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What if….

What if….

Here’s a little “Outside the box” thinking for you…

Prior to November 2012, the prevailing thought was the election would be very close. The odds of Barack Obama losing were put at 50/50 at best…

Most of the scandals were already in the public domain but the mainstream media covered them up. Media, in unison went after Romney’s tax records and other things like rape comments and fodder put out by Obama’s media group. This led to a prevailing ignorance of the real issues. And Romney lost.

Now flash forward. These scandals that are crippling Obama now, would be Romney’s to deal with early in his first term. The Republican party couldn’t place the blame on OBAMA without looking like hypocrites. We’ve heard Obama blame Bush for everything under the sun and for Romney to blame Obama would just give media the ability to say “See you do it too?” which is schoolyard and ridiculous but that’s never stopped them.

So I ask you, is it possible all these scandals that came to light WITHOUT American Media, were put in the tank in case Romney pulled off a win? Ooops.

We had Two Chances…

We had Two Chances…

We the Conservative Americans, who are seriously pissed off at Obama’s and his democrat minions gun grab had chances.

In 2008, we had the opportunity to unite behind a less than desirable party leader and vote in droves for McCain/Palin. While it may have been a futile effort with the media’s bias at least the senate and house races may have been less of a disaster. What I mean is if 5 to 7% of Conservatives that stayed home actually voted in the election they would have also voted for senate/house seats. IF those seats didn’t result in democrat victories, perhaps Obamacare and the rest of the idiocy wouldn’t have happened.

In 2012, we had the very same opportunity and even with the prospect of Obama with nothing to lose running the nation for 4 more years, we failed.

The “GOP” now has these “feelings” that they need to give in on several issues to attract more voters. The WORST POSSIBLE answer to the problem the GOP faces is to “Compromise”

In 2008 and 2012 the very reason we are where we are is NO CHOICE. One is viewed as just as bad as the other. Even though that view is seriously WRONG. I can’t stand RINO McCain or Graham or any other RINO but NOT ONE OF THEM would be thinking about the sort of gun grab that is happening RIGHT NOW!.. And that is a fact.

We also lost two SCOTUS judges. Think about that. Had we NOT ALLOWED Obama to take the reigns in 08, we’d have Scalia/Roberts/Thomas/Kennedy/Alito and two more. And yes I know Roberts let us down on Obamacare but I WOULD BET MY LIFE THIS GUN GRAB WOULDN’T BE CLOSE! But now we have Keagan/Sotomeyor and maybe one more before this gun legislation (If it passes) gets to the court. How important is that vote now?

Many of us said it. Many of us were ridiculed by “Strong Conservatives” who said they’d stay home since their guy wasn’t on the ballot.

So if you didn’t vote in 08, I don’t want to hear a damn thing from you about the gun grab. IF you didn’t vote in 2012, shut up too.


California Taxes Causing a Massive Exodus

California Taxes Causing a Massive Exodus

As free thinking people in this state thought would happen, it is happening. Prop 30 will force the golden goose’s ass to pucker up tight.

New tax increases in California stir debate about adding to exodus

A vote last month that makes Californians among the highest-taxed residents in the country is sparking debate about whether the Democrat-back initiative will backfire, by forcing high-earners to join a long exodus from the cash-strapped state.

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown successfully pushed the tax increase by suggesting that high-earners must shoulder the largest burden in bailing out the state, particularly its debt-ridden public school system.

Will it backfire? Sure will and it will backfire in a way that is going to make the shortfall Brown had when he got elected seem small.

As businesses leave California, they close doors. As doors close, workers are laid off. As workers are laid off, workers go on unemployment. When workers are on unemployment, they stop buying things they don’t NEED. When they stop buying things they don’t need, other businesses close. As businesses close and workers are not working, revenue for the state shrinks and at the same time, more money is needed to help the laid off workers.

A never-ending cycle of debt is ensured.



The democrats answer to everything is to raise taxes. When you’ve raised taxes to the point that the state is the highest taxed state in the nation, you’ve gone too far. When you’ve gone to far—- See above paragraph.

Those who pushed for prop 30 to “Save the children” again, didn’t care. The teachers Union, SEIU etc got theirs. Every time a tax hike shows up on the ballot, the same excuse is given “For the children”… NEVER does any proposition from the democrat led government of CA involve CUTTING OFF SPENDING!

cali-broke1 (1)

The very same time Jerry Brown put tax hikes on the ballot, he also kept CA a sanctuary state. The FLOOD of illegals here has put such a drain on our social resources that to continue that process, they must continuously raise taxes on the producers of the state. The producers are fed up and they are MOVING in droves. When the producers move—See the first paragraph after the story….

Hello America, do you see where you are heading?



