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Hillary and her security blanket.

Hillary and her security blanket.

Hillary is faltering, there’s some big changes coming…

Hillary now has pneumonia, it was “just a cough”, it was “She’s fine” it was “Heat stress” it was “Allergies”  now it’s something else…

Here’s my take on it:


Hillary was supposed to run away with this election. It was her time, she’s done all the dirty work, she’s had the right people killed, she’s promised everything, to all the right people, she’s guaranteed access to the White House when she moved in. She’s promised policy changes that would benefit the elitists and the foreign dignitaries, she’s hidden all the bodies, she’s lied and cheated all the way from the lawyers office in Ark. IT WAS HER TURN!!!


The DNC had a plan for Jeb, Christie, and even Carson.. They had no plan for Trump. They are scrambling to find something to knock Trump out of the race… They can’t. Hell, he’s helping them and he’s still right there with her in the polls. WHY?

This is an election of the elites vs the people. The super connected crony politicians vs the people. Trump isn’t perfect but he’s different enough. He’s pushing a pro America message that this country hasn’t seen in over eight years and WE NEED IT!


So what we are seeing now is the last play in the book of democrat electioneering. “Elicit sympathy for your candidate” First you claim victimhood because of your race or gender. Next you may have a death in the family or someone very close to you, if that doesn’t work your health is poor and you’re so brave for working through it. Look around at some of the supposedly “Unbiased” media and tell me I’m wrong.


Mark my words folks, Hillary is desperate to win. The DNC may be having second thoughts though. Hillary’s baggage is having a huge effect on this election. When Democrat’s are flocking to Trump because of Hillary, the head democrat Barack Obama is going to take notice. Hillary’s crime family isn’t as big as Obama’s crime family and if democrats fear a loss how far will they go? Just wait.


There’s going to be some changes. If Hillary leaves the campaign because of health reasons then what? The DNC can pick who steps in? Obama delay’s elections?

Mmmm, interesting couple weeks ahead.


Obama’s view of the Union

Obama’s view of the Union

I couldn’t watch too much of that stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure. The guy is in a state of denial never before seen outside of the mental wards.

I did anticipate watching the liar in chief, just to count the lies right up till the Iranian’s took 2 of our Navy boats and held 10 of our sailors hostage. At that point I expected the State of the Union address to go from LIES to at least admonishing Iran for their act of war. Again I was disappointed.


When America has real leadership, Iran gets their ass handed to them for an action like this. But Obama is the chosen one and we have apologized for Iran taking our boats and men. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

I say, well done Iran. I have to, I consider myself somewhat of a warrior heart. I can appreciate an enemy’s tactic even if I would love to kill the bastards. Any enemy of America should be extremely aggressive against the USA this year, this is the last year of weakness in America.

A new sheriff comes to town in about a year, if we survive it, its a testament to the patience of the American People. If we were in open revolution right now, the history books would be very kind to us for the reasons we fought. But we’re hoping the ballot box can over ride the bullet box.. But this election might decide the revolution timing. It’s coming.


San Bernadino is Terrorism…

San Bernadino is Terrorism…

Now after 10 minutes most normal thinking Americans knew what was happening in San Bernadino CA. It only took 3 days for Barack Obama to figure it out… Well, sort of.


I’m not linking to a bunch of stories or biased bullshit, you if you are here know about it already. But maybe you might have missed a few things. Let me see if I can hit on something you didn’t think of…


  1. There were supposed to be THREE people according to witnesses who shot up the place. Only 2 found, both DEAD.
  2. A “Person” supposedly sold/gave/lent the firearms to the Islamic Terrorists, checked himself into a mental health hospital the next day, (Several CA Laws broke)
  3. There were roughly 70 shots fired in that building. In CA the maximum magazine capacity is 10 rounds. (each shooter must have reloaded 3x a piece. Not including the shots fired during the chase. (Another CA law broke)
  4. After the Paris Attack, France closed its borders, rounded up hundreds of radical islamic idiots and shut down several mosque’s. After San Bernadino, Obama has blamed the NRA, Republicans, the 2nd amendment.
  5. On the eve of the attacks on Pearl Harbor’s anniversary, Barack Obama saw fit to attack the constitution and our rights. He saw fit to blame everyone who disagrees with him and used his bully pulpit to attack 65% of Americans.
  6. In Obama’s speech, he called Ft Hood, The Naval Shipyard and San Bernadino shootings TERRORIST attacks. However, for the last several years, two of them were “Workplace Violence”.. So he admitted he lied, Hillary lied and nobody is calling him on it.


