He could have never cared for his neighborhood. He could have not tried to pin point Trayvon’s location for the operator. YES he could have turned away and that’s what the left wants. The stand your ground law is BAD in their eyes. But Trayvon could have called the cops about being followed. He could have banged on a door and asked for help if he was scared. He could have NOT JUMPED Zimmerman. Lots of “COULD HAVE’S” but neither did. The final decision was on TRAYVON, he chose to attack physically and he was put down for it.

Here’s some more TRUTH for you. It wouldn’t have mattered WHAT THE OUTCOME WAS IN THIS TRIAL. If Zimmerman was found guilty the same damage and mayhem would have happened in places like Oakland and LA. Why? Because the protest is OWS. The very same people are pushing the blacks to hit the street. The Oakland protest is an example of what OWS is. The name would have changed, instead of RIOT it would be a CELEBRATION same damage same violence…



Hire Felons? Lowering the Bar…

Hire Felons? Lowering the Bar…

I heard today that the federal government is going to screen job applicants to make sure there’s NO DISCRIMINATION in regards to felons… WOW.

This is the problem with America under liberal control. The Lowering of expectations, the “Fairness” above effort. We’ve created a CONSEQUENCE FREE society.


Think about this: The way it used to be is PARENTS and TEACHERS used to tell kids that if you broke laws there was a punishment. If you were a felon, you’d lose your rights to vote, own a gun and limit your chances of finding a job. NOW?

If you’re a felon, it wasn’t your fault. Why should you be punished for your actions it was a long time ago and you did your time. Never mind the person you killed or assaulted or Raped or Robbed.. You deserve “Fairness”…


In America now, there seems to be a push to disregard prior actions in favor of a perceived  FAIRNESS now. This sets a terrible precedent. But hey, our liberal idiots have already set so many poor precedents what’s another one?

The only criminals in the minds of our current leaders are hardworking, family raising, bible believing, gun owning, law abiding citizens. At this point a nation is past the point of no return. There is no coming back from this without bloodshed. History shows us where a consequence free society ends up. IF we’re too stupid to learn from history, we deserve a repeat performance.

Can you imagine the law suits? Applicant A, a “White” college graduate with a degree, who has never seen the inside of a police station, straight A’s through education… Vs applicant B, a “Minority” dropped out of high school, graduate from Pelican Bay State Prison with “good time” Employer picks candidate A and is immediately scrutinized because applicant B didn’t get a fair shake? WTF?


Oh, then there’s the very evident safety concern. Felon A gets a job, loses mind and kills a few co-workers. Media blames the tool the felon uses not the process in which Felon A got the job in the first place. (See Chris Dorner for more details on hiring wrong person) Yes I know Dorner wasn’t a felon, but the screening process obviously failed. WHY? Because to deny him the job is obviously a race based decision.. right? Idiots.


Stop the madness folks… The inmates are truly in charge of the asylum.

Tea Party Outreach…

Tea Party Outreach…

Okay folks, this may be a bit of a tough topic to deal with but I’m ready to deal with it.


Tea Party Plans to Launch its Own Latino Outreach

The Tea Party group that sponsored a prime-time response last week to President Obama’s State of the Union address is the latest group recognizing the power of the Latino vote.
Officials with the Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, have been discussing their own Latino outreach, said Sal Russo, the group’s co-founder.
“We’ve been trying to do a bus tour that would focus on communities that we don’t normally talk to,” Russo said.
Russo, who worked for Ronald Reagan when he was California governor, said the former president had a rule that any campaigning should include voters who didn’t traditionally pick Republicans
“He believed in going to labor unions, going to places where you don’t normally go, so people could hear his message about cutting taxes and growing the economy,” he said

Read more:

A couple of things struck me about this story. #1 is, when the tea party first started I wondered why they weren’t actively going into the cesspool of the inner cities. I call cities a cesspool because that’s about the best name I can call them…Not all mind you, but the big ones, the LA’s, Chicago’s and New York’s of our nation. The other thing that I thought was… Why does the tea party HAVE TO RECRUIT Latino’s? Latino’s should be flocking to the tea party in droves if they truly are just people who want a better life.

The facts are pretty evident. Latino’s in masse are more concerned with gifts from government than to preserve the land they migrated to. They couldn’t care less about our future as a nation, all they want is more free stuff from big daddy in DC. OR the local mayor…

Let me be as blunt as possible. IF the latino community decided to quit voting democrat tomorrow, their community would start to reap benefits within 5 years. The benefits they’d reap would be directly related to their effort and their work ethic. They would separate themselves from the black community and become closer to the Asian immigrants of the past. At least the ones who want to. The rest will fill out our prisons and be deported…

But to think that the latino/hispanic/Mexican or whatever community is ever going to vote republican as a whole is ridiculous. IF they didn’t vote for Romney who had MEXICAN Blood and vowed to help the unemployment rate drop.. If they don’t see Rubio/Cruz and a few other Republicans as reason enough, then it aint going to happen. UNTIL… The give aways stop.

When the bird feeder is empty that’s when freedom of thought will occur. And as long as DEMOCRATS keep filling the feeder with OUR MONEY, the Republican party will never be the party Hispanics vote for. Its actually pretty sad too.