California will require a massive bailout very soon. I’m thinking by August 2013, California will be in such financial ruin that downgrades in credit ratings will occur. There will be massive debates regarding how to fix it. California has a super majority DEMOCRAT rule. The United states is controlled by DEMOCRATS. What do you think happens? PRINT MORE MONEY bail out CA. When we print more money value goes down, when value goes down inflation goes up. When inflation goes up, costs go up, when costs go up prices go up, when prices go up, some businesses close because of costs to do business.. You know what happens when businesses close?.. See first paragraph after the story…

Happy New Year huh? Just wait. Drink up folks, gonna be a hell of a year.

Well, Another 4 years.

Well, Another 4 years.

I had to step away from the blog for a couple days after the election. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going postal or in a rage about the results. I am disgusted.

For all the positive things Romney represented for America there was really no way he was going to win. As a matter of fact. Obama has laid the ground work for a democrat president until America is no more. Here’s why:

1st. Obama’s become the savior of healthcare. Americans have a short memory and when our healthcare system becomes the system we know it will, Americans will blame whoever is in charge at the time not the designers.

2nd. Obama’s become the savior of the illegal immigrants. As of now he hasn’t done anything other than grant an executive order to allow the dream act. But in 2014 the house elections he will grant amnesty to all.

3rd. Obama stopped the welfare to work program. He basically cemented the urban slug vote. The good thing about this is, if the next democrat POTUS candidate isn’t black, most will probably stay home like they used to.

4th. Democrats have essentially demonized any women that doesn’t believe in their vision of abortion as birth control. Now if you are a woman and vote republican you’re as bad as a black republican. They have demonized marriage, moral character and truth.

In 2006 I said the nation was headed the way of California. As of right now, the national government is running exactly like CA. Republicans have been fighting for years they’ve been unsuccessful because of the media bias here. Demonized for standing up for hard work and moral fiber is not popular here. Standing up for abortion, gays, illegals is lauded.

My suggestion and this might sound bad but there’s a reason it’s the best course now. The first thing the Republicans in the house need to do is surrender. Don’t fight it in the media anymore. Don’t fight tax hikes, Don’t fight any regulations. When the Democrats put fourth a bill if you don’t agree with it, abstain.

Why would we do that? Simple. We’re going to drown slowly if not. We’re going to be tortured to death rather than a quick painless death. In CA we’ve been slowly drowning for many years and we can’t stop it. We are going to collapse and when we do the entire nation is going to be dragged down. I suggest we get it over with, let the people see where the Democrat policies lead.

They need show and tell, give it to them.

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Vote Tomorrow

Vote Tomorrow

I’m not as optimistic as most Republicans seem to be, I’m a realist and from what I’ve seen the American people haven’t got a brain transplant. The folks I talk to about politics for the most part are educated voters. They KNOW what’s going on and they’ve deciphered the bullshit accurately. The bottom line for them is results:

Obama took office and unemployment was at 7.8% 4 years later no change. It’s obvious to MOST that if 7.8% is the BEST spin the administration can put on the number it’s MUCH HIGHER in reality. That is why they are NOT voting for Obama. Benghazi? Fast and Furious? Social issues? Obamacare? energy costs? national debt? All of those line up against Obama but not the reason for the Romney support.

IF there’s one issue it’s the economy. All the other crap the Obama campaign is throwing out there mean very little to the common sense voter. IF America has retained a little common sense, tomorrow will see a landslide victory for Mitt Romney. If not, President Obama for 4 more years.

I want everyone to vote, I don’t care WHO you vote for, vote. Otherwise don’t talk to me about America or politics. You don’t care enough to vote, you don’t get the right to discuss the direction we travel.

IF you vote Obama be prepared to defend it, if you vote Romney be prepared to WATCH HIM CLOSELY and be as vocal if he fails to deliver. If you plan on voting 3rd party, stay home you’re brain isn’t functioning well enough to drive or walk without stumbling.


More on Benghazi…

More on Benghazi…

The more we hear from the events surrounding the second terrorist attack on 9/11 this one on 9/11/2012 is marred in politics. The decision to send help is now at the forefront.

From what I’ve read, there were plenty of assets in the area that could have rendered help. Leon Panneta stated you don’t send in military with out knowing everything in real time. Um, Excuse me? We sent our boys to invade beaches in France without knowing , we sent our boys into Vietnam without knowing, We sent our boys to Somalia without knowing, We sent our boys to Afghanistan without knowing. This was a political decision.

I can imagine Obama having to make a decision at the spur of the moment. It went like this:

Obama:”Our guys are under attack? Are they capable of repelling the attack?”

