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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and readers…



A little Merry Christmas Humor:




We’re in for a hell of ride this upcoming year.

Christmas with an Athiest, Progressive…

Christmas with an Athiest, Progressive…

We had a terrific Christmas and we hope you all did as well. At our family Christmas dinner we were joined by a relative (a by marriage relative) who is an atheist and a progressive. I was warned by my family that he was always itching to debate people over his views… I was also asked not to oblige him. Well that lasted about 20 minutes…

I’d like to recap a part of the discussion here to give you an idea of what America is up against.

First let me say the man is not stupid. He’s just misguided.

You remember the old joke “And that’s when the fight started?” Well, I was trying to avoid any topic of politics during our visit but the man made a statement regarding Barack Insane Obama that could not stand. He stated that “Obama was not a progressive, he is a republican” My response was as vague as I could be.. “Are you fuckin kidding me?” Now in most adult company that response would have been okay. But in the company of a preacher and a room full of kids it went over like a atom bomb.. Oh well.

So I stepped outside to calm myself before I jumped on this guy with both feet. the dumbass followed me…. Game on. I will refer to the guy in the recap as “DA”

DA“Evidently I hit a nerve, why? I thought it was obvious to everyone”

Me– “Okay DA, here goes nothing. I thought Obama was the dumbest son of a bitch to ever walk the face of the earth, until you opened your mouth. Saying Obama is not a progressive, proves you are uninformed, saying he’s a republican proves you’re an idiot”

DA– “Okay well, Obama is not a good President but I don’t think he’s progressive. He’s in the pockets of big business just like GWB was”

MeOkay, lets eat”…

Trying to not get my blood pressure up, strangling this guy in the backyard of my relative might not go over real well.

We headed back in to eat, sat down at the table and enjoyed a great meal with family… Then as we were just about done….

DA-What do you think about the OWS people?”

I heard my wife say… Uh Oh… all eyes went to me at that point.

Me- “Well, so much for a peaceful dinner, they are a bunch of spoiled, pot smoking unwashed, communists, spurned to action by a non-existent class war started by the democrat party to get the attention off of the disaster they have created” “Oh and I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire”

DA– “Oh I think they are right in protesting big business and they are doing good bringing attention to the corruption of big business”….

My wife at this point was a little worried I think… Maybe it was because I turned the grip on my steak knife from the meat cutting position to the, psycho stabbing position.

Me- “Tell me what big business has done that was illegal” “Tell me exactly how goldman sachs, or any of these big businesses who OWS are protesting did an illegal act and got away with it?  You can’t, let me help… They did NOTHING illegal, they took advantage of a system. You want to fix it, blame DC and protest the WH/Congress. Not shitting on PD cars, camping in the mud smoking pot and raping women. You support that shit? ever been to a tea party rally?”

DA- The tea party? Oh that was all the Koch brothers”…

Me- “And OWS was all Sorros and Van Jones, I went to several tea party rallies and I never seen any “Support” signs from Koch brothers, or unions, or any organizations. I also never saw anyone shitting on cop cars, raping women, or signs saying “FUCK AMERICA” at tea party rallies. We changed DC, we removed the Pelosi skank and took over the house. What is OWS doing? What are their goals? Do you expect to see an OWS candidate?.. Not likely.

DAThey all do it”

Me- “They all do what?” “You support the OWS idiots? You ever go to an OWS rally? You ever done anything but complain? You sit on your fat ass acting intellectual but you haven’t done shit. You complain, argue and whine about the way things are but haven’t done shit. You put your ass out there for something, stand for something ANYTHING, get off your ass and do something about the problems you see, you pick a fucking side and stand. I have, I’ve put my ass out there several times. You? Not a fucking thing…. It’s all about what you read, and assume accurate. You’re the reason this nation is in a fucking collapse pattern, you are SHEEP, you are moved by emotions rather than facts. You should be out there in a tent with your brethren who want everything handed to them”…

DA“I guess I hit a nerve”…

At this point I think my wife stabbed my leg with a fork and I took my gaze off DA to see the rest of the family sitting with their jaws open…. Awkward….

Anyway, the rest of the night the guy kept his distance from me for some reason. It might have been the blood dripping from my eyeballs….

We have folks in this world who believe Obama is not left enough, There is no GOD, and OWS are legitimate. 3 topics, 3 failures and if I had DA in a room for a day or two I’d be able to get some sense in him. It may be in the form of a .45 cal slug…

Merry Christmas to ALL.

Merry Christmas to ALL.

Just a quick post to tell all of you A&P readers Merry Christmas.

And around here we say:

If you don’t like it, take your progressive non-offensive winter solstice loving ass outta here..

On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve

From My family to yours: Get your ass to CHURCH!

With the war on the Christian religion fully in progress, I think today is a good day to say happy birthday to Jesus Christ in church.

The Republican party is imploding, the debt is exploding the world is exploding, the morons are multiplying, the unemployment rate after Christmas will be climbing, the stock market will be collapsing, the progressives will be rioting. There’s very little to be optimistic about, so why not go to church and at least say happy birthday Jesus?

I go to church every Christmas eve, I’m not a big fan of organized religion (Jesus Christ is my lord and savior,  it’s some of his fans I have a problem with)

Lets all go to church today and give Jesus Christ some happy birthday well wishes. All you have to do is pick a church, it doesn’t really matter which one. Catholic, episcopal, Baptist, 7th day, whatever, pick one go inside, sit in the back listen to the message and offer a prayer up high.  Spend 45 minutes to an hour of your life today giving a little praise to the man upstairs. Might help get us in the spirit of Christmas.

(Disclaimer: If you pick a Mosque to attend be sure to bring bacon, they love it)

We need warriors and fighters because it’s not going to be long before we’ll be tasked with picking a side. Get a foot in the door and stand up with me.

Have a great day yall. Family and friends and the reason for the season enjoy it all.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

To all of my readers, we wish each and every reader a heart felt MERRY CHRISTMAS.

To our Soldiers in harms way, we wish you a very merry Christmas and our prayers for your safe return home.

To our Law Enforcement officers especially those out patrolling on this night, we offer our thanks and a hearty Merry Christmas to you and your families.

I will be going to church tonight to partake in the celebration that is Jesus Christs Birth. I don’t go to church that often but Christmas eve I gladly go.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas eve y’all.

Christmas Eve Address by a TRUE Leader.

Christmas Eve Address by a TRUE Leader.

I thought I’d share a bit of true leadership and true believable character. As opposed to the phony stealth muzzie celebrating Christmas in Hawaii…

This is how a leader speaks, from the heart. You can tell by his message that it was thought out, believed by the speaker and had the best hopes of men in the words. Just wait till  Obama delivers his “Non denominational winter seasonal” message….

Merry Christmas to all