Just a few things I noticed… You have any more?

Rahm Emanuel and Obama…

Rahm Emanuel and Obama…

So we have another cop shooting a black thug… Chicago is going to become another protest fest. So let me open up this box…

Paris made it very evident that Obama has been the worst foreign policy president in our lifetime. He goes on TV 24 hours before the Paris attack and claimed ISIS was contained. The world saw this.

Obamacare is proving to be the failure we all knew it would be. This enrollment period is devastating to dear leader.

Putin is punking Obama on the world stage and even liberal media is asking questions.

So what is Obama to do in order to regain his liberal minions?

I contend that back when “Laquanda” was shot by a cop in the streets of Chicago a year ago, there was enough “light” shined on Obama’s social justice campaign. Black Lives Matter was coming up and the public was sufficiently captivated on his issue. So Obama told Rahm to hang on to it, use the courts to delay any actions on this other than the leave of the officer.

I also contend that this past couple weeks have been horrible for dear leader and he needs a deflection. Enter his buddy Rahm.

“Hey Rahm, tell the DA to drop objections and green light the video”

Maybe the judge is in on it too, I wonder if you checked, the judge was appointed by a democrat, maybe a black democrat? I’m not diving into the research but I can’t imagine any judge with a FAIR TRIAL mindset would release that video that taints the jury pool.

Is it really that far out of the realm of possibilities?

Chicago, Rahm, Corruption, Democrat stronghold…Evil cop.. Never let a crisis go to waste. Or Create a crisis if you must.

Tell me when something like this Chicago Cop Shooting video has ever been this cut and dry and waited a year to release?

You can’t tell me that the DA/Rahm/Police union and every power player in Chicago aren’t capable of such treachery.

Yeah, just a thought.

Obama and ISIS after Paris…

Obama and ISIS after Paris…

Okay for anyone who may check on this blog from time to time. I’ve not put much time in this lately, but I keep it open for times like this. For when I am about to lose my temper and run amok, I need an outlet. Beware, the post below will contain colorful language. If you’re offended I don’t give a shit.

Let me start with saying I pray for the families of the fallen in France. ISIS and their enablers (The Islamic religion/liberals everywhere) allowed that attack to be such a “Success” for the Terrorists.

France has been infected with liberalism for a very long time. Flashback to when France denied flyovers of US military to hit Terrorists strongholds, when they refused to stand with us against Terrorism or when they refused to be seen as helping USA in Iraq. They did that for a reason, that reason is so they wouldn’t be seen as an enemy of Islam, they’ve accepted immigrants, they’ve bent their knee to Islamic demands, they’ve appeased Islamic fundamentalists at every turn and Hedbo/Paris is what Islamic Fundies think of that appeasement.

After the attacks, The leader of France said “We’re at war, it will be a pitiless war” Sounds a lot like George Bush after 9-11-01. But what is going to happen is anything but. France will drop some bombs, media will hype the bombing, France will then allow 30K more Syrians into their nation and this will happen again.

After the attacks OUR illustrious President Barack Hussein Obama went on stage and immediately insulted Republicans and anyone who didn’t agree with him and the 20% of dumbfuckin liberals who want to take in refugees.

Our president, our fearless leader actually said this “Republicans are scared of 3 year olds and widows” ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME?

Our president, Barack Hussein Obama has no problem going after the NRA, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Judges or opposition within our nation using IRS or his media. Yet he can’t bring himself to see the real enemy.

Perhaps, if Obama would have been more compassionate for the citizens of the nation he supposedly represents as he is for Muslims refugees, Illegal Immigrants and gays/tranny’s he may get more support for his fucked up agenda of appeasement.

Perhaps if Obama wouldn’t have released felons from prison, released GITMO prisoners who’ve killed our soldiers, released illegal aliens who’ve killed our citizens he might get more support for his fucked up agenda of appeasement.

Perhaps if Obama would have put as much effort in supporting American citizens rights to arm themselves and protect their families and fellow citizens, he might get more support for his fucked up agenda of appeasement.

