Budget Deal Done! How do you feel?

Budget Deal Done! How do you feel?

After a couple days of huffing and puffing. After reading the entire budget that was agreed to. And after checking many “Alternative reality” sites (aka Liberals) I came to a conclusion. It may not set well with some folks, it may make sense to others but it is my opinion.

We on the right didn’t do too bad in the agreement. We didn’t win in a blowout, but we didn’t lose at all. In other words it was like baseball game played over 12 innings we lost our starting pitcher and our power hitter to injuries but we won the game.

The POTUS made the Speaker blink. Yep. The POTUS used our military as tools to save Planned Parenthood. Yep. And it worked. In a day gone by NO POTUS would have ever gone there. Our current POTUS did. Obama is not a Democrat, he’s a progressive and that’s the big difference in this entire thing. A democrat can be reasoned with, a progressive on the other hand is ANTI-AMERICAN from the start so sacrificing the military wouldn’t phase him.

Did the Republicans win? Absolutely they won. They proved some points, they made Obama tip his hand about how far he’s willing to go to protect a failed agenda and they got MORE cuts than ever before. And they are putting fourth a bill that will protect the military from any such Obamanism in the future. They also left the door open for the next battle which starts in about two weeks.

While I would have rather them take it all the way, I do understand the game. Its one of quarters not entirety all at once. We got more work to do, we have a LOT more work to do, but for an opening salvo in a clash, We’ll take the 38.5 billion and hope they can get the other 60+Billion before the next fiscal year.


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5 Replies to “Budget Deal Done! How do you feel?”

  1. When I first heard about it, I was p1ssed that they didn’t go for all of it.
    I started looking around, and figured, about the same as you.

    We did ok. Not out of the park, but a dribbler that got us to first.

  2. I agree with your assessment, Eric. Maybe we could have done better, but we all should keep in mind that we still control only 1/3 of the government. That is a major hindrance and has to be taken into consideration.

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