Advisor: “Yes, they have a gun and a radio”

Obama “Okay, wake me up at 2 I got to catch a plane to Vegas”

Fact is, Obama didn’t make a decision to help our guys in Benghazi because if he sent help and it didn’t go well, either civilians got killed or our guys got killed it would be bad for his election chances. They thought they could bury this until after the election better than if a rescue failed. And that my friends is the FACTS.

All you have to do is look at Obama’s history. He will never make a tough decision unless he feels it benefits him. Not America HIM. 4 dead Americans are easier to hide than 20. The risk of a rescue was too great for his campaign. Not too great for those nearby. They would have gone in without hesitation. The C.I.C had no will to save Americans lives because the risk to his career was greater than their lives. Vote for a man like this? HELL NO

Gloria Allred Shows her Ass AGAIN

Gloria Allred Shows her Ass AGAIN

Well, since my site is not as popular as it once was I’m going to unload on a rant, read it but beware it’s going to be peppered with profanity.

Gloria Allred: The ambulance chasing bitch all of us in California are keenly aware of, is at it again. This worthless hack masquerading as a lawyer and feminine rights advocate is going after a 1980’s divorce case of a friend of Mitt Romney’s.

Now, this is the typical Gloria Allred style that has earned her accolades from people like Jerry Brown, Hugo Chavez and dictators around the world… But it gets better.

According to sources in Boston, the transcripts she was searching for didn’t turn out the way she wanted. This stupid bitch found out Mitt Romney didn’t purger himself, nor did he lie, or provide shelter for anyone. He offered testimony that proves he didn’t do anything wrong. In doing so, these transcripts and the circus that follows this bitch were rendered useless again.

This Allred (BITCH) credibility already shot because of her actions during the 2010 CA governor election. This ambulance chasing bitch in heels outed an illegal alien in order to destroy Meg Whitman. Ask this stupid bitch Gloria Allred where is Niki Diaz now? This outright lying C.U.N.T (Can’t Understand Normal Thinking) destroyed many lives to further her far left agenda and claims to be a representative of Republicans and Democrats. Gloria Allred is the biggest joke ever played on the lawyer profession.

As far as Gloria Allred is concerned, there are few people in this world whom I truly hate. She is one of them. Not because she’s a woman (There’s no evidence to that case) but because she uses her so-called profession to dig up dirt on anyone who disagrees with her far left ideology. IF she was an American, she’d be representing the American people in an effort to have Obama release his records on ANYTHING in his past.

Gloria Allred is one of the worst things about America. She is as worthless in America as a terrorist. Matter of fact at least a terrorist has morals. They are skewed but at the very least a terrorist believes in their heart they are doing the work of a higher power. Allred? This skank is only interested in publicity and money, all while claiming to be the voice of the oppressed. This bitch exploits people for a living, then makes money by using their misery to destroy people that have tried to help them. Case and point is the maid in CA. This illegal Allred exploited made more money than most in CA, and with her little stunt guaranteed that Brown would be elected and therefore LESS JOBS would be available for other maids… Good job you fake red head, lying sack of shit, fake ass bitch.

Gloria Allred, after this LOSS of even more credibility, will likely be trying to do something else to make her skanky ass relevant. Let me suggest something for you Gloria: I hear one of Ann Romney’s high school classmate’s mom’s had a 3rd cousin who paid for sex in Singapore… I’m sure you can find away to pin that on Mitt Romney too…

Needless to say if Gloria Allred was to catch fire, I’d throw gas on it. I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire… Bitch.

Last 2 Weeks of the Obama Regime

Last 2 Weeks of the Obama Regime

Well, I watched all four of the debates.

The first one, Romney brutalized an unprepared egotistical king who didn’t believe anyone would challenge his greatness.

The second one, Obama showed up with some talking points given to him by Debbie Wasserman Shultz and David Axelrod. But those fell flat.

The 3rd debate, “The grin with a body behind it” and Paul Ryan was pretty telling of the childish administration we’ve had the last four years.

And last nights debate where Obama tried to lie his way through it and mix in Joe Biden’s smirk/smile/attacks. After all of that, I remain fully convinced my choice for Mitt Romney is the best choice for America.

Let us take a second and realize the future of our nation is at stake. IF Obama wins and congress stays the same. We go off the fiscal cliff. IF Obama and the democrats come back into total control of our government, we go off the fiscal cliff. IF Romney wins and congress goes Democrat, we go off the fiscal cliff or deeper in debt. IF Romney wins and the Republicans take over congress, we can save this nation. That is about the only way our nation can be saved. Vote wisely.

Your children’s future is at stake.

You want to see the disaster we avoided? Just wait until you see what Obama does between election night and Romney’s inauguration. Watch his actions during the lame duck session to see exactly what kind of man we let run this nation… Be worried be very worried.