Hispanics are normally strong CATHOLICS, Family oriented, strong self motivated people. They SHOULD be waving the American flag not stomping on it. They should be supporting strong American conservatives because THOSE VALUES are OUR VALUES. But once you’ve tasted the free cheese I guess you get hooked…

I wish the tea party all the luck in the world in trying to convince slaves that they are not slaves. We can’t do it with the black community even though Republicans freed them, removed the shackles and made them equal even in the face of Democrat uprising…. Freedom is hard for people I guess…

The Rich pay 4x More than Middle

The Rich pay 4x More than Middle

And we still need to take more from them right? I’m thinking I could use a few more bucks from  Uncle Iris.

I’ll try to figure out exactly how much of that “Rich Tax” money I’m going to get. It will be tough to figure though.

Fair Share? IRS Data Says Millionaires Pay 4X Higher Tax Rate Than The Middle Class

Warren Buffett and Mitt Romney have managed to create one of the enduring myths of our tax debate: that the rich pay a lower rate than the rest of America.

This may be individually true. Buffett pays a lower rate than his secretary and Romney pays a lower rate than most of us who make our living from salaries.

But nationally, the tax code is still broadly progressive. The more your make, the more taxes you pay as a percentage of your income.

According to new data from the IRS, people who make $1 million or more had an average tax rate of 20.4 percent in 2010. Tax filers who earned $30,000 to $50,000 paid an average rate of 4.8 percent, while those who made between $50,000 and $100,000 paid 7.7 percent. Those making under $30,000 had a negative effective rate, meaning they paid no federal income taxes after deductions and credits.

Put another way, millionaires pay a rate that’s more than four times that of the middle class.

All you Liberal/Progressives/Democrats/RINO’s who believe this will help with our national debt need to think a bit. Just a bit. Let me help:

Rich people, even people like Warren “Tax me” Buffet and Mitt “Its my money” Romney will tell you, tax them more doesn’t mean you will see a dime of it. Matter of fact if YOU pay taxes at all, taxing the rich will actually hit you.

Here’s why: Rich people own businesses and/or buy big ticket items. High end items. MOST High cost items are manufactured here in America. America can’t compete with the cheap good market in China but we can make the BEST out there. What happens when you take disposable income from someone? They cut back. A rich person who has a budget, while it may be 20k a month, if it’s decreased something isn’t going to get bought. IF it’s not bought, there’s no need for people to make it…. pretty simple huh?

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Middle Class Destroyed…

Middle Class Destroyed…

But how can this be, Obama/Biden came into office proclaiming to be “Hero’s for the middle class” What have they done? Shrunk the Upper/Middle classes and grew the lower class. But that’s the plan folks.

Study: Middle Class Having ‘Worst Decade In Modern History’

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) – According to a study released earlier this week by the Pew Research Center, the middle class is receiving less of America’s total income, declining to its smallest share since the end of World War II.

The middle class is defined by a household whose income ranges from $39,000 to $118,000. The survey described this group as its “worst decade in modern history.”

The recession technically ended three years ago, but the middle class is still feeling economic woes.

Think about this: Who initiated a class war? Who is pitting one group of Americans against another based on their wallets? Who is stoking the fire of division all in the name of “Fairness?” Now ask yourself, if that’s the Democrat view, why are there MORE POOR PEOPLE in America NOW than there were prior to Obama’s election? There’s LESS Rich now too. The number of Millionaires has shrunk to it’s lowest level in years too. Did they go all the way down to poor? Nope they became middle class, the middle has become poor. IS this a good thing Obama supporters?

The more poor people in our nation the better the democrat party like it. It ensures a very good talking point and a growing voting block for their checks. But it comes crashing down as soon as there is no more “Rich” to pay for the “Poor” then you become California or Greece. Utopia for Democrats is I guess Detroit. Sad.


May Day Protests!!!

May Day Protests!!!

Any predictions on what Obama’s minions will do for the cause tomorrow?

San Francisco will be inundated with idiotic, self absorbed youth. Oakland will be the scene for much destruction since the Mayor is supportive of that type of thing. LA will see massive ILLEGAL alien marches and NYC will see the usual march of the morons.

It’s an easy thing to predict if you’re paying attention.

Good luck officers on call.


A Look At: The Corruption of America

A Look At: The Corruption of America

I ran into an article posted at the “Stansburry’s Investment Advisory” titled “The Corruption of America” I urge ALL of you to read this piece. It’s a long article and it will take a few minutes of your time to get through it. But PLEASE, Dear readers give it the time to read.

Here’s a few excerpts of the article that struck me:

Very first paragraph sets the tone:

The numbers tell us America is in decline… if not outright collapse.

I say “the numbers tell us” because I’ve become very sensitive to the impact this kind of statement has on people. When I warned about the impending bankruptcy of General Motors in 2006 and 2007, readers actually blamed me for the company’s problems – as if my warnings to the public were the real problem, rather than GM’s $400 billion in debt.

That’s always been the case, if you alert the masses to the impending doom its the first response of “You’re crazy” that shows up.

Further down in the article comes this part.

The corruption of Politics:

I’ll start with one of the biggest factors in the decline of our civilization – the link between welfare, education, crime, and politics.

It is routinely alleged in national political debates that something is fundamentally unfair and un-American about the huge “wealth gap” between the poorest Americans and the wealthiest. Some politicians like to argue that the poor never have a real shot at the American dream, and as a nation, we owe them more and more of our resources to correct this injustice. Most important, it is alleged that only the government has the resources to correct this inequality.

This is a dangerous notion…

You really have to read this article. Please arm yourself with these facts from a person who studies trends for a living. Get the information you need to prepare.