Perhaps if Obama would have stood up for Christians as he has for Muslims. He would get more support for his fucked up agenda of appeasement.

Perhaps if Obama wouldn’t have led a war on Cops from his office, he’d get more support for his agenda of appeasement.

Perhaps if Obama wasn’t a liar, a deceiver, a fraud and a flat out progressive activist, he’d get more support for his agenda of appeasement.


Barack Obama is soon to be GONE from the White House. Any terrorist attack from these “Syrian refugee’s” should be laid directly at Obama’s feet. Every death from that attack should be charged to Barack Hussein Obama as an accomplice to murder. Every Illegal Immigrant who kills an American citizen should result in a charge of “Wrongful Death Law Suit” to all elected officials who have sanctioned sanctuary cities.

The enablers of murder are themselves murderers.

I am far less scared of any muslim goat fucking terrorist than I am of my own government under this asshole Barack Hussein Obama.


Obama ready on the spot…

Obama ready on the spot…

Another mass shooting where the gunman is stopped by a gun. Oregon Shooter was a mixed race, anti-“normie” scum who targeted Christians. As the facts are slowly coming out have shown. Obama jumped to action and to the podium to cry “Gun Control” is needed


So lets take a minute and ask a few questions:

  1. Barack Obama ran to the podium faster this time than he did for any other shooting (Far faster than when the marines were killed in Recruiting center) Anyone find it odd that he was so ready with his podium speech?
  2. The Christians were shot in the head, the others were wounded. If you changed the word Christian to Muslims do you think the media would be a flippant about mentioning the actions of the shooter?
  3. Obama is going after guns again because we don’t do enough background checks? All the guns in Oregon shooters possession were legally obtained, background checks passed, so what exactly is Obama’s end result?
  4. Is there something we can do to eliminate mass shooting?


#4 is very simple actually. YES, you confiscate all guns in society except from the people you want to have them. If you only want cops and military to have guns, then send them to take ours. But that seems counter to the anti-gun belief because the death toll will climb worse in that action than any million mass shootings. So what exactly does Obama want?

I contend Obama has no desire to go after guns or more gun laws. I contend Oregon provided a needed cover for Obama’s miserable economic results. I contend that Barack Obama saw a way to turn the public to the murder in Oregon and to use it for political gain while casting shade on his jobs record. He’s not going to get shit for gun control, but he’s going to push his liberal fucknozzles to make it front page every day, why? See then democrats can paint the repubs as supporters of mass killings and sheep will bahhhh.


Fact is: Gun control like Illegal Immigration will never be “Solved” because if it were, democrats would have to run on records rather than social issues and feel good policy bullshit.

Molon Labe You scum sucking prick.


Why is there no Questions?

Why is there no Questions?

Government has never put fourth any law or policy or regulation or tax that didn’t have “Unintended” consequences. In the history of America you can’t name ONE president that got the special treatment Barack Obama has gotten since he was elected President of the United States of America.


Every Republican President, made policy changes, signed bills into law and EVERY ONE OF THEM had the “Consequences” of those actions illuminated on every news channel. Even Fox News when GWB was POTUS reported on the negative effects of his prescription reforms. Clinton when he signed DOMA and welfare to work programs had news channels broadcasting the NEGATIVE results of those policies/laws.


Enter Barack Obama and if you watch the mainstream media, you would think every policy or bill that Obama signed came with no negative consequences, or if they did, they were so minor they reported on them after the weather segment. Not so for every other President in recent history.


So then the question becomes WHY? Is it that Barack Obama is such a great and wise leader that his changes in policy and laws he signed only resulted in perfection? No consequences at all to speak of and only Barack Obama had the vision to enact such wonderful policies? Um, no.


The answer to WHY is: The mainstream media is vested in propping up a president they have covered for, to the point of under-reporting or flat out lying for him to save their own ass. The MSM, has distorted truth, covered up illegal actions, refused to follow the same protocols they had followed for every other POTUS because Obama is black. There is no other reason.


Barack Obama is the first black President and the only reason he was elected in the first place. He had no experience, never led anything and in a normal world would never be considered presidential. Once he got elected, the press treated him with kit gloves and they’ve been doing it ever since.


ANY President before Barack Obama was never afforded such privilege. Democrats got treated better by the press corp than Republicans, but they weren’t anywhere near the level we are now. There is ZERO journalistic integrity left in the mainstream media because they treated Barack Obama as if he were incapable of doing this job without them. They treated Barack Obama as if he was a special needs child who couldn’t care for himself, the worst part is they never even asked if he could.


Let me tell you when the results of Obama’s policies are illuminated and the effects of them become undeniable. Obama will be out of office and a Republican president will be blamed for them. There will be no way to convince the die hard liberal establishment that within three months, a Republican president who hasn’t had a chance to do anything more than set up his/her office didn’t cause the recession that is coming.


We didn’t recover from the 08 recession, there are 92 MILLION Americans out of the workforce, they will remain out of the workforce until Obama is out of office. Only after Obama is gone will they be included.

IF the next POTUS is a conservative and by my count there’s about three of them that can wear that badge. They will immediately use every precedent Barack Obama set to right this ship called the USA. And if the liberals/Progs/Dems were honest they’d shut up and say well, our guy did it.. They won’t but it would be awesome to see that kind of character.

This next year is going to be interesting. IF we survive it. 

Weekly Rant: Chattanooga

Weekly Rant: Chattanooga

Well, it happened again. But its really different this time, I mean it’s totally not connected to anything other than lack of gun control in America. That’s it, no other similarities to anything, we’re stumped.


Beware, this post will contain language not suitable for easily offended people. Warning issued. Click off if your vagina or mangina gets offended at words.

If you’ve read my posts or know me personally, you know my love, admiration and respect for the American military. So I am going to focus on my anger rather than my mourning.


My anger isn’t limited to Muslim goat fuckers. Its not limited to the liberals/progressives/democrats/Mainstream media who enable them. My anger, my disgust and my outright hatred is also for the Congress and POTUS of the USA right now. Here’s why:


In March of this year: ISIS made it perfectly clear they were going after US Military and their families. They sent tweets, they made video’s, they wrote articles in “Jihadi’s R US” for Christ sake!! And yet, NOBODY in Congress, the President, the generals of the US Military didn’t act to allow our military members the ability and tools to defend themselves OR even arrange security for them ON OUR OWN SOIL! So while we’re pointing fingers.. Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader McConnell, Senators McCain/Graham who are supposed to be “All about the Military” where was your action? Oh wait, too busy running for POTUS or maybe too busy trying to help your buddy Obama and removing “Wackobirds” “Crazies” from the political environment that may threaten the GOP establishment…


The lack of leadership in DC is at the heart of Chattanooga. Yes, A Muslims goat fucker was the murderer, But he had help from the leaders of the free world. So you who are in charge of making laws/ending laws/cherry picking laws you want to enforce YOU should be in jail for what you DIDN’T DO! While you were putting up bills to ban flags and monuments on federal cemetery’s, while you were worried about how the media would react to words you speak. YOU FAILED OUR SERVICE MEMBERS ON OUR SOIL!… While you were “Debating” sanctuary cities WHAT THE FUCK IS THERE TO DEBATE?  FEDERAL LAW IS UP FOR DEBATE? AWESOME!!! Lets play that shit out on other FEDERAL LAWS like taxes, like 2nd Amendment, like 100 other federal laws that Barack Obama refuses to enforce. ALL of DC is responsible for the murders in Chattanooga and for every MUSLIM or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MURDER IN THE USA!


Then just for the icing on the cake: The pretender to the throne, “dear leader” Obama, who runs to the podium every time a white cop shoots a black THUG CRIMINAL! OR when he is releasing MUSLIM MURDERERS from GITMO or when he’s trading ONE DESERTER for FIVE TERRORISTS, can’t be bothered to visit that same podium to mention the murders of these military men of HONOR! Let that shit sink in. Now you know who is running our nation.


Media doesn’t dare mention the “Common” theme in the Chattanooga attack. Nope, it’s a “Melee” it is “Under investigation to determine if there’s a connection” The motherfuckers name was MUHAMMAD assholes!! he was a MUSLIM.. MUSLIM… M-U-S-L-I-M you crayon eating son of a bitch. How fuckin hard is that? I bet if this was his facebook picture, Obama would hit that podium…